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Regulus in 2011 is positioned at 29 degrees Leo 59’, in the heart of the constellation Leo the Lion. There is a buzz about Regulus in Astrology right now due to its entrance into Virgo in 2012. People are speculating that this might herald the the age of Aquarius, Aquarius being Leo’s opposite sign on the fixed cross. What can Leo learn from the Virgin? Perhaps how to submit, put aside ego, dispense personal glory and become more respectful of the earth. They do seem like a very Aquarian ideals. Regulus is the arch-angel Raphael, one of the four horsemen of the apocalypse. On the fixed cross, Regulus is one of the four cherubim represented on tarot cards as the bull, lion, eagle and human, the signs Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius respectively. You usually see them all on the corner of the Wheel of Fortune and The World cards. Hence Regulus coming under focus now as 2012 and its association with the end times and/or enlightenment draws near.

So what’s so special about Regulus? He is certainly of our time. He is the X factor and the superstar. The Elvis of the fixed stars. He ranks as ultra-fortunate, the most benefic star in the Universe. Medieval astrologers said it would bring glory, riches and fame to all those born under it, and that it was the “Royall Starre”. Of course not everyone born with Sun of Regulus will be born royal, but they will certainly act like it! Regulus of course is literally one of the royal stars of Persia, all of which give you immense power, but they do come with a price, as you will see. It’s not all super sunny. Regulus is important because it one of the brightest stars and bang on the ecliptic. So instead of the usual 1.30 degree orb given for fixed stars, I would give Regulus 3 degree’s. William Lily goes as far as 5 degree’s [1]. Therefore Regulus may well be shining on your Sun if you are born between the 18th and 28th of August or have anything between 25 Leo and 5 degrees Virgo. On you can find Regulus precisely in your chart by using their fixed star option in the extended chart section.

The Mars and Jupiter nature of this star can take you far and many of its natives are indeed very successful. But this runaway success can be taken away from you pretty swiftly if you fall prey to its negative expression. There is a risk of downfall if one resorts to displaying excess pride, ego-mania, arrogance, obsessive conquering and most of all revenge. It is said that the higher these Lions climbs the bigger the risk of falling from grace. I would think the downfall would most likely happen to those chasing success and fame for it’s own sake or to solely bolster their own ego. But if the Regulus subject has a true passion for their craft or business, and lets others share and bask in their glory, I think our regal Lion can sit safely on his comfy throne.


Brave, bloodthirsty, gutsy, ambitious, driven, unstoppable, proud, pompous, majestic, magical, vain, arrogant, egotistical, regal, loyal, poised, famous, flamboyant, fabulous, dashing, flash, outrageous, chivalrous, courteous, conquering, entrepreneurial, outré, controversial, glorious, bold, hot, brutish, sexy, passionate, diva-esque, haughty, naughty, playful, flirty, childlike, extremist, romantic, generous, fanatical, bossy, unhinged, stalker, predatory, man-eater.

Regulus near neighbor is the rather bloodthirsty star Phecda, this I believe is what gives the star its raw martial side. The beastly nature of the Lion isn’t afraid to throw itself into battle and get blood on its hands. This is none more graphically demonstrated, than by Jackie Kennedy Onassis with Regulus on her MC by just 03’! Of course the woman was an icon, more poised and regal then most real life royals and exuded bravery and loyalty. After John Kennedy was shot, she refused to remove her bloodstain pink Chanel suit. Regretting having washed her bloodstained face and hands, she stated “ I want them to see what they have done to Jack”[2]

Regulus on the AC will embody the lions energy. Elton John has Regulus rising (37’), he is certainly by royal appointment, playing as he did at Princess Diana’s funeral, he also appropriately wrote the music score to “The Lion King”. He has sold over 250 millions which ranks him as one of the most successful singer-songwriters of all time. He as received an knighthood for services to music and charity. He has had his fair share of Regulus dramas though, he has battled addictions to alcohol and cocaine. Elton was also bulimic for a time.

Queen of the brothels, Cynthia Payne also had Regulus rising (57’). This high class Madame made a mint by hosting sex parties in suburban south-west London. She inspired two films about her life, one of which alluded to the fact that she got away with a mere 4 month prison sentence because a few of the judiciary been “entertained” by her ladies at some point. She stood for parliament as a candidate for the “Payne & Pleasure” party. You gotta admire her gall!

Margaret Thatcher is a superb example of Regulus on the Moon (09’), and she of course suffered her famous Regulus downfall in 1990 when was hounded out of her office by the men in suits. As a world leader she has to rank as one the most famous. River Phoenix is another one who suffered the extreme side of this star, his Sun on Regulus (48’) burnt too brightly too quickly and he died aged just 23 of a drug overdose.

