4 thoughts on “YouTube Purge Astrology”

  1. The site C*o*r*e*y’s D*i*g*s just published the list of the sites to which you are referring. (Read between the stars for the site name:> ) Although I don’t always agree with her, C*o*r*e*y does some amazing investigative work, as does Fred Burks at Peers Want To Know and Catherine Austin Fitts of Solari.
    I have a very dark chart, in some ways. Pluto is directly Cazimi my Sun in 11th House, Neptune is Rising Square the Moon conjunct Uranus on the MC and Mercury is conjunct Saturn in 12. So I can see exactly where you are coming from. I can also see where our society is headed if we don’t become aware stand up and fight. And by fight, I do not mean that negative Mars/Uranus/Neptune/Saturn/Pluto mess that is on the streets these days.
    To start, one of the best things one can do these days is to sign the Great Barrington Declaration as a ‘concerned citizen’. BTWY: I believe that one of the functions of the lockdowns was to sow chaos into the upcoming U.S. elections. Another reason was to try to make us utterly dependent on the big tech firms for everything from ordering groceries to doing school lessons to employment. It also is a purge of sort of the oldest, weakest and most vulnerable both in health and financial status. The old and sick are supposed to die and the poor. if they don’t die, are supposed to be chattel.

  2. Wow inciteful! I have personally eliminated most of the distractions in my life and am working from intuition.
    You have done a great job in explaining everything hopefully without compromising yourself. I am just wondering why the major conjunction has not upended these entities that are controlling the information highway?
    Thank you again

  3. 22, hmm, Libra can be very jealous and particularly Spica a strong wish to aquire wealthy in a lucky way. A but of a gold digger. It’s can be very covert in it’s aquisition of it’s treasure. Libra can also victoms of their projections. A lot of blind spots can be found in Libra’s quest for justice.


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