Moon Opposite Pluto

Moon Opposite Pluto

Moon opposite PlutoMoon opposite Pluto subjects have the ability to penetrate to the core of an issue without leaving a trace of themselves. A good example of this is the talk show host who knows exactly what the public wants to ask of his guests and can fish the information out of them before they realise they have been broken into. Moon opposite Pluto is the aspect of exposes, hacking, covert operations and skilled invaders. This is because at some point in their lives they themselves have been “invaded”. The mother may have left the child no room for privacy and was perhaps obsessively protective for fear of something dreadful happening to the child. Sometimes the worst does actually happen where the toxins of the whole family seem to get absorbed by the Moon opposite Pluto subject. The Pluto scapegoat receives all manner of “evils” projected onto them from the other side of the opposition. These subjects find it difficult to trust others with their feelings or secrets, yet somehow they become the catalyst for bringing to light others peoples deepest darkest demons. They can push the collectives boil to the surface so to speak, which is why they make great psychologists, in-depth researchers and spies. On the negative side they can use their insider knowledge to manipulate and emotionally blackmail.

Moon Opposite Pluto Celebrities

Timothy McVeigh was an American “Lone wolf” terrorist who exploded a truck bomb in Oklahoma City killing 168 and injuring 800. This was the biggest single act of terrorism in the USA prior to 9/11. Timothy was raised by his father, and suffered bullying as a child, but as an adult he would say that the US government was the ultimate bully. As a child he was a loner and had only ever had one girlfriend. His mother seems to be a mystery, which maybe why he found it hard to relate to women. In high school he hacked into government computers. Timothy joined the US army and was awarded a Bronze star during the gulf war. He said the army taught him how to switch off emotions and that they had implanted a microchip to keep tabs on him, classic Pluto conspiracy here. He grew increasingly frustrated when his efforts to find a girlfriend failed, finding solace in gambling. When he racked up a debt he couldn’t repay, he blamed it on the government. Tension in Timothy built up to the point that he started experimented with small bombs, which escalated into a full time terrorist career. He was executed in 2001 aged 31.

Arsenio Hall (09’): American late night TV Host. Janet Street-Porter (26’); Journalist and TV producer. John Lennon; His absent mother was run over and killed just after John reunited with her in his teen years. Later in life John was convinced the US government were spying on him. His fears may have been founded as there is speculation that he was murdered by the CIA. Johnny Carson; American Tonight TV Host, extremely shy and secretive off-camera. June Carter, Lisa-Marie Presley, Nina Simone, Martin Luther; German monk and protestant reformer. Prince, Ricky Martin, Neil Young, Cecil Beaton.

Moon/Pluto Aspects

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Author: Marina Macario

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  1. I have moon, mars, and venus opposite pluto. It’s a deeply intense opposition imo. I’m an aries, but all these planets aspecting pluto make me feel very plutonian/scorpionic at all times. I’ve experienced the moon/pluto mother and eating disorder issues. My mother died when I was a teenager. Battled anorexia/ attempting to controll or not feel emotions through extreme dieting. The best thing about it is the laser like intuition and being unafraid to go deep. . . not only within yourself, but with other people. Deep sexuality. . The downside would be the trust issues, paranoia, and feeling overwhelmed all the time by intense emotions that are quite challenging to keep buried. I also have a tendency to attract intense and possessive men/relationships. Which is fabulous if I’m in love, but can feel stalkerish when I’m not interested in someone. The possibility for transformation and deep inner healing through this position is great!

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  2. Thank you for throwing so much light; Marina, AriesGirl and all else …. I have moon and jupiter opposing pluto; this read was truly rewarding…

    I could identify with most comments : incisive provocativeness, sharp intuition, mothers expectations, the burden of emotional baggage carried around, and the potential for transformational healing thru’ meditation and other well being tools.

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  3. Hits right on it…especially about the (my) mother. Many people had a hard time with her. I am still recovering from the trauma. Way too over-protective, causing me to rebel and escape to different places.

    A counselor told me she sounded ‘horrendous’

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  4. Guess who has this aspect ? Blue Ivy Carter. Also she has another hard aspect to her Moon,
    a square from Uranus. Not good. Makes me wonder about several things.

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