Mercury Retrograde January 2016

Mercury is Retrograde January 5 until 26 2016. Mercury will station retrograde and direct on two important fixed stars I have written articles about; Vega and Altair. These stars are part of constellations that contain two iconic birds of prey, the Eagle and the Vulture. Interestingly, the last Mercury Retrograde was conjunct Algorab which can rule terrorism, and god knows this theme has been on our minds since the Paris Attack in November 2015. So I must admit to being quite worried about this Mercury Retrograde. This is because the chart for the Retrograde itself has Sun square Lilith activating Uranus square Pluto. Also if you include the shadow phases, Mercury will conjunct Pluto to ignite this extremist square three times.

Words Of Prey

Mercury is our minds of course, but also rules the mass media. The theme of mind-control and magic seems very strong, with Mercury/Pluto being the signature of this retrograde. Both Vega and Altair I associate with great empires like Rome who’s success can be attributed in part to the power of art and culture to shape the thoughts of the masses. The Eagle is famously a symbol for the USA, but was also used by the Nazi party. All empires know the power of symbol, with the use of art, design and glamour to seduce a nation. Hollywood works it’s magic for the US while the Nazi’s military styling (designed by Hitler himself ) worked potent sorcery on their enemy and on the moral of their troops.

Mercury Retrograde Journey

Mercury square Mars is the first aspect of the retrograde period and is a call to action. It’s a pretty harsh chart and I am thankful that this did not occur through the sensitive period Christmas. It’s all squares, with just a timid Moon sextile Jupiter for relief. Lilith square Sun/Pluto square Uranus T-Square spell….Black magic? Witchcraft? Heretics? Venus square Neptune adds love delusion and a touch of the dark cupid. Moon square Ceres can be abduction and mourning. I really don’t likeMercury Retrograde January 2016making negative assumptions, but there is no way I can sugar-coat this one! Forbidden fruit, obsession, psychopaths, heroin, psychological warfare, abuse, paedophilia, child abductions, mental cruelty, possession, slavery, female suicide bombers are all words that come to me when I looked at that chart.

Saying all that, there is no cause for alarm either. Yes I know this sounds like a contradiction, but these cosmic blueprints do not have to manifest as actual events. Instead these are themes that will obsess those natives that this Mercury retrograde touches. Just so you know, this one will conjunct both my Sun and 8th house Mercury and I’m not worried ok? Instead I am relishing the thought of writing and researching some of these taboo topics. However, since the media is so good at scaring the pants off us, they may well indeed create some false flags which play into these themes. So expect to see quite a few missing children stories or the arrest of a child killer complete with gruesome accounts of what the evil killer supposedly did.. My feeling is that any cruel and manipulative media campaign will backfire horribly, causing fury in many.

Mercury Retrograde January 2016

Mercury RetrogradeMercury retrograde begins with Mercury square Mars from Jan 5 – 10. Mars strong in Scorpio and very militant can override whatever Mercury represents. Example; protesters at press conferences, forest fires blocking roads or overheated engines. Actually, any travel early this retrograde could well be typically problematic, especially while Mercury is still on Altair with ‘Disappointment on long journeys’ around Jan 5/6. Just give yourself plenty of time. Maybe there is traffic due to those pesky protesters. Impatience and road rage could be rife at this time.

After Jan 11 however, Mercury will trine Jupiter and the North Node which I think will be a beautifully creative time even if Mercury is technically combust due to its proximity to the Sun. Mercury will be on the inspirational Peacock star, so it will be a great time for artists and writers to showcase their work. Ideally I would pick Jan 14, the day of the cazimi since now Sun conjunct Mercury is fortunate in the throne of the king. (A conjunction under 17′.) An added bonus is Mercury also trines benefic Jupiter (conjunct the North Node.) I think this is very auspicious since Jupiter is on Alkes in the Holy Grail. This bring hope and blessings from the ancestors, so make sure you tap into their inspirational well from Jan 11 – 16. This can also feel extremely healing. Any water therapy is great at this time. Swim in the ocean if you can or go to a spa. This trine happens in the pre and post shadow too so check dates at the end of this post.

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791 thoughts on “Mercury Retrograde January 2016

  • June 19, 2012 at 11:34 pm

    Yay for more 8º stuff! I don’t have anything at 8º Leo, but I think I have something around 8º in every other sign. Thankfully thinking with the right side of my brain is no problem at all, but in my 9th house? Hmmm…

  • June 19, 2012 at 11:40 pm


    Thankyou! I love the way you write. You put all these images that for me are so clear and that I am so able to recall! I love your writing style.

    My Persephone lays on 19° Leo, on my 2nd House, in Leo.

    You always talk about this tight grades, so I should feel free because there are nothing I may notice in my chart.

    Nevertheless, my karmic thing is getting in these little triangles, starting with my father. I have been back and forth seems like forever looking at those and trying to heal them (and NOT acting them, mainly…).

    My Inner Child is so full of energy and lust and love for life. Thus, acts pretty much like a Persephone. She is very vivid to me. This is a set alarm for me (because of the scientist I many times cited, who “ows me one”).

    I really pray Godess/God to help me, in these times. And -yes- I always blamed my father and other men. But it was always ME! So I can use my otherwise clever and mature Saturn (opposing my Venus and Sun in Aries in the 10th, and quadrating my ascendant cancer), to learn more about my impulsiveness!

    Nice to have the info now, so I may reflect and act otherwise than Lillith cutting beautiful flowers with Persephone, eating the cherries and finding my self on a vertiginous trip to the Underworld.

    I wish me luck, really!


  • June 19, 2012 at 11:55 pm

    i read your blog all the time and absolutely love it. this particular article got my attention as my dob is 8/6/59, 1:02 a.m. chester, ca, sabian symbol of leo 12 degrees..old sea captain rocking on the porch of his cabin. is there something important i need to know or is this just a coincidence? do i need to get a consultation? i am feeling scared. thanks for your advice. kerri

  • June 20, 2012 at 12:08 am

    Oh! So wrong! (no wonder you always alert us!).

    My Persephone sits right were my Sun and my Venus are, in 10th house. At 27-29. And is currently, is transiting Leo, on the 2nd. at 20° or so.

    Thanks. Now I know, that I will have to face my Saturn on sept. First, upon my Sun, then Venus and then Persephone. There is were my Chaos and Eris also are and Amor.

    Cupido is in 20° 42´in Leo.

    Though wrong… maybe not so!


  • June 20, 2012 at 5:44 am

    Persephone is big in my chart, plus North Node on my Ascendant. Should be an interesting few weeks.


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