Full Moon June 2015

Full Moon June 2015

full moon june

The Full Moon June 2 is at 11º Sagittarius and falls in Sagittarius Decan 2
The 13th Fairy & Gnosis. Rulers: Moon & Mars. Deity: Kore. (Virgin Persephone.)

“This full moon reminds us of the gnosis we have buried in our subconscious. It serves to tempt us with the forbidden fruit of the tree of knowledge. This could result in wonderful revelations or it could equally send us mad…”

June-full-moon2The Full Moon falls on archangel star Antares in the heart of the Scorpion. The Full Moon will activate the powerful Antares/Aldebaran axis. Polarities within humanity become extremely pronounced when Antares faces its nemesis Aldebaran across the heavens. No room for grey, it will feel very black and white. The Sun will represent the white side of the coin, the Moon the black, but it is still the same coin as the saying goes. This Full Moon symbolises the object and its shadow. In our own birthcharts the 7th house is our shadow, the house of open enemies, yet it is also the house of marriage. On some level then, we do need to ‘marry’ our other half. This does not have to be taken so literally, but 90% of us humans do tend to focus on finding that soulmate to make us feel complete. It’s very hard to go against the program really since, there is so much persuasive romance out there and Full Moons are very romantic! But the main reason we are moved to settle into marriage seems to be in order to have children, since studies show a stable, traditional family unit is proven to be the most successful in bringing up well adjusted and healthy adults.

But this Full Moon might make us question why then, if the above is the case, there are so many dysfunctional families out there in the modern world. The Moon generally on Antares “Popular, broad-minded, interested in philosophy, science and metaphysics, liable to change religious opinions, influential friends, favorable for business and domestic matters, active in local affairs, great power, honor and wealth but benefits may not prove lasting, danger of violence, sickness, drowning or assassination.” I found Moon/Antares to ignite domestic dramas and be unashamedly temperamental. It is prone to emotional outbursts and is extremely devoted, but verges on obsessive with family affairs. This particular full moon will only inflame more drama in the home, so it is important to allow family members space and freedom at this time. Playing the ‘putting my foot down’ parent will only push a defiant teen into full blown rebellion. If you are touched by this Full Moon any attempt to dominate your partner will cast you into the role of big bad Pluto. Conversely, if you are usually quite subservient in relationships then this moon could be really quite empowering.

Full Moon rituals are perfect for purging and releasing things from our lives that no longer serve our higher self. The bright light of the sun throws a spotlight on our subconscious to illuminate any issues that have been festering there since the new moon. Often the full moon is a time where we can see the fruit blossom from the seeds we planted at the New Moon. We can also choose to release people or bad habits as old routines and ties we established years ago can be thrown into the lunar fire. When we release people or things in this way, the Full Moon birthing time can be more of a cosmic menstruation. Therefore the Full Moon can be a cleansing time for both men and women. Some Full Moons are better at letting-go or birthing certain things than others. Some moons are more about birthing or bringing things to a head gently. Other Full Moons may have a more volcanic, violent purging energy about them depending on the decan or star being activated. Every month I will present the influences surrounding the current full Moon and suggest ways of utilising its energy in order to make a powerful spell for birthing or release.

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