Mars Conjunct Pluto ~ Tragic?

There is something very tragic about Mars conjunct Pluto. It doesn’t mean that all these people are doomed, rather that they have a melodramatic aura about them. Some will channel the pain and passion into their creations. In the case of the musicians here, it makes for sincere, heart-felt music and a searing emotional delivery of their songs. This aspect is rare amongst the famous, so I would think it takes quite an exceptional person to use this explosive conjunction in such a way that it does not self-destruct.

Mars conjunct Pluto ~ April 26 2018

Mars conjunct Pluto seems to be the proverbial phoenix from the flames. If they learn to channel this wild energy well, then they can survive anything. This combination is also a dare-devil. It is fearless to the point it may indeed have some kind of a death wish. They enjoy the adrenalin rush of dangerous sports. Sexually, this is a red-hot as you can get, they like the taboo and the thrill of chasing the forbidden fruit. The harder-to-get the lover plays the better, for Mars conjunct Pluto likes a challenge.

Mars Conjunct Pluto Natives

Mars conjunct PlutoPatsy Cline (12’) died aged just 30 at the height of her fame as a Country music singer. She had an intense, emotionally rich contralto voice. Her most famous song “Crazy’ is one of those tragic Karaoke songs so beloved of the broken hearted. Patsy was tough and considered “one of the boys”, drinking beer with her male co-stars and telling dirty jokes. She experienced two car crashes, the second one near fatal.

Patsy brought sexy into country music, swapping traditional cow-girl outfits for slinky red cocktail dresses with spike heels and ruby red lipstick. Patsy had a sense that death was close, a year before her fatal plane crash she had begun giving away items to her friends and telling them to look after her children if anything should happen to her. A week before her death she told Ray Walker “Honey, I’ve had two bad ones (accidents). The third one will either be a charm or it’ll kill me.”

Francesco Smalto (05’); Italian tailor who kept a stable of girls for “entertainment”. Suspended sentence and fine for being a pimp in 1995. Ice hockey player Nevin Markwart (07’), Charles Marie-Widor (12’); French organist and composer. He is best known for his wild and passionate. “Toccata symphony number 5” commonly played at the end of weddings. It’s a manic yet beautiful, intricate piece of organ music. Brian Wilson (26’); Composer of the Beach boys. Bittersweet, psychedelic love songs and haunting melodies.

Paul McCartney; One half of the most famous songwriting duo in history, but did he die in 1966? Rose/Fred West Davison; Serial killer couple who sexually abused and killied children. Jeff Buckley; talented singer-songwriter died in a tragic accident during his prime. George Michael; Singer who was arrested for “lewd behaviour” (cruising for anonymous sex) in a public toilet, which resulted in him coming out about his homosexuality. He later release a song “Outside” celebrating the cruising incident. Trent Reznor (9 Inch Nails) and Actors Melanie Griffith, Kevin Kline and Candice Bergen.


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    1. I know it’s a wider aspect but thank you for the interpretation.

    2. Ooh I just missed her. I go up to 2.30 in my searches. But yes she’s another good one. Exotic dancer, singer, actress, Civil Rights Activist, SPY.!

  1. A friend has Pluto transiting his Mars at the moment and it’s not pretty. I’m staying out of his way,but it’s tempting to throw caution to the winds and show up in nothing but a (fake) fur coat just for the ride. Yee hah

    1. I have Pluto transiting my natal Mars right now as well. Pluto should make the last pass over this week and it is my hope that life smooths out again.

      It sounds as though your friend is going through the standard Pluto transit energy of increased energy/drive in all things Mars, mine has been slightly different in that Pluto took away my drive gear (my Mars energy).

      My Mars energy (I am Aries Sun with a Capricorn Mars square it natally) has always been a compass with which I guided my life. If I ever wanted to know what I should do next in any aspect of my day/life, I just asked my inner passion source and I would find abundant fuel to accomplish the steps to it. Pluto took away that compass and I have been drifting ever since.

      I am looking forward to getting my drive gear back!!!!

  2. I know a set of twins that have a Mars-Pluto-South Node conjunction in the 6th. Moon and Chiron are on the Ascendant opposite Mercury and Saturn. One girl is a heroin addict, homeless, and a hopeless money sponge on the family. The other just made bail for threatening to blow up her former place of employment, that just recently fired her. To me, the Sun and Neptune tightly conjunct in the 8th shadows the real opportunities for growth that are in the chart. Any opinions are welcome at this time, as my workmate and her family are being tortured by their behavior.

    1. Hey JG, I’m not qualified to offer an opinion, but the same friend I spoke about who has Pluto transiting Mars also has Neptune transiting his sun at the moment, and is really not in a good place – he thinks he’s having the time of his life, but from the outside he looks to be descending into a self pitying drink and drugs hell – and this is only a transit, I can’t imagine what it would be like to have these conjunctions for life. At least looking at their chart can offer insight and a chance to be sympathetic to their plight and that of their family.

  3. If Pluto is in Virgo and Mars in Libra, with an orb of 2 degrees, is that still a conjunction? I heard some astrologers think that the starsign should be the same also?

  4. Natalie Wood: Mars conjunct Pluto in Cancer at a one and a half degree orb, both conjunct/combust the Sun.

    What if you have Mars and Pluto in parallel… is there a similar effect to the conjunction?

  5. I have mars conjunct Pluto – just over 1 deg.

    Melodramatic aura – no.
    Dare-devil – no.
    Dangerous sports – no.
    Sexual taboos – no.
    Lewd behaviour – no.
    Hooker – no.
    Serial killing – no.

