Sun Trine Pluto

By | September 26, 2011

Sun trine PlutoNatal Sun trine Pluto people carry Pluto’s powerful presence which makes them awesome to behold. The trine soothes away most of the Pluto grit and makes them more like a sleek black classic car. They are glossy and slinky, demanding you run your eyes across them. A real minx of an aspect. These are the people that make you do stuff for them without you realising. They are charismatic like the conjunction, but you don’t feel like they are trying to cast a spell on you. No sign of a scary dark cloud looming over them at all. It’s just more of a feeling they have importance and power and that you naturally must bow down to them. What makes them so fascinating is the air of mystery that they convey, the grandeur and just plain star quality. These people are utter divas and can be quite self obsessed. Out of all the Sun/Pluto aspects this one is inclined to be the least self concealing and the most extrovert. Keeping their wonderfulness all to themselves would just be too mean!

Sun Trine Pluto Celebrities

Sun Pluto trine celebrities include Ennio Morricone (02′) famous for his dark, plaintive, but simply powerful film scores. Singers Jose Carreras (18′), Diva Diana Ross (09′) and slinky Shakira (26′), also “You are awful, but I like you” Comic Dick Emery (01′) and tragic Princess, Grace Kelly (03′).

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16 thoughts on “Sun Trine Pluto

  1. jannevellamo

    I have this, with Pluto in Virgo, Sol in Cap. I’m not self obsessed, I just refer to myself a lot, probably because I’m the only person I can honestly say I really know anything about. I’m not exactly sure if anybody has ever regarded me as glossy or slinky, but the signs being Virgo and Capricorn, odds are, people keep a prudent distance and do not speak about such matters unless asked to. Had I this in Fire, I think I might have to chase extra babes away with a stick. Sigh, the curse of Virgo and chilly Capricorn… Of course, if people keep a reverent distance, they’re not going to learn much about the native, which results in an aura of mystery.


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