New Moon May 6 2016 ~ Fish Food

New Moon May 6 2016 is at 16º Taurus Decan 2 . The Moon is exalted in Taurus, and rules decan 2 also. The extremely powerful lunar influence shows itself in Taurus 2 Moon natives such Carl Jung and Edgar Cayce, who had such a strong connection to the collective unconscious. But this New Moon is also close to Menkar in the constellation of Cetus the Whale and some times Cetus is referred to as the sea-monster. The Moon in Cetus can be a problematic. For like the Moon itself, the great whale is also symbolic of the communal psyche of world. So if we are touched by this New Moon there can be an over-absorption of everything that is out there in the cosmos. So this includes all that is seen and unseen and spirits from dimensions that may have a negative agenda. This New Moon then can be easily manipulated by these forces, so that we can have difficulty discerning our own emotions from those around us.

Killer Shark Or Kindly Whale?

The sensitivity of course can work in a positive manner too, where an artist can pick up the mood of the audience and modulate its performance to fit. The New Moon is so sensuous and empathic, I would expect this Moon to be a great time for a massage also. The Moon in Taurus 2 brings healing hands and green fingers due to the Mercurial rulership of this decan. (It is the Virgo triplicity) This is a very maternal and material May New Moondecan so the New Moon here is nurturing and extremely generous with those put in it’s care.

On a basic level a Taurus New Moon is great for hosting lavish parties and eating great food, but take care not too over-indulge. You want to be sharp the next day for this New Moon gives great business sense and will attract pentacles to it like bees to honey. On the whole the Moon is generally happy in this decan and should be able to buffer us from some of the negative aspects of fixed star Menkar.

New Moon May Aspects & Fixed Star

The nearest major star to this New Moon is Menkar at 14º Taurus: “Mental anxiety, hatred of the vulgar, ill-will of women, danger from thieves, sickness to native and family, loss of marriage partner or near relative, quarrels, legal losses, legacies and inheritances attended by much evil.” [1] “Emotionally committed to, or responsive to, the needs of the collective. One’s actions have far reaching effects. Emotions run high in general public” [2]

New Moon May 2016Moon trine Pluto. The sensitive moon combined with the sometime hellish transformation of outer planet Pluto is going to be hard for an individual to carry on a personal level. What the trine at least can do however, is channel this intense, penetrating and occasionally ruthless energy into something creative. The artistic products are not going to be light hearted or bubble-gummy. The art will be profound and involve deep exploration of the shadow. Sometimes there will be a obsession with taboo sexual practises either as a proclivity or as something they need to expose as corrupt. I also think this combination can be very successful in the advertising industry since it involves the creative use of sorcery. It also brings a natural ability with psychology. This knowledge of the psyche can of course be used negatively to manipulate base human instincts. The creative force the trine can also utilise this knowledge in the marketing of products.

Sun Trine Pluto slips in and out of the shadows, teasing while flashing a little piece of taboo titbit here and there. This Moon will generate enthusiastic researchers, probing deep but also thoroughly. At this New Moon we will regard any subject studied from every conceivable angle and leave no stone unturned in our pursuit of the truth. We are obsessive when it comes to unearthing secrets and solving mysteries. The positive use of this New Moon would be for exposing injustice. Artists are inspired to likely to cover grisly and taboo subject matter, turning darkness into an art form. Those touched by this new moon must be careful that guilt of their own power is not used by a Pluto predator. They could find they are twisted into a subservient Persephone role and find they have given away their force.

New Moon May 2016 ~ Summary

New Moon MayYou can see there is a great potential for manipulative magic with this New Moon because of the influence of Menkar, the monster unconscious. Also take into account this is a extra loony, Moon-ruled Moon and we have Pluto’s sorcerous influence to boot, even if it is a harmonious trine. Sometimes trines can have a tranquillising effect that make you ignore any red flags.

So I will point you to read my article ‘Are We Moon Food’ because if we walk about in an unconscious, drug haze on May 6 we are very likely to become plankton for the Menkar cetaceans. On the plus side, those who hold onto their anchors, could do really well with manifestation at this New Moon. There is a rather lovely grand trine involving the New Moon, Pluto and the North Node. So lovely people, surround yourself with like-minded souls with kind hearts. Create a pagan community vibe, rooted in the honesty of the earth. That should provide enough immunity against whatever Cetus nasties penetrate our field.

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