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I am a self taught astrologer and illustrator based in London. UK. My 20 years of working with symbols and archetypes form the foundation of my astrological approach.  For reading charts, my technique uses the tropical zodiac divided into decans. The fixed stars within those decans determine how the archetype of the zodiac sign is filtered out through the persona while the aspect patterns in ones birth chart represent the geometry of the soul. I like to blend the ancient with the ultra – modern through Chiron, the bridge between Saturn and Uranus. My stellium in Aquarius is futuristic like Uranus, but its ancient ruler is Saturn. I have Chiron opposite Uranus exact and it squares my AC by a degree!

The name of the site Darkstar is itself an oxymoron and describes my approach to astrology and life in general. You can only see the stars in the dark of night and we can only become enlightened by going through the nigredo (Blackening) stage in alchemy. This means facing our shadow. The Lilith (Dark Moon) archetype and Persephone’s journey to the underworld describe the alchemical process very well I think. I focus on the Moon phases because of their importance in keeping us connected with Mother Earth and its cycles.  The fixed stars take us away from the earth and into another dimension, but it’s important to keep a balance between the heavens and the earth. That’s why the Sol/Lunar relationship is so important to my work. More about the Moon Goddess.

2015 Update

I continue to research for my future book on Lilith and Eris. I am glad now that I did not rush to complete it because I realise that the Dark Goddess archetype is much bigger than just Lilith. It is really all about the Persephone myth and what it means for humanity. It probably relates to the Gaia-Sophia myth also and connects to the Gnostics since one of their gospels was by Mary Magdalene. I’m still figuring this out! Meanwhile the first stage of the decans is finished, but I have now decided that I will add the meanings for the personal planets to them over the coming year starting with Aquarius in January. I also intend to add a section on tranists through the decans looking at the transpersonal planets. I will start with Saturn in Sagittarius since that is where we are at currently.

A few people have asked about the illustrations on this site and yes they are mostly my own work recycled from when I was an illustrator. I create them using a mix of photoshop, collage and pencil drawings. Otherwise I use the art of Gustav Klimt, John William Waterhouse and Pamela Coleman Smith’s illustrations for the Rider Waite Tarot deck. ~ Contact Marina

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  1. You are referring to the notion that our rising sign is the ‘face’ we present to the world, more so than our sun sign, and so guessing would be based upon that mask we cover ourselves with, I assume? I think the real sun sign qualities are still apparent in a more subtle way and closer to the person’s true nature. I am definitely a scorpio, but I really don’t behave as the stereotypes would suggest. More like the rising cusp between cancer and gemini in my chart: paranoid/schizoid/dilettante to the max. :).
    I read “Not in His Image” last year and am currently wading through the “Quest…”. Not in His Image” is fascinating and rang so true to me! Never before seen such information anywhere. Makes sense and addresses creation mythology in a unique way that fills in some gaps in everything else I’ve encountered. The description of the Gnostic Initiation is so relevant. “Organic Light”
    I am guessing that when you say your “stellium in Acquarius”, that means your sun sign?
    Aquarius, one of my favorite sort of humans… you guys just never seem to do mean stuff….anything else, but not mean, and that is wonderful. We aren’t all that different as some astrologers may think. Both fixed signs, both ruled by outer planets (mine’s farther out, touche’). Both can be very mental, and somehow, that is extremely funny! I’ll bet you are good at puns, too. How about it?

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