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Hi, I’m Marina. Writer, illustrator and owner of Darkstar Astrology. I have been working full time as an astrologer since 2009, but studied astrology from a teenager. Darkstar Astrology was at first a team effort with Jamie Partridge of Astrology King.

In January 2014 Darkstar became a solo journey. Symbolism and art are very important to my website. Before the stars possessed me I worked as a freelance illustrator for 15 years. Some of the artwork on this site is illustrated by myself and you can purchase the T-shirt designs at Darkstar Designs.

For reading natal charts, my technique uses the tropical zodiac divided into decans and incorporates the fixed stars. I blend that with using modern aspect patterns from the Huber school. In 2015 I completed an Horary course with Deborah Houlding, owner of the amazing site Skyscript. I now use a blend of traditional and modern techniques in my astrology. Read more about my transformation on Re-Learning Astrology.

Darkstar Mission Statement

The name of the site Darkstar, is an oxymoron and describes my approach to astrology and life in general. You can only see the stars in the dark of night and we can only become enlightened by going through the nigredo (Blackening) stage in alchemy. This means facing our shadow. Persephone’s journey to the underworld describes the alchemical process very well. The fixed stars take us away from the earth and into another dimension, but it’s important to keep a balance between the heavens and the earth.

I continue to research for my future book on Lilith, Ceres and Eris. I am glad now that I did not rush to complete it because I realize that the Dark Goddess archetype is far greater than just Lilith. It is really all about the Persephone myth and what that means for humanity. Freedom of speech and total ownership of the health of our bodies is extremely important to me. In that way we can we insure a safe future on planet earth for our children.

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