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Full moon January 2018

Full Moon January 2018 ~ High As Kites

The Full Moon on January 1, 2018, falls at 11º Cancer. The Moon is powerful and comfortable in Cancer decan 2, and qualifies as...
New Moon December 2017

New Moon December 2017 ~ Striking Gold

The New Moon on December 18 2017 falls on 26º Sagittarius Decan 3. This is an extremely spooky-woods zone of the zodiac which comprises...
New Moon January 2018

New Moon January 2018 ~ Throne Theif

The New Moon 16 January 2018 falls at 26º Capricorn. A good few lessons shall be learnt at this New Moon since it features...
December Full Moon 2017

Full Moon December 2017 ~ Mystic Duel

The Full Moon on December 3 2017 falls at 11º Gemini decan 2. The Full Moon falls in the constellation of Orion which means...
Full Moon November

Full Moon November 2017 ~ Rescue Remedy

The Full Moon on November 4 2017 falls at 11º Taurus decan 2. The Full Moon is closest to fixed star Menkar found in Cetus...