    …. Just saying.

    1. Ha ha! Maybe its your shadow then ;). Depends what else you have going on in your chart. The conjunction maybe on a nicey, nicey star, in the 12th, aspected by Saturn?
      This is just one aspect, the chart has to be read as a whole. Sometimes one aspect in the chart sums up a person, other times it is just latent in the background.

    2. Of course … well understood . Your piece was wonderful though … it did make me laugh. Don’t know if my mars/pluto is on a nicey, nicey star – doubt it … in 4th house virgo and the upcoming moon eclipse will be square this.

  6. I have solar arc mars conjunct my natal pluto 1 deg virgo exact. My aries is intercepted in my lst house with my moon and my Scorpio rules my 8th and Jupiter lives there at 25 degrees. I recently brought to light the fact that my landlord has been screwing all his tenants by raising their rents through the roof illegally in nyc. Mars and pluto can also give you the push to do something great! I am exhausted . . .

    Dare Devil Mo – Courageous – Yes

  7. It is conjunct Regulus and now its conjunct my Mars SA – Natal Pluto l degree virgo trining my Saturn in Capricorn on MC

    june 1, 59 – 2:08 am – Englewood, NJ if you want to check it out

    I am so happy I found this site – I love it, esp venus rx. Will venus rx in the solar return be strong all year long for me with regard to relationships, purchases, feeling unattractive LOL.

    Actually I found it because you did a clip on Susan Miller. If it werent for her and little mom, I would still be in the dark on astrology.

    Will see Susan on Thursday nite

  8. I have had 2 friends with this aspect in Leo cos I have the Sun in the same degree as their conjunctions. The girl is super bossy super sexy Her partner is finding her bossiness too hard to deal with She is rude to people in a dismissive way that implies they are fools But heart of gold, great company, and not very confident in many ways.
    The man had Saturn there as well as Pluto and Sun in the 11th house. He attracted super bossy frigid women. He had heart problems and passed on but it was the pills that did him in not the heart problems.
    Ah and another girl a month older than the one above. She is also super super bossy, always insists on making people she feels would connect meet, always forcing her views onto people. She reads her partners’ address books and if they try to go she goes round all the nearby friends asking for him. Any threat to her she sees off with a charming threatening smile. Heart of gold again and enormously good company. But so bossy that only very passive men get into relationship with her.

  9. I have natal Mars, Pluto, Venus, near conjunct Midheaven in Libra. My occupations have been stone mason, bouncer, artist, Instructor of Mandarin Chinese, and various positions in the oilfield. While I believe most of these have a strong connection to Pluto themes in regard to any of the other planets, I over time have found that the “Phoenix” archetype is strongest. No matter how well I do at any occupation, at some point I have to “burn it all down” and start anew. Accepting this side of yourself is liberating and it’s best we who are like this to engage in “contract” work.

  10. I am now getting into the construction/rehabilitation business. Mars conj pluto may be good for this mars/pluto conjunction at 1 deg virgo trining natal saturn 5 deg cap on MC. Also beginning a new biz re healing

  11. Sigh.
    How come I missed ths? Neptune transits mask things…
    Moi…. Deciding its better for humanity if I am a recluse…Mars conj Pluto, both conj Sun, all conj Venus…all that conj Moon and thank goddess, Jupiter… Then nicely flanked by Regulus and Mercury at the other end. In the 12 th.
    it speaks volumes! Never one to do things in a luke warm fashion, not even luke warm! Even then I seek the heat!
    Mars Pluto forces a choice and for the evolution of the soul, perhaps a blessing because the choices become very stark. In my case, conjunct the Sun, it’s a case of confronting my own worst enemy… Me!

    The trick as Marina says, is to channel the relentless energy into a creative act. Mars Pluto is highest octane masculine energy which is a gift for a woman because it can help her man up in a mans world! My lot is squared by Saturn in Scorpio
    So it’s all a military exercise!

    I reserve my right … No! I insist on goose stepping around my castle in my jack boots setting fire to everything in my wake and charting the demise of the foe in my ops room.

    But if you need my help or someone to fight your corner, this is where I can excel!

    And yes, I’m off skiing next week, on a glacier 15k ft up…

  12. “I live on the frozen surface of a fireball”
    Julian Casablancas – 11th Dimension
    Mars Pluto Conj Libra

    Lead singer of the Strokes. I have the same conj same sign.
    So by “chance” a favorite band.
    I always liked the song Automatic Stop and about 12 dozen of the others.

  13. I have transit Pluto conjunct my natal Mars in the 12th house (WHOLE SIGNS) in Capricorn. Also, Part of Fortune is conjunct my natal Mars. My Virgo Sun in 8th house (WHOLE SIGNS) conjunct Mercury. Transit Pluto also trines my natal Sun and Mercury. My natal Sun and Mercury sextile my natal Pluto. Natal Pluto is in 10th house Scorpio. The Sun is ruler of 7th house and Mercury ruler of 5th.

