Full Moon March 2022 ~ Abundance


The Full Moon 18 March 2022 at 27º Virgo Decan 3. Aspect: Trine Pluto. Fixed Star: Zavijava In the left wing of Virgo. Tarot Card: 10 Of Pentacles. Healing Crystal: Yellow Apatite.

This full moon March 2022 activates the nurse archetype and makes an amazing healer. However this is still quite a difficult placement for the moon. Some commentators say that is because the moon is very fragile in Virgo 3 and prone to illness. Any malady will be due to autoimmune problems, which are always due to not setting clear boundaries in relationships. Those touched by this moon need to look after themselves first! If they don’t they will burn out in their caring roles very quickly if they neglect themselves.

Full Moon March 2022 ~ Virgo Decan 3


The dark side of this position is the amount of resentment that may come out at this full moon when the charity and dutiful nurturing is not reciprocated. The patient may not have asked for the ‘medicine’ at all, and in frustration could throw it all back in your face at the Virgo full moon.

At this time we could even (albeit unconsciously) get loved ones ‘hooked’ onto our support. The worst way we can do this is through using actual drugs (Even sugary foods and plying someone with wine count!)

There are two extremes here then, the self-sacrificial martyr and the ‘drug’-pusher. Those touched by the full moon must be careful not to fall down the rabbit hole of addiction themselves in trying to rescue an addict. On the positive side supporting a good cause at this Virgo full moon can keep one on the straight and narrow. Nervous energy generated at this time needs channeling into something, even simple housework. A good time for a spring clean!

Full Moon March Meaning For All The Signs

Full Moon Fixed Star ~ Zavijava

Zavijava 27º is the only Virgo star left in tropical Virgo. It is situated in her left wing. Bullinger says the name comes from the Arab “Al Zawiah” meaning gloriously beautiful. “It gives beneficence, force of character, strength, combative movements and destructiveness.” [1]

Eric Morse gives Zavijava a typical Virgo flavour “Reliable worker, attentive to every detail of the job, will make a good salesman, executive, manager or subordinate commander, but needs someone of higher rank to have given him (or her) the job. If less well aspected, he can be the sort of underling who provokes his men to strike or mutiny by over-playing the ‘little Hitler’ act.” Zavijava is a perfectionist!

Full Moon March 2022 Astrology

Full Moon March 2022

Full Moon March 2022 Aspects

Full interpretation of the Full Moon Virgo is discussed in the YouTube video below.

Full Moon Tarot Card ~ 10 Of Pentacles

The tarot card associated with this decan is the ten of pentacles. This decan of Virgo is probably the most commercially successful and this is reflected in the meaning of this card. It shows abundance, thriving, high achievement and solid foundations.

Karmically this card can suggest marrying into money due to having had helped that family in a past life. “Here we are looking at success, prosperity and abundance on many levels. 

This Card suggests you have done or will do very well for yourself, not by chance, but by working very hard to achieve it.  Wealth and strong financial security are indicated, and more than likely here to stay, as you have well prepared for this time and have done the essential groundwork.” Teachmetarot

Full Moon Healing Crystal ~ Yellow Apatite

“Yellow Apatite is a positive crystal, instilling hope and optimism. It releases old blockages that may limit one’s acceptance of prosperity or abundance and overcomes fear of success. It heals negative patterns, and provides the energy for creative thoughts and action needed to achieve one’s goals.


It provides the courage to take risks, and the clarity to know which risks are worth taking. As a note of caution for those with an overabundance of natural confidence, this stone may make one too assertive for the taste of others, especially in a work environment. However, this property can be advantageous in a competitive situation, from sports to corporate dealings.” ~ crystalvaults.com 

“A yellow apatite stone is a high-vibrational crystal that eliminates any stagnant energy from your body. It’s a wonderful stone for anyone who tends to stuff their feelings and emotions deep, down inside, allowing for a gentle release and encouraging you to let go. Gold apatite facilitates the release of old baggage, thought processes and conditioning that may be holding you back from personal growth or moving forward on your path. ” ~ energymuse.com

1 Fixed Stars and Constellations in Astrology, Vivian E. Robson, 1923 p. 219

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