Moon Trine Ceres

moon-trine-ceresMoon trine Ceres seems to give great luck and the ability to bounce back from tragedy. Their fortunes tend to fluctuate from one extreme to another, but they take it all in their stride saved by their ability to see the funny side of life. Their sense of humour gets them out of the stickiest of situations, but they can have quite a dark side to their comedy too. This is also an extremely sensuous aspect with an appreciation for the aesthetic and general good taste. They can be quite indulgent and love their luxury, however they are generous too and charity is important to them. Moon trine Ceres are fascinated by history and can be very nostalgic. Family and their ancestry is important to them. They like to keep archives and preserve the past for posterity. Passing on their talents to the younger generation seems to be strong with this aspect as is having some inheritance to hand down to their children. As with all Ceres aspects the need to nurture is marked and they will do this in the most basic, material way. Providing food, warmth and shelter to those they love.

Moon Trine Ceres Celebrities

Bob Monkhouse (08’); British comedian famous for his one-liners and talent for ad-lib. He is best known for hosting prime time TV quiz shows, the most popular being “Family Fortunes” which attracted 15 million viewers weekly. Bob was highly sought for after- dinner speaking. His slick brand of comedy fell out of favour in the 1980’s and he was mocked for coming across as insincere. He came back into fashion again in the 90’s with guest appearances on the topical satirical quiz “Have I Got News For You”. He married twice and had two sons, one had cerebral palsy and the other died of a heroin overdose. He claims to have had many affairs in his first marriage because his wife was unfaithful. His colourful lovers included blond bombshell Diana Dors and a transsexual.

George Blake; (09’); British spy who was a double agent for the soviets. Sentenced to 42 years in prison but escaped in 1966 and fled to Russia. June Redfern (10’); “It is very easy to be seduced by the paintings of June Redfern. They are beautiful objects with a richness of colour, applied in generous liquid brush strokes that evoke a sensuous response in the spectator.” Robert Graves (10’); British poet who was famous for writing historical novels. His “I Claudius” was serialised as a popular TV series in the 1970’s. Victoria Sackville West (20’); Heiress and illegitimate daughter of English diplomat Lionel. Her daughter Vita inherited more family controversy with her open marriage and bi-sexual affairs, one of which was with Virginia Woolf. Patricia Neal (25’); American Hollywood actress. Dramatic personal life with tragedy. Turbulent marriage. Her baby suffered brain damage after being hit by a taxi in its pram and her other daughter died at 7 with measles. Other Moon trine Ceres celebrities; Arnold Schwarzenegger, David Tennant, Divine, Edward M Kennedy, Eminem, Farrah Fawcett, Igor Stravinsky, Harry S Trueman, Jeremy Irons, John Belushi, Jon Bon Jovi, Johnny Depp, Keith Haring, L Ron Hubbard, M C Hammer, Sarah Ferguson, Steffi Graf, Willem Dafoe, Titanic Hits Iceberg, Queen Victoria/Albert Davison, Houston/Brown Davison.


Author: Marina Macario


  1. sorry, but i have moon trine ceres and i show none of the qualifications you listed above. obviously, i’m too blocked by other aspects. (i have capricorn moon and ceres conjunct algol; also maybe my strong uranus makes me completely disinterested in history or past. i also don’t care about my family at all. i had a disgusting family and i don’t even want to hear about anything related to “family”.)

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    • That’s interesting because if you look at the Moon conjunct Ceres “Ceres does have a shadow side however, as Ceres/Demeter who mourned her daughter Persephone’s abduction. So there is some sorrow attached to this aspect since the Moon is so sensitive to pain here. One may have experienced absence of the mother through death or through her being focused on earning her “pentacles”.
      Maybe I need to modify this post to say that family is an issue, good or bad. Your family may have been “disgusting”. but the fact that you think that way about them makes it important. I think the trine in this aspect would like it NOT to be “disgusting”, therefore Uranus may freeze those upsetting and disappointed feelings out for you.

      Ceres on Algol could also make this work more like a hard aspect and cancel out the trine energy. If you have a strong Uranus like you say, it will offset the historic side. When I do these aspects I try to get to the essence of the aspect in isolation, but reading a natal chart has to be holistic.

    • hmmm…thank you for your interpretation.
      i also have pluto square moon natally, and that might be adding up to my situation.

  2. I know a woman with this aspect (orb of 32′) who definitely has this personality trait – she has had more than her share of tragedy but she is very funny and yet when she uses humor in the situation, sometimes it is very dark. But she herself is resilient and has a great heart. Her Moon and Ceres are in Earth signs.

    I also know a man with this personality trait who may very well have a close trine between Moon and Ceres depending on his birth time! Very interesting.

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  3. My 5th house Moon is trine my 2nd house Ceres by less than 3 degrees. Most of this fits -especially the part about being nurturing, both emotionally and in a practical sense- although sadly, I don’t think there’s anyone in my family interested in the gifts or history I’d like to share. I was the one who found the sister given up for adoption before I was born, so I guess this is part of it.

    My trine is in air signs (Ceres in Libra, Moon in Aquarius), so maybe my true family isn’t what is usually thought of when we think of that word. My husband is my family and to a lesser (less reciprocal) extent, also the community. Other than that, I’m kind of an outsider. My Ceres/Moon trine is also part of a Kite in my chart.

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  4. I wanted to add that I believe this aspect lends itself to loving and supporting others without expecting the same in return. It’s as if others sense the kind of unconditional love I’m able to channel and turn to me when they don’t know where else to go – or other times, I sense their pain and offer what it is they need before they ask. So long as I remain humble, respect my own boundaries and don’t expect too much, I’m okay with these intimate yet casual (for me) non-reciprocal relationships, and even find them rewarding. At times, that is. It’s why I like volunteer work – it allows me to share myself in a healthy way without any illusions.

    I wasn’t always like this, but time and experience have taught me not to expect too much from *most* people. The less I expect, the more I’m able to appreciate and receive. My husband is the exception and has been a real blessing.

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  5. I have this too… I’m new at astrology so I’m discovering some interesting things about myself on a deeper level.
    I have (once again lol) Moon in 11th house Gemini with 11th house also in Cancer. I also have Cancer 12th as well. My Ceres is in Scorpio in the 4th house, right next to Jupiter.

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