    What can this all mean? Will I find some intense lover, or is it more for career? 😀

  14. I got it! Mars conjunct Pluto in Leo. SQUARE da Moon in Scorpio
    Don’t like it at all……..crazy rage fits….temper tantrum as a kid……use to bite ankles of adults for attention…….love that image…… like a lonely scared slightly rabid wild animal……when I am able to step outside of it, it becomes tender……prrrrrrrecious. ..don’t like sappy vulnerable sentimality

  15. You forgot Lindsey Buckingham of Fleetwood Mac. His Mars is conjunct his Pluto (within 1 orb) in Leo and in his 12th House ??!? He’s fascinating to watch on stage, regardless of what you think about his music (you should check him out on youtube if you’ve never seen him). I’ve never seen anyone’s emotions so raw and exposed, he cries unashamedly on stage all the time. I think the pain he puts into his music has enabled him to not off himself over the years from the Mars Pluto conjunction.

  16. Don’t forget Bruce Springsteen and Cher also share this aspect. As do I. One well-known astrologer claimed that I worked very hard in past lives to have my Mars/Pluto Virgo conjunction on either side of the IC in this one. But I can’t help but relate more to your interpretation. And, much more than any astrologer on That means Princess Diana had this aspect as well. Our charts are four hours apart in Western Europe. Lots of questions….

  17. Hmm… I have Mars conj Pluto in 12th house Leo (conjunct the Sun, Venus too). Its a power house of kundalini which is for me creative energy. Sometimes its overwhelming as it is obsessive. But when I am working on something (which is most of the time) I can put a massive amount of energy and focus into it. e.g I got an idea for a play once and started writing it on the back of a cheque while driving along a major road in central London (MArylebone Road). I raced home, went to my bedroom and locked the door. 48 hours later the entire play was written in rhyming doggerel! The months later it was being performed in Brighton and London to great critical acclaim! (Marlborough and Latchmere theatres).
    Sexual and creative energy are the same in essence so it depends how you want to channel it. I pick my moments! Daredevil yes! Just on Sunday my daughter harangued me for getting up early to watch Formula 1! I explained that I drive… and that I used to enjoy very risky driving! I even terrorised a boyfriend once driving 100mph with no hand on the wheel on the M1!!! I also love football! (I don’t play…) I’m in my 50s and still ski, recently beat my also daredevil husband in a slalom!
    Mars PLuto is a raw energy which possesses and in a love affair is totally consuming and can be highly destructive.
    My love history is a Formula 1 pile up!
    However – survive? Yes. I’m not putting a life history here but Mars conj Pluto has given me godly powers of recouperation where others have folded. In the Piscean tinged 12th house it gives me a fascination with very dark energies but also a sympathy for people who have been invaded by them and not been able to transmute them. To bein the uncoontrolled state of the rage it can engender is desperate. I have very clear memories of that rage from childhood where my double Aries mother battered me… but that is another story!
    These days, I write a lot and I paint – with big bold strokes and super vibrant colours.
    Incidentally, I saw Jeff Buckley at the Astoria in London – always thought the power in his voice was too big for the vessel. It was magnificent.

  18. @uberqueenofwands.

    Thank you so much for your share. For some reason, I instantly related to every single thing you wrote. That is a real and rare gift that only someone with a similar aspect can write to another equally enduring it’s power. Much love and I would say much zeal – but I think you have me equally if not beat on that one. Congrat’s on the play! I had a similar experience about an abusive relationship I was in while living in New York. Six months later it was an off-Broadway play to packed houses. Then I did my usual Cancer – success/retreat and so on. Hope to read more of your life soon.

    Again, thank you. Namaste. (Good luck during this Grand Cross from Hell).


    1. And you too George!
      Your comments got me thinking more about this conjunction. The raw power of it can also be telekinetic… I had some extraordinary instances of spontaneous combustions when it was challenged by a Saturn square… more anon as my battery is about to pack up!

    2. So… under the Saturn/pluto square transit to my Mars PLuto conjunction was when I wrote my play in a frenzy! In the same period – a few weeks after, I had a bust up with my then bf… I was not acknowledging my fury but on the way home from his, my car suddenly burst into fire – it literally melted! Fortunately I got just in time and a passerby called the fire brigade who came within a minute! The loss adjuster for the insurance claim and the auto association (AA) could not ascertain any mechanical reason for the fire and were stumped as to why the engine had literally melted!
      The ex gf of the then bf turned up at the theatre when the afore mentioned play was performed and created a v bad atmosphere… one of the actresses became very shaky… again I ignored it (well probably not on a deeper level as her presence irritated me immensely!) and a fire broke out in a locked disused room! Weirdly, it was molten plastic – how the hell did that happen??
      few years ago I did a course on pranashakty and discovered I could will a lightbulb not to shatter when it was dropped on to concrete! These were old fashioned bulbs which normally break very easily if dropped!
      I’m looking forwards to the grand trine in fire of Jupiter, Mars and Uranus! (6th October 2014). I’m workig on nuclear will to complete a few tasks!!

    3. must be some play! w/ interesting chart, there’s a lot of power discharge surrounding birth/death, open to the divine, but it passes. the birth of your creation must of drawn attention. brits r into play acting…double aries

    4. Brits have a long history with plays and acting – Shakespeare…
      Incindentally my play was rehearsed in the Globe Theatre – which was Shaksepeare’s theatre! That was quite a buzz for me!
      The play was conceived after I had read a copy of Iron John by Robert Bly! Which is very Mars Pluto!

      Not sure about double Aries – most charts have GB as Capricorn.

