21 December 2013

Venus Retrograde 2013

Venus Retrograde 2013 will align with the constellations of Sagittarius, Aquilla, the Peacock and Lyra. All of these can produce extremely aspirational, showy and gold-digging types of energies, and it’s Christmas and Venus is easily tempted during a retrograde…. I predict this will be a big year for returns come the New Year. Many people, despite the recession, will be compelled to buy the most ridiculously ostentatious gifts they can find, and then regret it. Next doors kids are getting a personalised diamond-encrusted ipad, therefore pester-power will ensure your darling has to have one too…Peacock wants to show off and Vega wants to be seen with the in-crowd.

If your chart is touched by the retrograde, you might be feeling pretty insecure by now. So you will buy whatever you need to fit-in, whether it be a Prada designer bag or an organic hemp t-shirt. Deep down we all need to be loved and accepted by our peers even if our worthy higher self is telling us this is highly shallow of us. This is the vanity of Venus and the battle we have with our self-worth. L’oreal says we are worth it so what the hell.. But love and money are even more connected than usual during this time.  Looking at the retrograde chart, Venus conjunct Icarus points to extreme behaviour and the need to find a balance between being a miserly scrooge or an overly rotund Santa. There are more signs of this sharp contrast with Moon square Saturn (Bleak house) and Ceres square Jupiter (Greedy Mansions). Those evolved types can laugh at the circus from their artist’s garret and draw ironic pictures entitled “Spontaneous human con-sumption.” Another risk of this particular Venus retrograde is getting involved with a gold-digger. Don’t spend your hard-earned cash on any new floozy until February. Say to them, this puppy is not just for Christmas. And please.. no pets as presents. There is a high potential for abandoned fluffy dogs in January and not just the human kind..


Nunki ~ 13º Capricorn: November 20, Rx January 31, February 10.
Vega ~ 15º Capricorn: November 22, Rx January 22, February 11.
Deneb ~ 18º Capricorn : November 28, Rx January 14, February 19.
Sheliak ~ 19º Capricorn: November 27, Rx January 15, February 18.
Sulaphat ~ 22º Capricorn: December 2, Rx January 9, February 23.
Peacock ~ 24º Capricorn: December 5, Rx January 6, February 25.
Sham ~ 28º Capricorn: December 19, Rx December 21, March 4.

Venus Retrograde HoroscopeVENUS RETROGRADE DATES

Venus enters shadow 20 November at 13º Capricorn
Venus station retrograde 21 December at 28º Capricorn 9.53pm UT
Venus station direct 31 January at 13º Capricorn 8.48pm UT
Venus leaves shadow 4 March at 28º Capricorn

Venus as evening star Hesperus until December 31*
Venus into the underworld January 1 – 16
Venus conjunct Sun January 11
Venus as morning star Lucifer from January 17

*You can find out if your Venus is a morning star Lucifer or an evening star Hesperus by looking at your chart. If Venus is placed in the degrees after the Sun ( A higher number of degree or in the next sign) it is Hesperus, if it is placed before the Sun ( A lower number of degree or previous sign) it is Lucifer.

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