The First House ~ Spring


The first house is the most personal point of the chart. This represents the physical body and the incarnation for this lifetime. It represents the beginning of life and is known by the Greeks as ‘The Horoscope’. In traditional and horary astrology the first house always represents the subject of the reading. Mercury finds its joy here. The zodiac sign Aries is the co-significator for this house.

William Lilly says of the first house;

“It hath signification of the life of man, of the stature, colour, complexion, form and shape of him that propounds the Question. It signifieth the common people, or general state of that Kingdom where the figure is erected.  And as it is the first house, it represents the head and face of man”

“The house is masculine. The cosignificators of this house are Aries and Saturn; for as this house is the first house, so is Aries the first sign, and Saturn the first of the planets, and therefore when Saturn is but moderately well fortified in this house…. promises a good sober constitution of body, and usually long life.

Mercury doth also joy in this house, because it represents the head, and he the tongue, fancy and memory: When he is well dignified and posited in this house, he produceth good orators: It is called the Ascendant, because when the Sun commeth to the cusp of this house, he ascends, or then ariseth, and is visible in our horizon.” 

Planets In 1st House Meaning ~ Transits

Sun Transit & New Moon in 1st House

When the Sun transits your 1st House the focus is on projecting your brilliance out into the world. Now your own physical energy ramps up and you come out of the hibernation of the 12th house. You should be refreshed and raring to go. Yes, everything revolves around you during your birthday month and this is the time of the year when you are actually allowed to be rather self-centred. During this time you will find it quite hard to see things from the other person’s point of view which can cause conflicts with others if other factors are making your ego swell. It is therefore vital you find some form of artistic self-expression as your creative force is at its peak.  For the new moon enjoy this period to focus on your needs and what makes you feel good. Your sunny warmth and enthusiasm are attractive to others, so make the most of social occasions to pull new, beneficial friendships into your life.

Moon Transit & Full Moon in 1st House

The moon in the 1st house will make you extremely emotional. Don’t be surprised if you burst into tears at the drop of a hat. If you are a manly type you can just say you’re really in touch with your feminine side… seriously you will feel pretty mushy. Don’t worry though, it won’t last so just wallow in it and let it be cleansing. So really this is quite a good time to purge yourself of any internal rage and turmoil. There’s is absolutely no point trying to keep a lid on it and get all Buddhist with your unfulfilled desires. The moon in your 1st house won’t let you be objective, no matter how much you try. Detachment is pretty much impossible and you will empathise with every man and his dog, (Or even plants for those extra sensitives!) This can go two ways, you can either be extra nurturing at this time and emotionally giving, or you could be annoyingly needy and demanding.


Mercury Transit 1st House

Your mind is firing on all cylinders so debates, meetings, interviews connected with your work are likely to go well. You won’t be lost for words that for sure. The only problem may be over-thinking things and not trusting your gut feelings. Push yourself out there when you have the gift of the gab!

This is a great time for promotion, mail-outs and anything that tells the world who you are and what you are about. Sending out CV’s would be a good move and applying for jobs. If you need to review how your business is doing this is ideal as you are feeling in the mood for deep analysis and research into stats and projections.

Venus Transit 1st House

If you want to attract love into your life, then this is the time to do so! You are wearing Venus like a silky second skin, while at the same time it is oozing charm out of every pore of your body. You really won’t have to do anything to get the object of your desire as the Venusian energy magnetises everyone to you. This peaceful energy does not want to cause any conflict, so you will gladly accommodate any wishes of your partner. Venus Transit 1st House is the ideal time to go for your dream lover. The only thing you have to worry about is being a bit of a pushover, so try not to get too gushy! If you are coupled up you might end up playing cupid for other people. You can be the perfect host this month uniting folk for relaxed and enjoyable social occasions. You can also mend frayed relationships between those who have broken apart.

The crystals associated with March/Aries used in the 1st house illustration are Bixbite, Apache tears, Crocoite and Bloodstone.

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