Planet Ceres

Ceres was discovered in Sicily and named as such because of her close mythological and cult connections to this Mediterranean island. Enna in Sicily was said to be where Persephone was abducted by Pluto, who apparently flew out of the volcano Etna. Ceres was discovered right on the fixed star Algol in Medusa’s head! Ceres is really exact Algol at 0 degrees 00’! The Algol connection with Ceres is all the more strange because Medusa’s head motif is also found on the Sicilian flag. They have mixed Ceres symbolism with Medusa by entwining the snakes with sprigs of wheat. Later we will see the snake symbolism again with the stars involved in Ceres’ discovery chart. The whole thing is pretty uncanny.

ceressicilyCeres was discovered as early as 1801, the 1st day of a new century at 8pm [1]. For 500 years it was actually classified as the 8th planet. Ceres was discovered by a Sicilian monk astronomer, Giuseppe Piazzi. He wrote in his notes that Ceres was sitting on the shoulder of the bull (Taurus). Perseus the constellation that contains Algol lies behind the Bull in the heavens. Ceres is credited as having possible rulership of Virgo due to its brightest star Spica being the chaff of wheat in the hand of the Virgin. However I’ve always thought Ceres can have  an affinity with the sign of Taurus and the 2nd house too.

Ceres Discovery Chart

In Ceres’s discovery chart sensible, responsible Saturn is rising. Everyone knows Ceres as the earth mother. So straight away we have the themes of mothering, nurturing, child custody and parental responsibility absolutely highlighted by that tight square from Ceres in the chart to Saturn. We have a striking Yod to Pluto containing the Moon, making this a Hades Moon:

“The Hades Moon, and the devouring mother, is reflected too in life-threatening childhood events: difficult birth, traumatic separations, alienation and rejection…. There is indeed a treasure at the heart of the Hades Moon. It offers the gift of empowerment and regeneration, the strength to face fearlessly whatever must be.” [2]

This mirrors everything I have been finding out about Ceres so far. I have always felt there was such a heavy Plutonic influence, but I thought it just came from the connections of Ceres to the Persephone myth. However it is more than that, Pluto is right here in her birthchart, smacking us in the face full force with that Yod. The other planet of seperation and death of course is Saturn, which as we have seen weighs heavy on the ascendant. Saturn is opposing Venus, so affection is expressed with difficulty, it’s far more tough love and discipline here, like a matron. There is also practical magic. Ceres in her Virgo guise rules nurses and midwives, so this is fitting.

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Author: Marina Macario

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  1. what would you suspect, the effects of having my Sun in septile with ceres, “Ceres in the 8th house.”
    my….? “Venus”
    is in cancer – in the 8th as well, and my sun is in the 9th house in Leo….?

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  2. Do you find Ceres important in love relationships? Lately I’ve been checking up on Ceres in synastries (friends that I know have wonderful marriages/partnerships) and in majority of cases have found conjunctions with personal planets (especially sun, venus and moon)

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  3. In my natal chart, Ceres and Algol are at the same degree! They are 3 degrees from my midheaven and 4 degrees from my south node.
    I have resonated with both of them forever. Ceres absolutely fits my adult life as mother and herb grower.

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  4. I just found out I my Ceres and the fixed star Scheat are exact degrees. I have a lot of issues around nurturing, especially feeling like I have to really be assertive to get my needs met (Ceres opposing Mars).

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