  19. Its a long time since 1066… England became along with N Ireland, Scotland and Wales the United Kingdom in 1801.
    There’s no exact time known for the 1066 chart – and then since Scotland may leave the Union, the Union chart will change again. Interestingly, in 1990, people spontaneously started to drop the union flag (union jack) and you mostly see the red cross or cardinal cross on a white backgrund, the flag of St George.
    I never think of Brits as bossy, more stoical – sure they had an empire – as did the Portuguese, Spanish, Russians etc – I mean have you ever watched English people form queues and apologise when someone else bumps into them? its comical! PLus WW2 brought out the most stoic of British ways! 1066 chart has england as Cap with Aries asc – a cardinal square – and I’m fascinated by the cardinal cross and St George as symbols used in GB.
    Empires are mostly the work of esoteric Ray 1 which I’m sure Britain was on for a while but probably not now. Ray 1 is defiinitely associated with Aries and Capricorn though – we lead an industrial revolution in Europe and survived 2 world wars… !!! Lord knows how we’d fare in the next one though!! Probably queue politely and apologise to whoever!

    1. not all Piers Morgans! … labor/lords aristocracy, very aris AS, packed 6th/hs alcoholic/pubs….11/hs pisces/moon & Jupiter and venus/merc/sun in 10 only fire is lonely suppressed 9th/hs uranius My dad was border scotts red curley hair

      .George micheal father figure , mars/pluto and he’s gay

  20. BTW – think George Michael’s sexual shennanigans also linked to to Neptune conj Lilith in Scorpio! But sheer force of will and self loathing probably made him throw himself out of a moving car recently…

  21. @uberqueenofwands. your recanting’s are nothing short of riveting. I don’t know why or how, but it’s like I’m right there and re-experiencing exactly what you went through. It’s positively visceral. I have a Moon in Pisces in exact opposition to this Mars/Pluto in Virgo ball of fire. And, also, have had nothing short of telekinetic and spiritual experiences that were one quadrillion percent undeniable. I would go into details, but they were so traumatic when they first happened, that just writing about it would be re-traumatizing. They literally changed the course of my life. Like 180 degrees. Not what I wanted, but what life wanted from me. Must’ve have been karmic payback. I will leave you with this. Whenever I become angry with someone or something, which is often with this opposition – often but dies as fast as it starts – something inevitably tragic happens to the life of the target of which I focus the anger upon. I really thought it was coincidental, but it kept happening and happening, that again – I withdrew. Now I choose my battles carefully. But since Pluto is involved in this approaching Cross and it is in my opposite sign of Capricorn, I have had a time of it. Am almost in absolute retreat. Whenever I endeavor to leave the safety of my home, something challenging inevitably happens. Now the Cross hits four areas of my chart – like it does for everyone – but am feeling the Pluto one most. Thankfully it trined the Mars/Pluto Virgo conjunction – (in the first decan of Virgo) – but opposed my natal Sun in Cancer at 10 degrees. That was like having a pain in the stomach that never allayed. It’s tolerable for one day, but certainly not for months, which it what it’s been like. Marina put it like no other astrologer has with her interpretations (and I have read my share of greats) – she said second decan Cardinal signs would be crucified – especially Cancer. I hope I make it out of this alive – but, in my life, I’ve never experienced so many hard aspects. Interestingly, my chart is a Water Grand Trine Kite Formation – with Mars/Pluto conjunction acting as the power planets of this Kite. I think and believe wholeheartedly had there been another pair down at the bottom of this kite, I would have evaporated decades ago. Not to say Mars and Pluto are not the personal demons that I must battle each and every day. But they do emit this power. And continue to do so. Typical Pluto though. Just when am at the eleventh hour and think there is absolutely no hope of redemption – something changes. Like instantly. And am back on track again. Kind of like falling with a broken parachute that repairs itself at the very last few thousand feet. That’s been the story of my life. Am still trying to reconcile a great deal of it. It’s definitely left a lot of wreckage. And being so close to Regulus – am just learning – it’s been quite the roller coaster ride. If I were a woman, I swear I would become a nun for the rest of this life. And spend all my time in meditation and prayer. Perhaps God can illuminate me. Or some Higher Power. lol.

    Much love. Namaste!

