The Pluto Files

You may have noticed that all the mundane astrology has disappeared from this site. I have talked about why on recent ‘members-only’ podcasts. In a nutshell I have switched gears forever. (See ‘Witch’ video below). I think it wise to concentrate on spiritual development rather than getting frustrated trying to figure out the shenanigans of Pluto right now. I realise that is actually tantamount to feeding the narcissist. I believe we are better off trying to sharpen our intuition so we can spot those narcissists and then keep WELL AWAY. 

Raising our vibration with beauty and nature also keeps us immune from the narcs too! So I am focusing on making this site light and beautiful. I will do this by showcasing talented jewellery makers and crystal sellers. That means I can remove g00gle ads (that I have no control over) and replace them with affiliate links to small businesses that I love. Learning about natural law, crystal magic, herbs and the seasons can only add to our astrological understanding.

Where You Can Find My Pluto Archives


However all is not lost! I realise people still go back and listen to the political predictions and I have had people ask me to bring them back. I had uploaded them to Alt Media, but I still prefer not to have them public under the current climate… However I did get the comment below while they were still up. Not sure which video it was unfortunately, but it was for one of the videos for the USA 2016 Election prediction.

“Bravo to Marina! @15:27 “Not being such a long presidency for Trump”, Trump’s ‘Loosening of the Bonds’ Dec. 28, 2017. Trump will “stand down”. “ Job is done.” “ Trump is equal opposite reaction to Hillary.” “Bringing balance. Trump may be gone but the anger of the people remain.” “State of Emergency world wide.” These are all things that you say in this video that came true, Marina. Your prognostication from the longer view was spot on correct. A parallax view, so to speak. Despite what you recently said, about not predicting elections, again because your prognostication in 2020 was incorrect. Your read of Trump’s chart in 2016 was correct.

So I have collected all the posts and videos and organised them in a dropbox file that only Solar deluxe and Stellar members will have access to and you will find that link below. There are about 50 plus videos and articles there organised into sections for ease of use. They contain all the darker Pluto/Persephone/Political (All things beginning with P..) material.

I did have a link here for access, but after receiving some unpleasant hate mail I have removed it. I can make the files available for past clients, membership subscribers I recognise or that have an identifiable facebook profile or website. I will send you the link via email.