Sun Sextile Mars


Natal Sun sextile Mars. Although the sextile is an harmonious aspect, it is quite a sizzler when connecting two fiery planets such as these. It seems to sprinkle some cheeky charm over the connection, bringing out the more child like, naive aspect of Mars. Sun likes to be “the one”, Mars needs independence, and the sextile likes excitement. So there is a tendency to hold their own identity in relationships, only committing if they really have to. Impatient and excitable they enjoy the adrenalin rush of speed. They loath boredom and combined with a high libido often have spicy love lives as a consequence. Their high energy levels ensure they are successful in their field, but their health can suffer as a result of pushing themselves too far.

Sun Sextile Mars Celebrities

Jane Fonda (34′) sex symbol, feminist, activist and exercise video Queen. Jane has caused a stir most of her life and is still buzzing well into her mature years. Michael J. Fox (25′) Pint sized with pure charisma, his witty demeanor continues to charm the public. And he soldiers on in his career despite his battle with Parkinson disease. Benny Hill (58′) famed for his cheeky slapstick humor. Known for being a loner, he also never married despite his clear admiration for scantily clad women. These were most famously featured in a “running gag” showing various Hill characters running around manically and filmed using stop motion techniques for comic effect. Giacomo Puccini (45′) composer of bold and dramatic operas, such as “Madame Butterfly” A tragic love story ending in suicide. Puccini’s passion for  fast cars nearly lost him his life in a serious accident. His love life often as scandalous as his operas, his wife accused their maid of adultery. The maid then killed herself.  Ambitious orphan turned fashion designer Coco Chanel (50′) had affairs with powerful and famous men but remained single.  When asked why she did not marry the Duke of Westminster:”There have been several Duchesses of Westminster. There is only one Chanel.” Other fire crackers are sparkly voiced Luciano Pavarotti (01′) and conversely raspy voiced Kim Carnes (34′).


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