Venus Retrograde 2020 Affects ~ Love Bites!


Venus retrograde 2020 affects for all signs.
 The next 40 days will be particularly treacherous and likely to bring some confusing ‘twin flame’ reunions. In this post will look at how Venus retrograde 2020 affects you based on your zodiac sign. The Venus Retrograde 2020 YouTube video (Scroll down) goes into more detail about how this retrograde will play out in the collective.

But first here are the details of Venus’s journey into the underworld. Venus retrograde will last from  May 13 to June 25  from 21º to  5º Gemini. Hesperus until Jun 2 ~ Lucifer from Jun 3 to 25

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Venus Gemini Decan 3 ~ May 13 to 23

May 13 to 20 ~ Capella 21º “Literary and poetical ability.” [1.]
May 20 to 22 ~ Bellatrix 20º “Much suffering through love affairs owing to unrestrained feelings.” [2]

Ultra-charming and flirtatious, Venus here is a world champion seducer. This position is fascinated with people’s brains and cannot really fall for anyone unless they are also in possession of wit and intelligence. Venus Gemini 3 are not just charm bunnies, they are extremely well-read and informed. Like the Geisha, what makes this position so appealing is its eloquence in conversation. One minute they are teasing you then the next engaging you in a fierce political debate. Too clever by far, it hardly ever lose an argument. Not only that, but it has the rare ability to leave you not too annoyed or stupefied by the encounter. Dangers at this time are falling for the ‘bad boy’ or ‘bad girl’. Venus Gemini 3’s head is certainly smart, but the heart often surprisingly foolish.

May 17 ~ Venus square Neptune

Venus and Neptune have the potential for bringing beautiful, fairy tale type connections, but the hard aspects make the realization of this fantasy just too much like hard work. Sometimes the problem comes from the fact that the romance is with someone from overseas and that distance makes a long term relationship impossible. The square challenge can be with alcohol and/or mind-altering drugs so that the beloved is an addict or needs rescuing in some way. Often the partner is very much higher or lower in status than the native.

Venus Gemini Decan 2 ~ May 24 to Jun 8

May 29 to 30 ~ Rigel 16º ” Honors or favors in middle life, good and influential marriage especially if female.” [3] Not restrained by social opinions on ethical, relationship, or religious issues. To have little or no regard for social convention. The imposing of a new social order by the authorities. “ [4]

Venus does splendidly in this decan since this is the Libra decan of Gemini. Here Venus can do the job she loves best which is building bridges and uniting opposites. Harmony is the gift it can bring to the world at this time. This doesn’t mean we are waltzing around popping white roses in gun barrels all day. We can be drawn towards conflict and be the cause of it ourselves. Like Venus, in decan 3 this position loves a good debate and is magnetised to areas or people who can provide a good verbal tennis match. The ultra peaches-and-cream demeanour while stating uncomfortable truths may trigger violent reactions from others. Many will fey innocence at this time, but deep down know they have purposely hit a nerve.

Will You Love OR Hate Your Annoying Ex?

Jun 2 ~ Venus square Mars 

Venus square Mars during this Venus retrograde 2020 is a passionate and driven aspect, which can also be quite cruel and ruthless. Here are the keywords: Crimes of passion, shotgun wedding, femme fatale, extra-marital affairs, crude love, the battle of the sexes, S & M, love competition, fighting for money, spicy affairs, love-bombing, sexual jealousy…

ALERT! May 29 to Jun 8Sun Combust Venus 

Combustion! Venus becomes invisible under the rays of the Sun when it is closer than 8º. In this case, she is invisible and therefore distrusted. The Sun’s ego completely consumes the grace of Venus! While Venus is burnt out by the Sun, we find compromise difficult and it is hard to accept love from others. Sun combust Venus can feel quite unlovable as the ego burns away any compliments.

Sun Conjunction Venus ~ 3 June. (Cazimi)

Exact: 1.51 pm EDT (Lasts from 9.35 am to 6.14 pm)

Venus Retrograde 2020There is an exception to combustion, which is known as cazimi. This is when Venus is under 18′ (less than half a degree) away from the Sun.