    1. Hi George – I wonder if your Mars PLuto is conj my Mercury asc in Virgo ( 5 and 9 degrees?) YOur moon might be close to my desc hence what I say resonnates.
      Its so amazing you mention becoming a nun! I actually announced the other day to my husband’s surprise, that my dream would be to drop everythig and go into a convent. I have actually been researching places to see where I could go for a retreat. I’m also writing a story off the back of something told three weeks ago by a woman who does past life stuff. She asked me why I felt so sad in Paris… then recounted a past life for me where I had been a nun and someone who loved me committed suicide because I wouldn’t break my vows. The weird thing – some years ago I was in Paris and the week before dreamed of a very specific house in detail with blue stained glass windows. The trip to Paris was impromptu by a friend and I decided whist there I would visit Notre Dame Cathedral ( I was taught by that order of nuns). I had never been before and was stunned to find the house I had dreamed about right behind the cathedral.
      I think Mars PLuto gets bad press. It seems it does weild a lot of power and as such is best channelled away from others, e.g art, music etc or people read it wrongly. I had at least two females attack me in the the street for absolutely no reason. As Marina said, it has a very magnetic quality. I had an astrologer years ago tell me that I would never have to take revenge on people who crossed me (although I might feel it!!), that Mars PLuto would just chuck it all back without me even knowing (its in the 12th) which sems to be true – althouth I add that most of these people have had to go into some sort of programme to properly sort themselves out.
      My advice to you is to get into meditation. Meditation clears out a lot of etheric crap which being magnetic, we all attract one way and another. Mars PLuto is brilliant for concentration and also drawing down divine energy. PLuto gets bad press but it IS the planet of transformation. Liz Green and Jeff Wolf Green’s boks on PLuto are remarkable on this subject.
      Someone with MArs conj PLuto has unique warrior energy when it comes to plumbing the soul’s depths. WHat we have to learn while we’re down there is that it it not a journey for the faint hearted and Mars PLuto is the essence of courage.
      Further to the telekinesis – I was in an ashram for 2 months some years ago and the head swami (an irritating woman who would have done better with a psychoanalysis before comitting to an ashram) was taking a meditation session. The atmosphere in the hall was very intense. There was someone there who turned out to be very dangerous (he had just wandered in from outside!) but her attitude was that he should stay as this was a place of healing (reminded me of Jean Simmonds in Elmer Gantry – if you have never seen the movie – get it NOW!). ANyway Swamiji had a grating voice and insisted on announcing “be still… be silent inside.. remove all thught from your head” etc – impossble while she kept yakking… she annoyed me so much I decided there had to be something to stop her. There was a large loudspeaker on the wall and I opened my eyes, looked up at it, directed all the no doubt collective anger (I could feel it!!) and willed it to blow up. It did. It blew off the wall.
      We also had a very nasty woman who arrived for the 2 month course – and I had to will her away! I won’t recount here but the first thing she said when she was about to leave on the first day “it is nothing to do with YOU” – to me!!! Once she had gone, peace descended, everyone happy… Like you. I pick my battles carefully. We’re all souls on a journey. Mars Pluto when it is fully understood gives you a profound understanding of passion, crimes of passion and compassion. Passion is the fuel of the soul’s journey. It forces understanding as well as mistakes. Some would say there are no mistakes, only events on the journey.
      Under this cardinal square, I think the lessons are for everyone since it falls on Sirius too. Sirius is one of the main influences for the development of humanity – you won’t find references to this in the standard fixed star lore in the works of Alice Bailey, Blavatsky etc So George – don’t get too freaked in anticipation.
      Some of the energy of your water kite with Mars PLuto is already being acted out in the drama of the missing Malaysian flight – think about it… plus the story of the Mexican fisherman lost at sea who has just returned after a gruelling year facing death… a real life story of The Life of Pi?
      The Regulus connection is good too – to me, Regulus is the key to your own inner kingdom, your own sovreignity.
      I think you must go into your cave and know that it is dark but that’s Ok – because in the innder sanctum of the darkest temple is where the light can be seen. Its your light.
      As I said earlier – meditation and prayer are purifying. They can do no harm at all and its my belief that as you endure, the planetary slings and arrows become less effective!

    2. George – I’m putting this link t Jeff Wolf Green on you tube – his work on PLuto is fantastic. Its worth being reminded (by him) that PLuto is evolutionary and until you get focused on the evolutioary path, there have to be cataclysms to force it.
      Now it seems like you and I have had our share… and have reached a conclusion of inner sanctum and prayer which is the beginning of what the Esotericists call discipleship.
      I believe the Cardinal cross is going to push a lot more humans towards this path.

    3. UQW Infinite thanks for this link! I’ve got Sun opp. Pluto in my natal chart, and April’s cardinal cross plugs into it big time (within one or two degrees). Timing really couldn’t have been more proper! Again, big thanks!

    4. Uberqueen just adds so much to this community! Hilarious story, had me snorting my coffee when you blew the loudspeaker.

      Simon needs another lesson in manners…

    5. Sometimes its best to get straight to the point, instead of going around in circles like penguins on the north pole..
      Just sayin.. Editing goes a long way when trying to sound smart.

    6. And i referred to the man in the video when i said blah blah and edit.. He cloaks his lack of true wisdom with… Something.. Who knows..
      Astrology has gotten a bit boxed in, and staying fixed in the box of earth-reality if you ask me.. Always about my aspect this, my transition that, my upcoming full monn “conjunct” my natal moon by 18 degrees..
      Wish to see more expanded perspectives, astrology in relation to the grand grand scheme, crazy and innovative ideas about the true meaning of astrology, why it exists, what truly are the different meaning behind the constellations, the stars.. How does it relate to our dreams? For example…
      I see a lot of astrologers, and those who follow astrology, only interested in how it applies to ME… Not all, but a lot… Its kinda exhausting thats all there is to it at times, so earth and personality based, when it could be much more..

    7. we move through egocentricity to the whole and back again. 2 sides of the same coin. self-centeredness is also a means by which we connect with and envisage all that is. in my experience, fixation with certain aspects in one’s chart or transits to personal points/planets seems to indicate energetic stagnation and inability to shift frequencies. not for long, though. while it is tiresome to read someone detailing each transit they’re going through or anticipating, personal accounts of certain aspects/transits touch us on a deep level, because the personal is transpersonal when it is shared and not just masturbatory.

    8. Just chiming in here to say how much I appreciate all of your comments, stories and observations ! My oh My ! I’m so glad I decided to search on Mars conjunct Pluto tonight. I have got Mars at 18 Leo nearly conjunct Pluto at 20 deg Leo just off my ASC which is 15 deg Leo. Following that closely is Venus/Mercury nearly conjunct at 3/4 Virgo followed by Virgo Sun at 22 deg. All of that in 1st House except for Sun.

