New Moon January 2012 – Daring

The New Moon January 23 is at 2º Aquarius 41’. It is on the bold and brave fixed star Altair in Aquila the Eagle. The new moon is heavily aspected with Moon square Jupiter/Lilith and moon sextile Uranus/Ceres. If that wasn’t enough, the moon is also conjunct Asteroid Scylla, the hideous sea monster with four eyes, six long necks with revolting heads and sporting a girdle of yelping doggy-heads. This is an action-packed moon with three sets of seed moment conjunctions and the swirling sea of Neptune all raining down on Saturn.
The Mercury trine Mars speeds it all up and makes it frantic, which fast-paced Altair rather relishes!

The myth of Scylla and Charybdis has come to mean having to choose between two difficult situations. If you look at the new moon in the chart it does indeed look like it is caught between a rock (Saturn) and a hard-on.. (Jupiter conjunct Lilith ). It looks like various sets of groups and collectives are getting together to attack Saturn. I say attack because Altair is a military star. Possibly we could see a few completely unrelated people or ideas suddenly come together and there is a realization. A sudden surge of courage to face the bully erupts out of nowhere. Bravery seems to be the theme or at least a great many people at once realising their power.

New Moon Aspects

Aquarius New Moon January 2012

The closest aspect is Moon square Jupiter. I wrote: “This aspect knows no restraint and can over-react, over-reach and promise the world when it has no idea if it can deliver. Moon square Jupiter is a gambler and risk taker, 90% of the time luck does swing their way, but when they do fail, they fail spectacularly.” This gambling aspect seems to fit quite well with having to navigate between two dangerous situations. This may be describing a situation where one has to have nerves of steel and keep a poker face while staring in the face of the Scylla in your life.

The next aspect is Moon sextile Uranus. I wrote: “ a Venusian, artistic aspect and flowers an original and eccentric mind that thinks outside the box. These people are innovators and inventors. They usually have an instinct for what is about to happen and are hip to new trends…Uranus combined with the Moon is quite an activist when it comes to improving domestic conditions.” Again this kind of energy is just what we need if we want to improve the conditions of the whole of humanity living on planets earth. She is our home.

I have not looked at Moon sextile Ceres in detail, which is yet another aspect of this Moon, but this to me it would certainly be a flowering of ecological energy and care of mother earth. I did study Sun sextile Ceres however (Sun and Moon are conjunct) I wrote: “Ceres of course has that sad tinge of sorrow, loss and separation, but with the sextile the subject is consciously steering away from the dark days and trying to use the experience to make the world a better place.”

New Moon on Altair

Aquarius New Moon January 2012 HoroscopeI love how all these aspects do support the new moon being on the fixed star Altair. This is a very hectic moon and requires the weight of the noble Eagle to carry this agenda through. Negotiating the hazardous waters between Scylla and Charybdis is no mean feat as Charybdis is a treacherous whirlpool. Some of the key words I came up with for Altair were brave, valiant, daring and unyielding. This star has the gift of strategy, which is prefect to negotiate itself through this immensely risky situation. Because this situation takes more than just a sense of “Gung Ho”, it also takes some fancy footwork and a cunning plan…

For this moon then, plant your most daring seeds, but be prepared to have the courage of your convinctions. You will certainly be asked to put your money where your mouth is. If you make bold promises you will be expected to keep to them or risk been branded a fake and a charlatan. Altair is a star that attracts a lot of criticism, mostly undeservedly so and mainly due to envy of it’s awes-inspiring presence. However, there are times when the puffed-up, overblown posturing wears a bit thin and one will be asked to jump on ones steed and go show us the money.

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Author: Marina Macario

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  1. Wow! Slap bang on my 60th Birthday

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    • Happy Birthday! It’s my solar return chart for the year ahead. I’m going to need lots of courage so its very apt.

    • Thanks Marina. Happy Birthday to you too, its my solar return chart as well, so good luck to both of us. lol Maybe we should compare notes this time next year. : )

  2. Hi..Altair is not listed in If I want to locate mine any suggestions where I could? Thanks

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    • I mentioned for those who needed to draw up a chart.It wont show Altair on the chart, you have to do it yourself. Not everyone has anything on Altair . It needs to be within an orb of around 2 degrees.
      The positions for Altair:
      1900 – 00° Aquarius 22′
      1950 – 01° Aquarius 04′
      2000 – 01° Aquarius 47′

    • Thanks for clarifying..

