Aldebaran ~ Birthdays May 29 to Jun 1

Fixed star Aldebaran is found at 9º 47’ Gemini in the right eye of the bull in Taurus. It is probably the most famous of the four Archangel stars representing St Michael. God’s military commander and opposite his nemesis Antares in the Scorpion. Aldebaran seems to have gained the better reputation than his opposite number. But really, Aldebaran and Antares are two sides of the same coin. Aldebaran actually has a more stormy reputation than one would imagine. This is because the left eye, Ain, forms part of the notorious Hyades star cluster. This bunch of rainy stars splatter across the bulls face. Aldebaran though, is the bull’s right eye. It’s status as a raging red giant ensures its position as the Alpha male of the bunch, even though it is sometimes described as a rather fey “pale rose red” star. I don’t think so!…

For under the pretty velvet Taurus glove is a fist of steel. Aldebaran is a ferocious charmer. Peacocking his power with fine clothes like those Hip-hop stars decked in gold “bling”, driving their puffed-out chariots with the scary bull bars on the front. They promise much but they also deliver, this could be the best sex you ever had. Sensual, indulgent, the Aldebaran lover knows just what buttons to press.

Women with this placement with be robust and earthy, not dainty little cherubs. They will ride you till you are both saddle sore, and they can keep going, and going and going… Raw hide indeed. John F Kennedy was a perfect Aldebaran example, lusty, charismatic, pushy and powerful in his speech. He had the Sun here, a leader and head of the country but sadly assassinated with a shot to it. The bull’s eye is also a target remember.

J.F.K’s son had Aldebaran rising and tragically died in a plane crash. Unfortunately for JFK Junior it literally was a fall from a high place and another violent Aldebaran death. “With Sun or Moon, culminating or rising: Great honor through violence with difficulties and casualties.” [1] Jackie Kennedy Onassis had Jupiter on Aldebaran, but it is much safer there. Aldebaran, unlike its opposite Antares, can get away with all manner of evils, even though they are both just as extreme as each other. The difference is that Aldebaran knows how to play the game. God is on his side.

Aldebaran can charm the doorman into turning a blind eye. They have a non-stick veneer and any criticism just slides of them. Aldebaran can get away with murder because they come across as the knight in shining armour and  saviour even if some are quite ghastly underneath. Those that act with integrity should avoid the violent ending this star sometimes delivers and are actually sweet all the way to the pip!

 Aldebaran Keywords

Lusty, lecherous, lovely, rich, sensual, smooth-talkers, materialistic, businessmen, winners, insatiable, indulgent, romantic, seducers, pleasure seekers, hedonists, idolizers, textural, lush, dashing, knights-in-shining armour, saviours, robust, strong, meaty, juicy, tough, bold, cheeky, macho, old-fashioned, classic, chivalrous, polite, charmers, diplomats, harmony, earthy, fertile, family-oriented, pro-life, pro-nature, naturists, aesthetic, luxurious, golden, lucky escapes, shining through, artistic, fashionable, iconic, beautiful, musical, sultry voices, softly spoken, strong/silent type, good girls, nice chaps, wholesome, butter-wouldn’t-melt, holier- than-thou.

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61 thoughts on “Aldebaran ~ Birthdays May 29 to Jun 1

  1. Marina, what do you think about Lilith conjunct Aldebaran in a natal? This is in a man’s chart and trines my Venus. If I ever get his birthtime, I will ask you for a synastry reading. He also has Pluto conjunct Sun. Yes, he’s a magnet and I am steel.

  2. Hi Marina, I also have Aldebaran on the IC and Antares MC. Have you found any information on this?

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