Generally, cazimi is considered highly fortunate as it means Venus is sitting in the throne of the King. This gives her Queenly power, but also huge responsibility. With this force the Sun cazimi Venus native can influence and work magic over vast amounts of people.

Indeed, in my research of cazimi natives, I found two high profile female criminals. So cazimi doesn’t always mean a person is good, just that they are powerful.

For use in mundane astrology, however, its potent influence can, of course, be used for good. From now onward Venus Retrograde is in her LUCIFER PHASE which means she is extra fierce and passionate.

Venus Gemini Decan 1 ~ Jun 9 to 25

Jun 8 to 11 ~ Aldebaran 9º ~ ” Honor through literature, music or art, creative abilities, favourable for health and marriage.”[5] “Power directed wrongly. Abnormalities in love life.” [6]
Jun 15 to 25 ~ Prima Hyadum 5º ~ “Many accomplishments, artistic, ability to write or paint, strong passions, which influence work.” [7]

This decan wins the Olympic gold for seduction every time. In terms of love and marriage, it is hard to stay faithful and monogamous at this time. Another way of overcoming the boredom factor of this position is creativity, we could pick someone as our muse without having to commit to anything carnal with them. This way Venus Gemini 1 can vicariously live out a fantasy seduction.

Creating cyber-content and getting ‘likes’ is also another way to satiate this decan’s taste for novelty. Remember that this decan is ruled by Jupiter who was a champion at shape-shifting and nymph-chasing. Needless to say, this is a hugely glamorous, charming and artistic position, but most of all theatrical. Venus Gemini 1 is the eternal romantic and loves the thrill of butterflies in the stomach before they meet their beloved. Having a partner who is above our intelligence level will be a good way of keeping us interested during this Venus retrograde.

How Venus Retrograde Affects You Based On Your Zodiac Sign


Venus retrograde 2020 in your 3rd house causes you to review how harmonious your immediate surroundings are with how you feel inside. For some people it is the utmost importance that they live somewhere that is atheistically pleasing to the eye, for others they just need to feel like they resonate with the general vibe. So at this time, some event could occur that makes you question whether you are truly in tune with the local area.

Maybe it has changed over the years so that it is quite unrecognisable to the area you once fell in love with. You might consider whether you move to somewhere where you feel more connected to the locals. This is also a very good time to go and check out possible places you might like to move away to and see if you fit in there. If you have not spent time with your siblings lately this can be a wonderful time to reconnect also.


Venus Retrograde For TaurusVenus is the planet of money as well as values with Venus Retrograde 2020 in your 2nd house she will be activating a review of your spending and what you value. The way she will do this is by using her great powers of attraction to pull abundance and money your way. With your pockets bulging, you have the opportunity to be quite lavish with your spending.

Beautiful clothes, jewellery and rich food are paraded in front of your eyes, so you can easily find yourself being lured into spending more than usual. With luxury lifestyles being flaunted around you it is very tempting to try to keep up with the Jones’s. The problem is, you don’t really know if this windfall will last beyond the retrograde period.


Venus retrograde 2020 takes place in your own signVenus Retrograde For Gemini so this one will be particularly strong for you. You have been given the opportunity to really reinvent yourself. On the most basic level, this transit can prompt a make-over. Changing the style of your clothes, going blonde or starting a fitness routine that alters your bodies appearance on the outside are all possibilities.

But it does go deeper than that, and the packaging is really a symbol of internal changes too. What you are probably doing is revisiting a look that you had in the past with the psychological effect that it will make you feel younger and vital again. You could be drawn to retro fashion as well. Any changes in appearance might worry loved ones as this might be quite unusual for you. If you are in a relationship they might even suspect you of having an affair! It doesn’t help that at this time you are contradictory with the images you are projecting


Venus Retrograde For CancerVenus Retrograde 2020 in the house of self-sacrifice and mysticism can end up being a period of self-undoing unless you keep yourself well grounded. It is very easy to become hopelessly devoted to any stray cat that comes into your life. If the ‘cat’ is actually a furry one, then all well and good. This four-legged friend, may act as your spiritual healing animal, come as your guardian to ward away any negative energy. But the human variety stray carries a health warning!