    • Hi Marina! Awesome post. Does it count if the new moon and Alatir fall within the two degrees on one’s progressed sun? How would this play out then I wonder? hmmmm The progressed sun is in my progressed fifth house chart.


    • Hi Hemisha,

      Altair is a fixed star, not an asteroid,its at 1.47 Aqua and i dont think shows it in the charts :)

    • sorry didn see marinas answer :)

    • Thanks ella for kindly telling me.

  3. This is and gonna be so on point for me right now, New Moon on my ASC, rallying up to face my bullies, i have no other choice, cause i am stuck, caught between a rock and a hard place and i do not like it, good job on reading this one!!!!

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    • Sorry for the unsolicited advice Ella, but I have coped with bullies at my University for full one year. I did not like it either but the what worked for me was remembering that they have power over me ONLY if I react. Be calm and strong in front of them – don’t let them see you hasseled. that will cook their goat. Vent in private. Jupiter magic will hopefully help too. Be there for yourself girl..You can survive this and will emerge a better and stronger person. All the best! Sorry for the speech :))

    • thank you so much, it really means a lot at the moment, will heed your advice, best to you ;)

    • This is really good advice for me too…as I have found myself in holiday rental situation where the owners are real bullies & I want to leave asap! Off to check a new place tomorrow…new moon! So am anticipating confrontation when I tell them i’m leaving. I have always hated aggressive confrontation and tended to be flexible and endure the grief or put up with stuff! So guess I am having to learn from this one! Can’t believe how accurate Marina’s description is…must get my chart read! Keep up the fab work guys! Wish me luck everyone…seems one can’t always be nice! :)

  4. 22nd Jan 1962. I’m 50 this year! Aquarius 2 degrees 1’31” Detr. Libra Rising. Leo Moon. It feels like it’s going to be a tumultuous year with change around every corner!

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    • Hey Michelle –

      26th January 1962 here. My Saturn is at 3 deg. Aq., 28 deg. Leo Asc and Libra Moon. let’s hope that change is tumultuous but productive and, eventually, positive.

    • Wow! That’s amazing how our Asc and Moon are switched! :) I vacillate between believing the tumultuous changes will be positive and/or scary freakin’ out there crazy! Everything pans out for the best in the end though we only see that “for the best” stuff through the misty eyes of memory mostly. Learning to surf these planetary waves is what its all about eh? :)

    • wow! we’re almost exactly astro twins… sun is 2deg31′ and i’m also turning 50, born in NYC with virgo rising. Please respond if you would like to compare life notes. I met a male astro twin once (within 7 hrs)and curiously enough we had the same name (Michael/Michelle.

    • My goodness! That’s extraordinary to meet ones astro-twin! Feels like it could be significant but that might be because I’m right at the end of my birthday celebrations here! (It’s 11:15pm Daylight Saving Time Eastern Australia here as I write, 22nd January 2012 – which is a Number 1 day in numerology!!! ;)

      And we share the same name too? Good heavens! It WOULD be interesting to compare life notes indeed. I’ve set up a new email address so we can correspond about this. email me at the following: (I’ve written the numbers as words – go numerals though). miksixytwo@mail dot com This should be very interesting!

      OH… HAPPY BIRTHDAY for your tomorrow! :)

  5. Try living the last ten years without the “mark” AKA social security number, surrounded by a whole country of braindead morons who’s blind obedience to a facist corporate dictatorship known as the ” United States Federal corporation has lead America to it’s downfall. Thats what you call ” between a rock and a hard place ”
    BPM 37093 W.A.S.P 12b

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    • M o o n spells Loren……

    • hey it’s not the whole country!-there are others of us navigating the same waters as you…..i don’t know about louisiana-but california is full of us. yea, lots of braindeads, too….(:

      great you are living without the ss brand name….
      you should check out my friend’s work at spirit in form dot com
      she’s got good stuff re living outside of that system, recoding your personal reality as such, etc.

      there’s also a point where you stop fighting trying to escape the matrix. or it ebbs and flows…..

    • louisiana is my surname !!

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