Gemini Decan 2 ~ June 1 to 10 (10º-20º)

Gemini Decan 2 ~ Fixed Stars

Gemini 11º 55’ ~ Tabit in the Lion skin trophy of Orion the Hunter 3.3*
Gemini 12º 03’ ~ Epsilon Lepus in the Hare 3.2
Gemini 15º 17’ ~ Cursa in the mouth of the river Eridanus 2.9
Gemini 16º 38’ ~ Hasseleh in the left foot of Auriga the Charioteer 2.9
Gemini 16º 51’ ~ Rigel in the left foot of Orion the Hunter 0.1
Gemini 18º 38’ ~ Hoedus I kid goat in Auriga the Charioteer 3.8
Gemini 19º 27’ ~ Hoedus II Kid goat in Auriga the Charioteer 3.3
Gemini 19º 40’ ~ Nihal in Lepus the Hare 3.0
 *Star positions & magnitude for the year 2000.

Gemini Decan 2 ~ General Meaning

Gemini Decan 2 is ruled by Mars and Venus (Libra Triplicity). The Sun takes giant leaps through the constellations of the Hunter, the Hare, the Charioteer and the River from June 1 – 11. This is the zone of the speed freaks and multi-taskers. The hare is known for its swiftness while the charioteer thunders across the sky holding a whole family of goats! These people don’t do anything byGemini Decan 1 halves. All too often, however, Gemini decan 2 takes on far too much and then suffers burn out. Having an accident or becoming ill is the only way they may get any rest. These subjects can also become totally driven by their desires. Orion is the hunter, so stalking is their speciality, surprising in a sign supposedly carefree and light-hearted. This decan is ruled by both Mars and Venus, the sexual planets, so these twins can get extremely irritable when they can’t channel their libido.

Roller Coasters & Strategists

The tarot card associated with this decan is the nine of swords as stated in the previous decan, unfortunately, the air signs are stuck with the swords suit as representing them so the imagery is not going to be so positive. We must remember that these cards must be read slightly differently when associated with the decans as they will show the lessons learned in other lifetimes and karma that may have already been paid back. This is the most karmic of all the decans, where the past has accrued many paybacks and unfinished business with relationships.

Its divinatory meaning: “Your past may have caught up with you or something you thought dealt with, done and dusted, has reared its ugly head and resurfaced once more bringing all its unpleasantness with it. This may be on a physical level but more than likely a return of some inner-demons or past nightmare, which has thrown your mental equilibrium out of balance. Something from your past may have come back to haunt you.” ~ Teach Me Tarot. I take this card to mean that, like the boastful hunter Orion, natural law will come back to bite you in the foot if you try to mess too much with nature and play god. But those who do work with nature will be spared the nightmarish scenario seen on this card….

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Sun Gemini 2

Rigel 16º “Bold, courageous, insolent, unruly temper, hasty actions, bloodshed, many enemies, great good fortune, military success.” [3] “Imposing one’s will on a situation to change the natural outcome, or bring natural reform. A person who wishes to help others by imposing their idea of order. The government decides to reform a situation.” [5]

Agrippa points out that these natives have a ‘dishonest agility’ [6] which certainly suggests the trickster archetype and some nefarious qualities as seen in the subjects below. It just seems these folk becomes victims of their own success because they are so good at ‘working the room’. People witness the native effortlessly seduce each guest with different masks to suit their objective. Of course this means one is left wondering if there is a real soul behind the mask at all! Sun Gemini 2 can also stir up a great deal of envy too and when they make enemies, they make really vindictive ones. A lot of the time darkness is projected onto the native without them even really deserving it. They easily become the ‘Black Sheep’ due to the Gemini twin effect. Luckily they make enough loyal friends and allies to protect them from any real damage. This is a decan of extremes for the Sun here, when the native can be either super-successful or despised, often it is both. It helps if they choose a partner who is a shining example of virtue and trustworthiness to offset Sun Gemini 2’s duplicitous tendencies. Some gain a reputation of being the scoundrel which they like to play up to even if deep down they are quite the opposite. Sun Gemini 2s don’t want people to see their naïve, goody-goody or (god forbid) vulnerable side.

SUN GEMINI 2 EXAMPLES : Marquis De Sade, Dante Alighieri, Muammar Al-Gaddafi, Philip Mountbatten, Angelina Jolie, Johnny Depp, Marilyn Monroe, Russell Brand, Alanis Morrisette, Prince, Tom Jones, Kanye West, Mick Hucknall, Bonnie Tyler, Nancy Sinatra, Pat Boone, Jason Donovan, Tom Robinson, Robert Schumann, Judy Garland, Dean Martin, Natalie Portman, Brooke Shields, Colin Farrell, Michael J Fox, Liam Neeson, Tony Curtis, Morgan Freeman, Elizabeth Hurley, Joan Rivers, Hugh Laurie, Dan Howell, Sandra Bernhard, Gerry McCann, Peter Sutcliffe, Allen Ginsburg, Paul Gauguin, Diego Velazquez, Anna Kournikova, Bjorn Borg, Republic Of Italy, Norway.

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