Sun square PlutoSun square Pluto’s persona is serious about secrecy and control. The subjects personal life may remain a mystery, as they are experts at armour plating their true emotions. They don’ t let much slip and can be extreme control freaks. The word anal was invented for these guys, for they rule over their domain with an iron will and a steel fist. They need to know where everything is at all times and woe betide anyone who changes the order of their alphabetically arranged CD collection. They can be intimidating and in extreme cases tyrannical. Sometimes the father can be experienced in this way.

These people can be stalkers and obsessive callers, they panic if their lover doesn’t return a text or goes off radar. To Sun square dark Pluto it’s like they have died or something. They have a real fear of death, but in their panic they are often self sabotaging and create the very scenario they fear the most. They are are most afraid of their demonic, unacceptable, beastly thoughts, which can translate as feeling that something about them is ugly, and that they are deformed in someway. They might hide behind a mask, this could be simply very plain or dark clothes they can disappear behind or conversely elaborate, over-the-top freakish make-up. Anything that distracts from the real self that they find unacceptable. However as you can see from the list of celebrities below, once this square is mastered, the power and magic of the aspect is phenomenal. At some point they may indeed have to face some sort of “death”. Having survived this they become indestructible and exude the awesome aura of a Phoenix that has been through the flames and come out 10 times stronger.

Sun Square Pluto Celebrities

Sun square Pluto personalities all have a strong presence, examples are Joanna Lumley (67′), William Wordsworth (60′), Omar Shariff (94′) and Ricky Martin (73′). Dirk Bogarde (19′) and Leonardo Di Vinci (28′) both kept their private life hidden, 80’s popstar Morrissey (65′) was noted for his emotionless, dead-pan drone and Elephant man” John Merrick (81′) was hideously deformed concealing the cultured and intelligent gentlemen within.

Super-secretive Barbra Streisand (05′) even had “The Streisand Effect” named after her;a primarily online phenomenon in which an attempt to hide or remove a piece of information has the unintended consequence of perversely causing the information to be publicized more widely” [1], we also get imposing comic John Cleese, who made a career out of playing warped, OCD stricken dictators in the guise of headmasters, policemen and bank managers.“”Ministry Of Silly Walks sketch says it all, still that control and seriousness, despite the utter freakiness of the persons gait. Other Sun Pluto aspect subjects, Gerry McCann.

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Author: Marina Macario

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  1. I have this aspect and I can come off as secretive but I don’t realize I’m exuding that. I’ve had some people say I am even sneaky and untrustworthy, which is appalling to me because I actually take pride in maintaining honorable morals and values. I just have a reserved nature and if I don’t know someone well enough or if I don’t feel comfortable around someone, then I tend to go ‘inward’. I guess I make people feel uneasy because they think I must be hiding something– which in essence I do (because we all do, otherwise everyone would know everything about us) but I don’t set out to exude the aura of hiding dead bodies in the cellar or something lol (because that’s how some people have reacted towards me in the past, but of course I’m exaggerating.)
    I’m definitely not anal though. I’m actually more on the messy/chaotic side than anal. I often don’t know where things are even after I just put them down. I don’t mind people touching my things, and I’m the opposite of tyrannical. This part more describes my real dad who is a Scorpio/ Sagittarius cusp Sun. He is really scary when it comes to how domineering he is at home (and I don’t scare very easily.)
    I’ve never stalked but I can be obsessive with something or someone that I really care about. I don’t act upon it but I do tend to think obsessively about someone I’m really connected with. I am secretive about that though because I try my hardest not to let that person know that lol.
    Death-like subjects fascinate me and I have had some weird experiences with people and situations that could have turned really bad for me.
    I have Sun in Capricorn in the 6th house and Pluto in Libra in the third. I also have Jupiter in Scorpio in the 4th (which I’m guessing describes my dad.)

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