Moon Square/Opposite Mercury ~ Magick


Moon square Mercury or Moon opposite Mercury creates a synergy or conflict between the rational mind and gut instincts. The restlessness creates a very driven personality who is constantly in a state of flux like the tides washing in and out. This can make for a very creative, self-purifying individual with a huge need to communicate their fluctuating moods to a wider audience.

These people work well in the mass media and communications industries. The parents can be their mentors and teachers. Moon square or opposite Mercury may come from an intellectual family where heated debates are encouraged. Artistically this aspect shows itself as paying close attention to the small details of their subject whether it be clothing, architecture, visual appearance or behaviour.

Moon Square/opposite Mercury Transit

When Moon is square or opposite Mercury in the sky moods will change very swiftly. Think of it like a day where you have rain showers, alternating sunny periods and sudden gusts of wind. Therefore it is extremely difficult to plan. One needs to be super-adaptable and agile to shift with the public mood. Because of this uncertainty, you might feel like you want to stay close to home. You will also want to do things on a small scale so that any last-minute changes are not the end of the world. The time is right for minor tweaks, attention to detail and adjustments. You don’t want to get involved with projects that need long-term planning or tackle anything wildly ambitious.

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