      I was in my 40s before I began to get any sort of handle on these energies and both meditation and learning astrology helped immensely. The current astro-weather is kicking my butt. Reading all of the comments here makes me feel less alone. I’ve never understood the attraction others seemed to regard me with – it feels like something outside me – or something inside me that I can’t see or touch. It’s caused me to be aloof at times and dive into the deep end at others.

      Enough for now….I’ll spend some time going back through the comments (tho I am having some trouble understanding how to navigate through them).

      ciao for now……NKB

  22. @m

    Im only 22, so eager to learn..
    But having had period of time in the past, where i obsessed over my own chart and transits,
    Its not pretty nor is it cute.. Its detrimental in a lot of ways if taken to extreme..
    I have always said, whats up with all these self help books telling you to oove yourself, but why are there no self help books telling you to love others?
    It just seems so vapid and siperficial at times,
    Like skimming through a fashion magazine with self-absorbed models, and reading about self-absorbed people beating their astrology chart like a dead horse..
    All the virtues has to do with being kind and shifting attention away from oneself and over to others, so why is the so called “enlightened” bizzzches, so incredibly self-absorbed, and writers making millions in the process profeting from this mania of self-absorbation…
    Its like.. Whats best, masturbating? Or having sex with another individual?
    One act is done by oneself, the other it takes two… Or three ;—p

  23. @UQW – I believe I am in complete and utter rapturous love with your soul. It’s like you are speaking my truth. I don’t know how else to put into words. I feel all of your experiences like they’re happening to me. No one, no one has EVER, EVER been able to do that. You go straight through me and talk directly to my soul. Exactly what you said about going inside the dark cave is EXACTLY what am doing. Look me up in FB. My last name is Curi – George Curi. I was a NYC model and actor. Not the shy, retiring type. But all of a sudden when Pluto opposed my Sun, my world started to darken and I moved to Miami Beach from Los Angeles in search of inner sanctum. And I really think this is part of my experience of the Grand Cross. Why else would a Water Grand Trine Kite leave the party? I have no business there right now. And it’s Mars/Pluto that is saving me. And sharing it with you is transforming what I thought had died. I cannot explain it. There are simply no words. But I read your replies and it’s as if am being lifted from the ashes. Like I said, I cannot stress this more, words do not suffice. How can I ever thank you? Please, if there is anything I can do more than be one trillion percent honest, tell me.

    @Simon, really? really? are you serious? rather than criticize people who might just be too fragile right now to deal with the swings the cosmic bat is hitting us over the head with over and over and over – it would be more productive and kinder if you shared YOUR experience and not take inventory on OUR experiences and feel blessed that the universe brought you here and are witnessing a very intimate and very real drama between very real souls that are in this really rough time together. Rather than scold us about what we don’t do or know or say – why don’t you use the comment box to explain in detail what you are referring to. I would love to learn about the virtues you speak of. Hoping, that being gentler with mankind – your brothers and sisters – is one of the virtues. If not, shoo! Go somewhere else and spread your negativity elsewhere. You want more astrology questions answered? – let me suggest: It’s positively brilliant. And will answer a lot of your ponderings. Namaste Simon. Namaste.

    @UQW – I hope we continue to converse in this forum. Thank you for lifting me. I really, really needed it. Like you’ll never know.


  24. Thanks George. I don’t do FB… But I will look you up! And yes, I’m always happy to share my life’s astrological buffetings and reflections. We pool our experiences to learn more here!

    As a matter of course, I always skip Simon’s posts. Simple.

  25. UQW: We have so many parallels though, it’s frightening. I wrote late last night – for am in the states obviously – at a million miles per hour (Merc+Sun right on a Gemini Asc -28 degrees) – so I couldn’t get much in. Now it’s 8a and I have to rush, but – ironically- you wrote about Paris and I spent all day yesterday helping my best friend who lives there by sending him some money – things are tough for him – he’s a photographer. And I was thinking about Notre Dame all day and then you shared your past life reading about that. It’s too coincidental. Just too coincidental. And I firmly believe there are zero coincidences. But will write more later. I have to process everything. The Virgo in our shared conjunction makes me hyper analytical. And, I too, hate FB. But since I retired from public life – it’s the only way I can keep up with all of the people I’ve ever known. This place, though, is much too sacrosanct for something so trivial. Again, who knew? Am glad we connected. I’d love to give you my chart info. Am sure we connect in a deep, past-life soul way. Perhaps I was a monk in your convent? More later. Thank you. xo

    1. Loved the article George and the last line, “So we fear the means of “getting to” Heaven, but are already there if we choose to experience it. That’s ironic, tragic, and joyous all at the same time! That should bring a smile…”
      SO much of life is resistance! The ego against the soul, wheels spinning in opposite directions! But somewhere in the interface, if you can hang on to it, is a razor’s edge of perfection.

      Re co-incidences, I had dinner on Tuesday night with someone I have only met twice and his wife – it turned out he used to know and was the next door neighbour of an ex bf. This brought into focus the ex and all the close friends of the time. Next morning my husband tells me that one of them just died (wife of Trevor Horn, record producer, she was shot by accident by her son and was in a coma for years).

      I think in these times when the veil is thinning, we are hooking up with people from soul groups, clearing,resolving etc etc i preparation for the great changes on their way! The internet has become a fascinating arena for all manner of karma! You may well have been in the Parisian past life! I’m sure marina and i know eachother from Sumeria or somewhere!
      Have you checked out where Orcus is in your chart, natally and by transit? I read recently that Orcus also brings interdimentional contact. Its bang on my natal Mercury!

