Sun sextile Pluto pulls the shadowy planet out of the underworld and puts it in supposedly soft aspect. But if it was such a soft aspect then why do we have Peter Sutcliffe and Fred West in here? Two serial killers who sexually abused their victims. The sextile is like the blooming flower with Pluto it’s more like they are coyly poking out their first petals. Sun sextile to Pluto likes to play devils advocate, they are provocative, but they are not overt in their style.

They slip in and out of the shadows, teasing, while flashing a little piece of taboo titbit. They make enthusiastic researchers, probing deep but also thoroughly, regarding their subject from every conceivable angle. They leave no stone unturned in their pursuit of the truth. They are obsessive when it comes to unearthing secrets and solving mysteries. They like to expose injustice and as artists are likely to cover grissly and taboo subject matter. They can turn darkness into an art form.

Sun sextile Pluto Celebrities

Celebrities with the Sun Pluto sextile are Cilla Black (11′) who played the trickster cupid in her matchmaking programe “Blind Date”, Obsessive genius Albert Einstein (73′), dark songbirds Bob Dylan (78′) and  KD Lang (00′), British serial killers Fred West (18′) and Peter Sutcliffe (70′). Artist Tracy Emin took the taboo to extremes by exhibited her unmade bed, complete with used condoms and bloodstained underwear. Satirical comic Peter Sellers (32′) was known for being a nasty piece of work in real life, while his co-star and “good” twin, sizzling Sophia Loren (65′) also has this aspect.

6 thoughts on “SUN SEXTILE PLUTO

  1. I was wondering, if you have a chance to do a write up on Tracy Emin’s chart eventually, just because, I realize when she was writing about some things, concerning her youth, it could have mirrored my own.. and it made me curious about what sign she was..

    I was shocked to find she was a Cancerian. Certainly the Moon sextile Pluto is a relationship of possibilities with the balancing of “darker” elements and daily life.

    I always thought her work became so desired because it was like the power people were buying a bit of someone’s tormented soul.

  2. I have this aspect—I have quite a few sextiles in my chart and always thought of them as sort of bland and boring aspects,not packing much of a punch compared to the hard aspects.I never really took them into consideration,but I may rethink that.The people you mention are certainly intense.I have Pluto in the 12th,so that adds to the intensity.I guess the dynamics are similar to the hard aspects,it’s just more subtle.I’ll have to take another look at my sextiles….I almost have a Grand Sextile with just one planet–Jupiter–being a bit out of orb…

  3. I’ve got this aspect – albeit in a wider orb of 4 degrees applying. Fascinating to know who else shares it …. I do recognise the obsessive researcher and the need to unearth things, and the need to expose injustice. And with Pluto in my 5th, some of my artwork is disturbing. I love the image of slipping in and out of the shadows.

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