Heinrich Himmler “rose to become one of the most powerful men in Nazi Germany as well as one of the persons most directly responsible for the Holocaust” [3] he had Venus on Regulus (29’) and again an example of a falling from a great height, he ended up committing suicide before his arrest for war crimes.

Henry Ford, founder of the Ford Motor company was literally driven by Mars on Regulus at exactly 00’! He had it rising also. Ford became one of the richest men on the planet probably because he created the “Fordism” system which guaranteed high wages for his workers, double that of his competitors. This honorable act must’ve fueled his huge wealth and success. Ford reigned supreme until he went against his anti-war stance. In 1915 during WW I he funded a peace ship to Europe, but by WWII he went back on his principles and his company was used to arm the war. After that he suffered a series of strokes and grew increasingly senile, lost all his real power and became just a figurehead.

Regulus  Celebrities

star-leoREGULUS ASCENDANT “Great honor and wealth, but violence and trouble, sickness, fevers, acute disease, benefits seldom last, favor of the great, victory over enemies and scandal.”[4]
Agatha Christie – Justin Timberlake – Natalie Cole – Elton John – Uma Thurman – Charles/Camila Davison – Woody Allen – Cyntha Payne – Helena Bonham Carter – Morrisey – Siouxie Sioux

REGULUS MIDHEAVEN “Honor, preferment, good fortune, high office under Government, military success. If with Sun, Moon or Jupiter, great honor and ample fortune.”
The Vatican – Micheal Douglas – Clint Eastwood , with Neptune – Mata Hari – Parick Mc Nee – Jackie Kennedy – Jimmy Page with Jupiter and Lilith – Prince – Toulous Lautrec – Jim Carrey, with Uranus – Barbara Windsor – Shania Twain

REGULUS SUN “Power, authority, great influence over friends, honor and riches, but violence, trouble and ultimate disgrace and ruin, sickness, fevers, benefits seldom last.”
Bill Clinton – Mae West – Sean Connery – River Phoenix – Robert Redford – Gene Roddenberry – Claudia Shiffer, with MC, Mars and Lilith – Mother Theresa – Dorothy Parker – Coco Chanel – Princess Margaret

REGULUS MOON “Occult interests, powerful friends, danger from enemies and false friends, gain by speculation, public prominence, great power, honor, wealth, benefits seldom last, violence, trouble and sickness. Make women high spirited and independent.”
Margaret Thatcher – Dolly Parton – Winston Churchill – Cheiro – Richard Branson – K D Lang – Venus Williams – Ron Hubbard -Tony Hancock – Ian Mc Kellen – Terence Mc Kenna – Paul Weller – Robert Graves

REGULUS MERCURY “Honorable, just, popular, generosity abused by opponents, fame, gain through high position”
Michael Jackson – Freddy Mercury – Barry Gibb – Steve Martin – Peter Sellers – Chrissy Hynde – Patsy Cline – Ernest Hemingway – Goethe

REGULUS VENUS “Many disappointments, unexpected happenings, violent attachments, trouble through love affairs.”
Sydney – Antonio Banderas – Heather Locklear, with Uranus, North Node and Lilith – Sorry/Cher Davison – Sean Lennon – Catherine Zeta Jones – Bryan Ferry – Heinrich Himmler – Rufus Wainwright – Eddie Fisher.

REGULUS MARS “Honor, fame, strong character public prominence, high military command.”
David Cameron – Diana Princess of Wales – Benjamin Netanyahu, and North Node – Jamie Partridge – Bob Geldof, with Venus – Jayne Mansfield – Emperor Hirohoto – Edith Piaf – Mary Shelley – Frank Sinatra – Donald Trump – Henry Ford – Sting – Lyndon B Johnson with Jupiter and Lilith.

1. Christian Astrology, book 3: Nativities by William Lilly, chapter 145 p616 Astrology Center of America.
2. “Selections from Lady Bird’s Diary on the assassination: November 22, 1963″. Lady Bird Johnson: Portrait of a First Lady. PBS. Retrieved March 1, 2008.
3. Zentner, Christian Ed; Bedürftig, Friedemann Ed (1991) (in English). The Encyclopedia of the Third Reich. New York: Macmillan. pp. 1150.
4. The fixed stars and Constellations in Astrology – Vivian Robson pgs 195,196 & 197

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Author: Marina Macario

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  1. Of all the ‘keyword’ descriptions on this site this sounds the best. Regulus looks to have it all. The description of the cross of the royal stars hits this soul between the eyes due to the personal aspects conjuncting each. Thankyou magnificent Marina.

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  2. What does Regulus Uranus/NN sound like? They are conjunct exact at 27;08 Leo

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