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Full Moon January 2017

Full Moon 12 January 2017 ~ Tug ‘O’ War

The January Full Moon In Cancer Decan 3: Put a Full Moon in a decan awash in emotionality and what do you get? Volatile...
New Moon January 2017

New Moon 27 January 2017 ~ Snowflakes

The Moon in Aquarius decan 1. The needy embryonic Moon is not comfortable in a decan that is so much about cutting the umbilical...
Full Moon December 2016

Full Moon 13 December 2016 ~ Unveiling

Full Moon December 13/14 2016 at 22º Gemini This Full Moon in Gemini Decan 3 is also a supermoon. The imagination is very active here....
New Moon December

New Moon 29 December 2016 ~ Staring

The New Moon December 2016 in Capricorn decan 1: This decan contains the most notorious nebula Facies. This star group is found floating infront...
New Moon November 2016

New Moon 29 November 2016 ~ Lovestruck

New Moon November 29 2016 at 7º  Sagittarius Decan 1 Aspects: Square Neptune & Lunar Nodes. Fixed Star: Antares This New Moon bursts out of the Scorpionic hostage...