  26. 3317 is the asteroid for Paris. It is conjunct my natal Pluto in Virgo 1 degree I also have Solar Arc Mars conjunct that point and Paris is a big draw for me as well – My DOB June 1 1959 2:08 AM NYC

    1. Wow!
      Paris has a big esoteric connection to Virgo via Notre Dame. Herewith a brilliant essay on the connection complete with maps etc!
      I have a little pet theory that many people incarnate with PLuto and Uranus in Virgo were involved in the Cathar movement and Cathedrals of medieval Europe and still have the ascetic memories of Christians of that time. According to Jeff Wolf Green (Evolutionary Pluto) Jesus would have had Pluto in Virgo.

    2. @UBQ – Darling, how do I find Orcus on the astral map? Would it be easy to do on Astrodiesnt? I’ll try. But if you feel like it, please don’t if you can’t – I can only imagine how busy you must be – my bday is 7/2/61 5a Madrid, Spain.

      But I’ll go check now. Am dying to know our synastry chart though.

      FYI my Mars is 1 degree Virgo – my IC 4 degrees and Pluto 8 degrees. Uranus and North Node are nearby in late, late Leo (with Regulus of course) – all in a stellium. They make the sextiles to the Grand Trine Water Kite.

      But as I was looking at my chart the other day with the asteroids included and Chiron and stuff – I have like 17 Grand Trines from the 1st to the MH to the 5th all sextiling the Mars/Pluto stellium.

      Venus in Taurus is out of it but in the Christ degree of Algol – 24 degrees. 25 is the anti-christ degree. This was told to me in person by Martin Schulman – remember him? the great astrologer who am sure is long since dead. I saw him as a young boy. I was always into this stuff.

      Well let me know about Orcus, am going to check on my own now. And, fyi, am feeling this Cardinal Cross like a lead baseball bat. Don’t know how am going to endure this until April. Am locking myself in my hovel like Repunzel. (sp?) xoxoxo Oh Marina friended me on FB today.

    3. Well you’re officially n the coven now!!
      Re Orcus – you can select it on Astrodienst. There’s a brilliant book on Orcus and soul oaths by Jeremy Neal. I’ll take a peek at your chart at some point soon.
      Yes I do know Shulman’s work. I’m re connecting with Jeff Green via youtube ( I have his books, read them years ago and still have them in my home in the Uk, but I’m now in CApe Town). These guys are SO valuable now. They have the gravitas i their knowledge we need to be reminded of.
      Re Cardinal cross, this is a big evolutionary step for all of us involving soul initiation. For some it will be traumatic (Uranus) for others enlightening (Uranus) depending on how much they want to embrace change. I think I’ll put up what I got from Jeff Green’s Karma to Dharma lectures on the other thread because they are so profound.
      I tihnk the intensity of the GCC (its very grand and very cross…) is mounting. I’ve got Saturn sq my
      Sun Venus Mars PLuto conj now so I feel in a sort of limbo. But its OK… I’m just reading a lot and being reclusive!

    4. i was interested in your discussion of Virgo and the connection to Paris, as i am once again returning to Paris next month…i am an Aries with a Scorpio rising and a Virgo moon. I also have mars in Virgo and Saturn in Virgo///eleventh house in Virgo. I do feel such a connection in Paris and the city of San Francisco…but then again perhaps in Paris it would be impossible not to feel something. I have always thought it was because the two places were more female in nature….but of course it was my personal feeling not necessarily a fact. A novice at all this but enjoy checking into this site quite often..I have Venus in Aquarius…detached in some ways and passionate and over the top and outta the box the rest of the time…There is so much i do not understand about the field of astrology but i enjoy thinking about it…I really enjoyed this discussion and thought i would reach out and thank you all for the lovely discussions…and this one seemed to hit some kind of mark with me…thank you

    5. For fun, have you looked at your astrocartography for Paris? You can select astro travel in and see what it holds for you.

    6. thank you for that suggestion….i will do that. Cheers

  27. @UQW: My Queen, I just ran Orcus on Astrodienst. And, to my shock – I guess b/c I still do not know what it represents, but shall look it up – it is a 9 degrees 18 minutes Cancer sitting on top of my Sun at 10 degrees 18 minutes Cancer. Both in the first house. I have Sun COMBUST Mercury too, so Orcus is under my Mercury – the ruler of my chart (Gemini rising 3rd decan). How bizarre is that? Guess anything so close to the Sun is sure to be pronounced, am assuming. I’ll google what the heck it means. I do hope it isn’t anything negative. That’s all I need. And thanks for validating the GCC. Love the acronym. Uranus is in Aries – the worst for a Cancer. The worst. It was tough enough to endure Mars in Aries every two years. Now Uranus. No, the world was once my oyster. Now the world is my cloister. Just flying below the radar til it blows over. Might be covered in dust and cobwebs by then, but – that’s God’s plan I guess. Will go check on the Orcus. Thank you. You’re delightful as always. Met lots of lovely people from S.A. though. The Oscar Pistorius trial is being covered quite closely here. I think he’s guilty. It’s just the vibe am picking up. Would love to see his chart though. That poor beautiful creature that was shot. I cannot imagine. Yet, another circus in our media obsessed planet. Another topic for the future. Again, thank you. xoxoox