You could easily become a martyr to this hopeless cause. Not only that, but you could be encouraging a victim mindset in this person, that they won’t thank you for once the crutch falls away. You don’t want to make a rod for your own back, as the saying goes. Great empathy is available to you at this time, so a good use of it would be to create a platform from which to transmit the concerns of the collective. This could be an art or healing space of some kind. The energy of Venus in this sector of your chart is that of a transpersonal nature. It does not operate well within the confines of one-to-one relationships.


Venus Retrograde For LeoThis Venus Retrograde  2020 could be a wonderful time where you reconnect with your oldest friends and also make new ones at the same time. You have a great yearning to be a social animal and will not feel happy left on your own. This is not the time to be a hermit even if Venus is feeling quite shy in her retrograde phase. The challenge is to push through that shyness and reach out, as you will be pleasantly surprised by the response. It would be easiest through to make friends within the framework of a common-interest group, as you will feel more comfortable amongst like-minded fellows.

You could find yourself attracted to groups that enjoy art and cultural excursions, which would also bring in new friendships also. The people that you are drawn to may be ones that you feel like you have known in a past life, there will certainly be something familiar about them. This prior bond will feel warm and inviting making conversations flow easily.


Venus Retrograde For VirgoVenus retrograde 2020 in your 10th house could have you attracted to rich, authority figures or someone much older than you. What you are actually seeking is a guide to help you get ahead, so you could attract a business mentor at this time. It may be the case that this person owes you karmically. Negatively you might go for someone just because they have great social standing and good connections, or purely for mercenary reasons. If this is the case then you will be exposed as a gold digger when Venus goes direct, so just make sure you question your true motives!

Otherwise, as I said earlier, this patron may appear out of nowhere and be very insistent that you take their sponsorship or advice. Retrogrades always have a sense of karmic payback to them, and often feel fated. So this is one of the most powerful placements for Venus retrograde in your true life-calling zone. During the first 10 days of this period, Venus is in her more harmonious phase which makes diplomacy with seniors or clients pleasant and easy-going. You should also receive a lot of praise. During Venus in her Lucifer phase, success is more likely to go to your head. Watch out you don’t annoy people with excessive demands during this time.


Venus Retrograde For LibraMeeting a long lost love in a faraway land is the most fairytale manifestation of Venus retrograde 2020 in your 9th house. Most of all, this transit can transport you back into ancient times, but whether you meet a tall, dark handsome foreigner is debatable… You will feel however will be a strong pull towards places where you might have had a romantic connection in the past. You could even stumble across an exotic old flame if other astrological factors support this. Less fantastical options would be taking a trip with a suitcase full of crayons.

A drawing holiday to a past life location would be greatly inspiring, you might even find you draw out and remember your olden day persona. During the first half of this period, Venus is in her more harmonious phase which makes travel pleasant and easy-going. During the second half from Lucifer Venus becomes more daring, so you might feel more adventurous and go off the beaten track. This may bring about an unexpected and illuminating, peak experience.


Venus Retrograde For ScorpioVenus Retrograde 2020 in this underworld zone of your chart could manifest a ‘Dark Cupid‘ relationship. Much depends on how Venus is configured in your natal chart and how much you are already a beacon for one of these dragons. You will certainly confront your shadow, but you have a choice as to whether you let it pull you down into the rabbit hole or not. In this netherworld, you can be so easily hoodwinked and will have to rely totally on intuition. Keep those antenna sharp and feet grounded. A good knowledge about psychology will serve you well and give you an opportunity to study your own psyche. What appears at this time will mirror back to you any toxins buried deep inside.

