Sun Sextile Ceres ~ Lush & Fertile

Sun sextile Ceres seems to be an aspect that makes people want to share and be generous with their gifts. With most of the subjects, the common theme seems to be the propagating of their talents and spreading their seeds around to as many people in the world as possible. They make great social commenters, can be charitable and generally just want to see the world grow and flourish around them. However they can be horders also and just enjoy making wealth for the sake of it. The sextile is a Venusian aspect, so here it represents blossoming and bee’s flitting excitingly between the flowerbeds. This should make these people rather sexy in a wholesome, sensual way, lush and fertile, looking like they are constantly “on heat”.

Ceres of course has that sad tinge of sorrow, loss and separation, but with the sextile the subject is consciously steering away from the dark days and trying to use the experience to make the world a better place. This will often mean they are prone to wearing rose tinted glasses as they skip through their Utopia, which can be infuriating but at the same time charming in its innocence. Of course not everyone with this aspect is going to be a saint, but the person may well see themselves as one! Being seen as the benefactor is important for their feelings of self worth.

Sun Sextile Ceres Natives

Shirley Temple (19′) her characters were deliberately cultivated to transform the lives of hardened criminals and the like “She assaults, penetrates, and opens [the flinty characters] making it possible for them to give of themselves” As an adult she worked in children’s TV, films and manufactured toys. She survived breast cancer and became an in international Ambassador in her later years.[1]

Princess Diana (58′) epitomizes the loving Ceres mother, bringing rays of hope to so many of the sick and dying that she touched. She has a pure, unsullied innocence that was a breath of fresh air to the otherwise stuffy and stiff royal family. Of course she had her struggles with bulimia which must be the most Ceres type disorder you could have, gorging yourself and then purging.

Olivia Newton-John (88′) has had a long and successful career as a singer. She has used her celebrity status to actively campaign for the environment. Surviving breast cancer also inspired her to raise awareness of  various health issues. She fund raises for various charities and runs a health spa.

On the other extreme Maurice Chevalier (94′) was known for being a penny pincher he found it hard to let go of the memory of his very poor roots. Then we get the super rich and powerful Jackie Kennedy Onassis (99′), John D Rockefeller (66′) and  Il Duce Benito Mussolini (36′), Psychologist and sociologist Erich Fromm (79′) wrote “The Art Of Loving” a practical approach to learning how to love in a healthy manner, other Sun sextile Ceres subjects include eminent microbiologist Louis Pasteur (88′), exceptionally gifted blind and deaf scholar Helen Keller (73′) Lastly social commenters through art and music respectively Peter Blake (40′) and Paul Weller (60′).


5 thoughts on “Sun Sextile Ceres ~ Lush & Fertile

  1. I know, I’m still learning Ceres, I think we all are collectively because i think she has really been overlooked in favour of sexy Chiron and his horsey body. With Ceres sextile I wasnt sure what to expect, because some of the sextiles (Like Pluto) came up darker than expected.
    And with Ceres the conjunction was just really DARK. I have Ceres in the 11th and I really do mother all my friends and Im the only one really who does the “come round and eat” at my place thing. In the 10th?, your blog strikes me as very prolific. I love all the aspect work you do too. Lots of seeds of learning there.

  2. 2* I have it my 9th/ Sun in the 7th a stellium in Virgo/ Mercury In Pisces a sign of skin sensitivity, I am almost all Natural. Love everything that is. Except for maybe fibers. Those are very Aquarian, My Sun falls in the Good fortune of the Swallower Part of the Zodiac Marina so beautifully spoke about, so Im always swallowing all manner of things that others normally would take as being “dangerous” or gross .To me I find synthetic drugs dangerous gross and Nature a obvious first choice.

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