2013 Astrology Forecast


The 2013 astrology forecast
shows the summary of the years most important planetary alignments. 2013 is really a continuation of the intense revolutionary changes and karma burning started in 2012 with Uranus square Pluto. However later in 2013, Jupiter, the planet of growth, luck and optimism will be there to bounce us back with renewed hope after the tougher moments. The first big aspect of 2013 is Saturn sextile Pluto which we had a taste of on December 26 2012. We get this again on March 8 with Saturn on fixed star Acrux in the Crucifix. This proves to be a very important constellation this year. “It gives religious beneficence, ceremonial, justice, magic and mystery, and is frequently prominent in the horoscopes of astrologers and occultists”. But it can also be the cross of burdens and hardships.

At times this year you may feel crucified by it all, but somehow rise and rise again… Saturn with god of resurrection Pluto, makes for a very stoic, determined and tenacious energy. Those decan 2 Capricorns and Scorpios will find this gives them superhuman powers to withstand any storm. To a lesser degree all decan 2 Water and Earth signs get steel-plated backbones in 2013, they will be the world’s industrious worker bees, building the foundations for our future.

The biggest transit of the year is still the Uranus square Pluto, which gives us two more revolutionary hits. May 20 and finally November 1 when the spinning stops. Before that in May though, dashing Mercury on fixed star Aldebaran “speaks out against evil. They may swing between sinner and saint and have the archetypical Mercurial talent of switching abruptly between conflicting principles.” Religious conflict is rather obviously the theme since Aldebaran is so very zealous, promising to finally remove all that stubborn Underworld Pluto scum that has been building up for years.

May & November Eclipses

The grand finale of Uranus square Pluto on November 1 has a dramatic Scorpio Stellium between 7º – 13º which happens to be a hot spot for two eclipses (May and November). This stellium in a minor grand trine and part of the Yod to Uranus. Phew! I think the six months between the eclipses will be the most dramatic of the year. Religious uprisings or revolts against the church start up in late April with the extra Lunar eclipse that falls on fixed star Gacrux, the constellation Crucifix. So we cannot avoid this crisis of faith. The November 3 Solar eclipse falls on fixed star Mimosa, still in the Crucifix. November 23 Jamie wrote that we get the heliocentric Uranus square Pluto T- square with Jupiter opposite Pluto “our faith is going to be tested, as will growth and prosperity. The focus of the planetary aspect pattern is on Uranus – radical change and higher awareness.”

The November 1 chart; Uranus square Pluto has a Yod pointing at Uranus “on the fixed star Algenib which makes one a “reformer or agitator”. But the revolutions should be constructive rather than destructive with the influence of the minor grand trine. The North Node on Gacrux, an eclipse degree, so this faith in a higher power is always there. This holy trinity of Saturn (The father), Sun (the Son) and Mercury (The Holy Sprite) in the crucifix provide a focus to the chart and they are powering the Yod. They look like they are pulling back a bow, (Pluto still on the star Facies, the penetrating stare of the archer) with Mars on Zosma playing the Virgo saviour, no longer victim with powerful Pluto helping. Be brave and take action decan 2 Aries, Capricorn and Scorpio. You stand to benefit most by this period if you stand firm and not bail out, otherwise you might find Decan 2 Knights of Virgo jump in at the last minute and take all the credit!

Grand Water Trine 2013

Grand trine 2013In between the tough and crusty bread of eclipses in 2013 we get some creamy trines, which will give us a respite from all the exorcising, soul bending yoga and crucifix bearing. We ease into them with Saturn Trine Neptune. It promises to turn your dreams into reality. BUT as Jamie wrote; “this does not necessarily mean the most ideal manifestations…. If your dream is slaughter and mayhem, then this transit should work just as well for you, as it would if your dream is to start an organic community garden in your neighbourhood.”   A joyful, wishful June 11 and July 19 then, especially Decan 1 water signs and to a lesser extent Decan 1 earth signs.

The highlight of the year is a magical water grand trine on July 17. Planning a wedding? This is the day.  It will be wonderfully romantic and  Saturn will help crystallise wishes. But keep in mind trines are about being not doing, so don’t waste this golden opportunity by blissing out too much. In the mundane world, Jupiter trine Neptune brings social justice and the urge to show compassion in sensitive human rights cases.  Our sheer faith in future rainbows will keep us focused on doing whatever it takes to get to the pot of gold. Looks great doesn’t it? Lets hope Saturn makes sure Jupiter keeps his promises.

There is understanding between different cultures and the ability to think philosophically. We have spellbinding Lilith conjunct Jupiter as part of the trine, which is good for women and their influence in both conventional and “New Age” type religions. Lucky decan 1 water signs get energised the most by the huge optimism generated here and can help motivate the rest of us. But anyone with a personal planet or angle between 2º- 6º should benefit greatly from this as well, even by square or opposition since you will get a balancing or karmic adjustment from another part of that grand trine. So great all round for mind expansion and spiritual bliss. A nice change from self flagellation then..

Healing, Balance & Adjustment

The Jupiter trine Saturn part of this healing aspect pattern repeats on December 12. We have Jupiter expansive, daring, skies-the-limit thinking tempered by Saturn realism, caution and hard work. It is a fantastic leveller. One can plan the future and co-operate easily with others to do so. Decan 3 Water and Earth stand to make the most gains here, but anyone with personal planets or angles at 18º Water/Earth can also. Saturn is on the lucky Northern scale of constellation Libra, which bring financial gain. Hopefully the money markets will reflect this optimism.

So Libra’s scales repeat the theme of balance and justice being done. Therefore this period is great for negotiations, peacemaking, operations that involve adjustments, accounting and investing. Jupiter is on Wasat, the builder of bridges, in between the Gemini twins, more diplomatic influence here and a promising period for peace treaties worldwide. Jupiter’s active influence, along with the constellation of the crucifix, puts religion and our beliefs top of the agenda for 2013. Beliefs are SO very important, as they do shape our reality. We have already had enough of the economic gloom and are exhausted from Uranus square Pluto’s relentless push for reform. Jupiter allows us to say “F*** it!” once in a while and just take off with a vision. Even if you have lost everything, you still have your dreams.


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