December Horoscope 2014

December Monthly Horoscope

We start December with the Sun
on Antares which lasts from Dec 1-3. With Antares energy we are often so driven by high drama, sensation and extremes that we may find it hard to fine-tune or be sensitive to life’s subtleties. If this brave, fearless spirit is channelled in the right way, then this energy can help move mountains. Those touched by this vibe, will work better with more laid back souls who can temper the “devil” inside them! The Sun moves into Sagittarius decan 2 on Dec 2. During this time it is vital to keep in contact with nature and to respect natural law. We are reminded of the gnosis we have buried in our subconscious.

We could be tempted with the forbidden fruit of the tree of knowledge, which could result in wonderful revelations or it could quite equally send us mad! It’s easy to see why this decan is one of the most feared of the zodiac. Interestingly this zone embraces the dates for what would be Ophuichus if we were to have thirteen signs. This zone has Eris and the exiled 13th fairy written all over it.. Of course we could never have thirteen starsigns! Not while we have twelve months of the year and hermetic law. There is a Grand Fire Trine between Venus/Jupiter/Eris on Dec 4. this fires us up to take a stand and be the warrior queen if we have felt exiled. This is Venus in her Ishtar role and she has a dark side…

Ishtar Grand Trine

There is a stellium of Sun/Mercury/Ceres
Dec 6 – 10. Health seems to be an issue and this could come from feeling strung-out. We must remember to separate our ego from our thinking, because we can take things far too personally in debates. Diets and GMO food could be the hot topic right now. Use the cazimi time (Sun conjunct Mercury Dec 7. Cazimi at 4.23am EST) for figuring out difficult puzzles! Sun into Sagittarius decan 3 on Dec 12. Under this influence we may be feeling like spiritual warriors who, when feeling psychically strong, can influence enough minds to cause a massive uprising.

This energy is not upfront like Aries, but working in the background, spreading wisdom and shocking us out of complacency. Sagittarius decan 3 inspires us to do something magical with our lives. This Sun in this part of the sky can be dangerous to the elites it can move many souls into awakening. This happens every year yet what do we do? Get distracted by Christmas TV, panic over present buying and become zombied by sugar-overload and boozy parties…

Uranus Square Pluto on Dec 15 is activated by Venus. Will she make love or war? This is the penultimate square. Both Uranus and Pluto are about change, but Pluto’s transformation can fester underground forever, occulted, until Uranus’s lightening bolt hits it just at the right spot. The process is rather like the thunderstruck tower of the tarot. The rebuilding of that which has been devastated can a while. It is not a quick fix. Uranus and Pluto are uncomfortable bedfellows as Uranus craves sudden change while Pluto demands achingly slow and thorough transformation. Sun enters Capricorn decan 1 on Dec 22 and we need to settle down, act responsibly and receive our relatives. Back to work as we religiously dedicate ourselves to making it the best Christmas ever… Shopping is a crusade and taken very seriously.  Capricorn decan 1 a decan ruled by both authoritative Saturn and a zealous Jupiter. I call this decan Crystallising Dreams & Venerating Loved Ones. It is interesting that this decans spirit happens to be Asklepios. Maybe love can heal all this month as we forgive those that trespassed against us this year. Strange turn of phrase that “trespass against” I assume it means a person not respecting ones boundaries. Jupiter knows no bounds and Saturn is all about establishing very secure borders. Mars trine North Node on Dec 24 pulls us out of any boundary confusion in time to stuff the Turkey. Merry Christmas and a Stellar New Year to you all!

December Horoscope 2014 Highlights

Mars sextile Saturn
2 Sun into Sagittarius decan 2
4 Grand Fire Trine between Venus trine Jupiter trine Eris .
6 Full Moon at 14º Gemini 7.26am EST
7 Sun conjunct Mercury. Cazimi at 4.23am EST
10 Sun conjunct Ceres
11 Venus trine Black Moon Lilith
12 Sun into Sagittarius decan 3
14 Venus sextile Neptune
15 Uranus square Pluto
20 Venus square Uranus, Venus conjunct Pluto
21 Mars sextile Uranus
22 Venus square North Nodes, New Moon at 0º Capricorn 1.35am EST
Sun enters Capricorn 6.12pm EST
24 Mars trine North Node

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