Antares is the alpha star in constellation Scorpio. It is literally found in the heart of the scorpion at 9º 47′ Sagittarius. Fixed star Antares is said to represent one of the important four Archangels Oriel, the watcher of the west. Befitting its lofty angelic status, Antares also looks awesome, a flaming red binary star that occasionally glimmers emerald from its tiny green sibling. At 883 times the size of our sun, Antares is the 15th brightest star in the sky and second only to fellow super red giant Betelgeuse in size. All red stars have a passionate nature, and like the sign of Scorpio generally, this powerful star has a dangerous and fearsome reputation.

Robson says: “It causes malevolence, destructiveness, liberality, broad-mindedness, evil presages and danger of fatality and makes its natives rash, ravenous, headstrong and destructive to themselves by their own obstinacy.”

Antares or anti-Ares, means the rival or equivalent of Mars. This could be because, like Mars, it shimmers a blazing red colour in the sky and by all accounts its nature is similar to Mars. Of course Mars is also the traditional ruler of Scorpio too.

The Ebertins say “Antares makes people tough, belligerent and pugnacious. This is an important star for military personnel, it is said to convey mental alertness, strategic ability and courage to make daredevils” [3.]

The reason for Scorpios fearsome reputation could originate from the fact that the Scorpio is positioned in the most southern area of the zodiac, so thousands of years BC this was where the sun was seen to set and was associated with the gateway of the Underworld.

Of course in the tropical zodiac we have the same deathly associations for the Scorpio Sun sign period anyway (October 22-November 22) with the pagan festival of Samhain or Halloween. All hallows (All saints) takes place the day after October 31st. The Mexican day of the dead falls between November 1-2. The Catholic “All Souls”, (in Italian it’s simply I Morti. “The Dead” ) is celebrated on November 2.

It must also be remember that the constellation of Scorpio was originally much bigger than it is in modern times and spanned both Scorpio and Libra. The two Librian scales used to be the Scorpion’s claws. It seems the gods thought this primal, lustful beast of a constellation needed less emphasis in our skies and brought in Libran justice. Remember for the Egyptians the scales are also used to weigh the souls of the dead before they pass into the underworld too. Generally in mythology then, Antares represents that difficult transition from life to death, and then death to life again and the burning off of karma.

Antares & Scorpio Mythology

It’s interesting how the Scorpions is continually feared and revered throughout mythology. There is a recurrent theme of a fear of natural law and humanity from the heavenly gods. The Egyptian Solar god Horus was stung by a Scorpion and sent to the Underworld to reign as the green skinned King Osirus.

In Greek myth Orion was stung in the foot (Rigel) by a scorpion sent by Gaia after Orion boasted that he had dominion over all creatures on earth. In Christianity the solar god Jesus is tempted by the devil and betrayed by Judas who are often symbolised in painting accompanied by poisonous snakes or our venomous Scorpion.

Back to Antares then, we can see why it has such a difficult time of it. I do think Antares is very much working at the root chakra, survival level. If a lioness kills a poor sweet innocent bambi of a deer to feed her cubs, we don’t say she is cruel, callous or a psychopath. She is just operating in survival mode in order to protect her family.

Antares has a beastly side to it certainly, but it also has the wisdom to know he must learn to harness these primal urges. Antares has to evolve away from acting purely by instincts and needs to engage his logical, solar mind also. This is the battle that lies at the heart of the Scorpion.

OsirisAll four archangel stars are also royal stars of Persia too. Antares is always located directly opposite royal star Aldebaran, Archangel Michael, which interestingly is God’s soldier. Again we see there is more “Good versus evil” theme with this star. If Antares has been honored with the title of a royal star then it must have some redeeming qualities. Aldebaran could just be a little too good to be true, and maybe just a tad too worthy.

Aldebaran is “the enlightened”, but I think Antares purpose is to remind Aldebaran that he isn’t quite a god yet, and to keep in touch with humanity and his life as a human being. This might burst Aldebaran’s balloon somewhat, but that’s Antares job, smashing sugary and sickly meringues!

So Antares will always play the baddie, will always take the rap, will tend to play out the collectives demons for them. It is the man or woman you love to hate. Antares will gladly play the red-eyed monster in the corner with a long black cape going “mmmwwaaahhaaahhhaaahaaaa.” Ok, maybe thats way too obvious a stereotype, but if you look an Antares rising, they probably really do have a wicked grin or a devilish twinkle in their eye.

Back to mythology again. Horus was stung by the scorpion and became Osirus God of the underworld, he is interestingly depicted as green from then on. This inhuman colour is of course associated with reptilians, demons, green eyed monsters, envy, rivalry, little green men. Whether we subscribe to the notion that the world is secretly run by reptilian psychopaths or not, we are still all in possession of a reptilian brain.

“The limbic system is part of the old mammalian brain, inherited by our ancestors as we evolved from reptilian creatures into warm-blooded, feeling, social, furry creatures. It is also the central relay center responsible for conveying neurotransmission messages from the old reptilian/hindbrain through the midbrain and into the higher cortical centers.”

 We could easily over-simplify Scorpio stars and brand anyone who has them strong in their chart as a budding psychopath. Now I do believe that in very rare instances this can be the case, but it will be dependant on the chart as a whole and which planet Antares is on. A badly afflicted Mars maybe a problem, as this will only inflame the more aggressive side to Antares. Otherwise, the psychopath tendencies I found more common in the other Scorpio stars in the stinger and the forehead eg: Lesath, Acrab and Dschubba.  These stars came up with great frequency in my Psychopath Astrology research, but I would say it simply means that this very potent sorcery must be used responsibly.

 Antares Meaning & Planets

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  1. I have Antares in Scorpio with Uranus in my 12th house. I didn’t see the red star above in combination with Uranus…it is near my ascendant I suppose being close to the 1st house as well. Does Uranus and Antares pose a malefic effect?

    • Hiya Angela,

      I don’t believe so because Uranus is not a personal planet and Uranus/Antares would be have more of a collective effect. The exception might be if that Uranus was very powerful in the chart like you had it in the 1st house tightly square the Sun. But even so I’d still say it wouldn’t be too ‘malefic’, there is so much to look at in the chart before that.