If you are fairly clear energetically then this won’t be such an intense encounter. Whatever happens, any sexual experiences will serve as a catalyst for deep transformation and inner purging. It can feel like you have been bitten by a vampire, injected by an addictive poison. Your body will then have to work hard to detox from this encounter and provoke a healing crisis. During the first half of this period from Venus is in her more benign phase which makes dragon slaying easier and will-power strong. During the second half from, Lucifer Venus is at her most sorcerous, so keep your wits about you if you don’t want to fall under her spell.


Venus Retrograde For SagittariusVenus retrograde 2020 in your marriage zone could work out either wonderfully, or… not, depending on how much self-work you have done in the realm of relationships. Usually, Venus is mostly love and light, but in her retrograde phase, she tends to call on her Luciferian side. The horny one’s random mischief-making can cause havoc with this house’s other function; open enemies! An old foe could re-surface, but this is actually to give you the opportunity to make the peace with them. You may never be best buddies, but at least you can tie-up loose ends and bring closure to your connection.

The same goes for any ex-partner with whom you hold some resentment towards. Reconciling with your Ex would be even better if there are children involved. This sets them an example that people can heal past hurts and move on to better things. During the first half of this period from Venus is in her harmonious phase which brings ease to all relationships, while during the second half , Lucifer Venus will play the seductress, try not to abuse your vamp power!


Venus Retrograde For CapricornThe Venus retrograde 2020 will force you to deal with the practicalities of the real world and not romantic fluff. I’m afraid you will have to set aside your more frivolous urges for the time being and concentrate on making relationships work with co-workers and business partners. Venus here is just incompatible with indulgence and pleasure, so this will be a test in how well you can resist temptations away from your daily duties. If you do not have a steady job, it is important that you stick to your routines as you could easily fall into lazy habits which will be hard to knock later on.

This is the transit of slacking off and trying to cut corners, again this is not recommended as you will still have to make up for time lost when Venus goes direct and then you will feel even less like doing the work twice over. During the first half of this period, Venus is in her harmonious phase which brings ease to work relationships while during the second half, Lucifer Venus will want to play the office clown, try not to take advantage of your popularity. It could cause resentment later on.


Venus Retrograde For AquariusVenus retrograde 2020 will be in your 5th house. Enjoy returning to the places of your misspent youth while Venus lingers in your house of fun. This is a really enjoyable period where you can be utterly hedonistic. The only big danger here is having a silly accident while over-indulging. The best thing to do is get someone responsible to be your eyes and ears for the next few weeks. You are going to be acting like a teenager, so don’t operate any heavy machinery or drive while under the influence.

Most days you will feel like the brain has been invaded by cotton candy, and are seeing life through rose-tinted spectacles. Even if you don’t like pink, everything seems to have fluffy edging.. Yes, this is the most sensual position for Venus and just perfect for falling in love. However, you may easily fall quite heavily for a fantasy person. Hopefully, this unrequited love will only last until Venus direct on June 25, so until then, use this person as a muse to create art, music or poetry. If you are not creative yourself, then you will enjoy the artistic works of others at the theatre, cinema or in art galleries.


Venus Retrograde For PiscesVenus Retrograde 2020 in your 4th house is a fantastic period for re-decorating your home. Retrogrades work best when you do stuff prefixed by ‘Re’! Venus can make you quite lazy here though, and you might want to relax rather than be up a ladder. If you can afford it, get someone else to do the legwork so you can spend happy hours browsing through wallpaper samples and soft furnishings. Otherwise, simple efforts to brighten up a room with cushions and new curtains will suffice. The feeling of wanting to retreat into the sanctuary of your home will be strong at this time so get hold of items that will support this.

Candles, incense and colours that please the eye and help you feel relaxed are important. As always during a retrograde, there will always be the tendency to have a few events that prompt you to ask yourself ‘is this domestic arrangement really one that supports me?’ Do I feed ‘at home’ in my home? This means there may well be the odd altercation with those you live with, even if it’s an over-friendly stray cat.

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Featured Image: Photograph” Girl With Toffee Apple. Aral Tasher


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