  28. UBW: Just a quickie. Did a tour of Orcus – and boy does it get a bad rap. But the descriptions were from squares and difficult aspects, whereas mine is part of a ton of Grand Trines. Supposedly am a brilliant writer or at least that’s who I share the position with. Many of the greats. lol. But then I got sidetracked to a Lynn Koiner interp of the Kite and that was disturbing. She described a fire kite then went on to describe a water grand trine – mine – to one OJ Simpson has claiming he led a charmed life. Charmed life?!!! Seems the difficulty of a kite is in the opposition. It prevents the activation of the Grand Trine unless you use it wisely. All I know is that my life went from charmed to harmed since 2003. But not really…so hard to explain. This I will need your input on and then a professional reading b/c there were many truths to what was being writ. Except my Orca and Sun and Merc have zero squares and zero oppositions. Just trines and sextiles. Am more confused than I have ever been in my entire life. But thank you for opening up quite the Pandora’s Box. Until we post again….xo

  29. Correction: Mars is 1 Virgo; IC is 4 Virgo and Pluto is 6 Virgo (not 8) – but am stunned when I add all the asteroids and stars at what the chart looks like. LAST QUESTION – seriously – do the stars and the asteroids matter that much? b/c it’s way, way out of my league to read. have no idea what most of them even mean. there’s a book there that needs to be writ if they do matter. love, me.

  30. George, I have just drawn up your chart.
    Orcus is cnjunct your sun and tr Jupiter is there now. Orcus is to do with the vows of the soul. I wonder what vows you made to know your own soul with this conjunction? In Cancer – what comes through the family/mother’s line?? Is your sensitivity being channelled into a creative endeavour? What is your inner monster – that which you fear most? How does your deep subconscious seep into your every day self? with Mercury rx on the asc you have to be good at analysis but maybe to your detriment? Does negative thinking cause obstacles in your path? Or too much thinking… about how you’re feeling…?? Betelgeuse and Polaris on your asc – (This is Marina’s territory!)
    Something to consider – this GC is 1 degree off Sirius – about the most important star for we Earthlings. (esoteric astrology records it as The Great Instructor of Mankind. If you meditate you might find yourself privy to some instruction… Orcus also infers extra terrestrial and interspecies contact! ( Maybe we all will!
    Your nodes and Uranus connect very directly to my Sun Mars Pluto and your Moon/Chiron are opposite my Mercury – which at 5 Virgo is where Orcus is now (actually I think its rx and 4 – but the effect is not dilute.
    I just don’t get the thing about kites – I can’t remember anyone talking about them when I first started learning astrology a long time ago! I haven’t seen proofs in any of the interps of kites and charts I’ve seen. So can’t comment on kites…
    Although my study of Esoteric astrology reveals that triangular relationships are the thing – of course you can draw all manner of triangles in a circle… everything is connected in the circle it seems.
    Have you looked at your progressions? Your progressed Sun is conjunct natal Mars and Regulus – This is about autonomy and your own sovreignity – your pr Asc is also in Leo! This energy is not easy for a Cancerian – but OWN IT!!! Moon with Chiron and S node – you’re unconsciously drawn to the wounded… to address your own wound… and I’m not surprised you refer to your home as a cave…! I’ll stick my neck out on Chiron though- I know everyone says its about healing BUT – the spear which wounded Chiron was tipped with poison and the poison remained. I’ve had my share of helpig people who were wounded and found they ofter turned on me and chucked out a lot of poison! So pick your cripples with discernment…
    BTW – Your pr Mercury is also conjunct my asc! A bit of Virgo sympatico there!
    Pr Moon is conjunct natal Saturn – makes you feel isolated doesn’t it.. think of saturn this way. A diamond has to be cut to be brilliant. The cutter cuts to reveal the light from the inside of the stone. This is a fine art. Every time I get a Saturn transit now (its sq my sun) I just remind myself the diamond cutter is at work… a few more cuts and we’re BRILLIANT!
    Re April and the GC – we ALL have the cardinal signs in our charts… so whatever happens – no one is alone!
    Be in the cave but not isolated – connect to the infinite and pull one over on fate.

  31. UBQ:

    Thank you so much. Am now indebted to you for many lives to come. Your interpretation was quite accurate. I have a very strong relationship to my mother and her family. Much more so, than I ever did with my father. Their family culture and rules dominated my early and middle life and still chime in today. Very, very much so. It’s annoying, but it’s such a part of me that I accept it rather than rebel against it – which, trust me, I spent a good part of my life doing so. Doing so in a very Piscean way – through escapism. Which isn’t really productive. Thank the Universe I came out on the other side – there were moments I didn’t think I would. Simply because I did not want to. The family history reads like the family history of the Rockefeller’s, but I don’t like to talk, dwell or draw from it. In that fashion, I was very much my father’s son who also eschewed their European and critical ways. He was Syrian, so was quite his own man. Not orthodox though, but Christian Syrian. Still – he never subscribed to my mother’s thoughts, family pressure or their approach to life. At one point, they realized how self-sufficient he was and ended up asking him for help and advice. Did they take it? Of course not. But they asked. I was always caught in the middle. Regarding Merc Rx on the Asc, yes, yes, yes! I am overly analytical to a fault. And, often, it is negative. Or to my disadvantage. What happens is I play a scenario out regardless of the potential surety of the outcome or positivity and end it – in my mind – with a negative experience. Since we radiate our destiny, to a degree, I do believe when I spend time thinking and not doing – I miss the opportunity of actually doing something wonderful. It takes great, great effort to catapult myself. But I have done so and I believe I use the Mars/Pluto/IC/Uranus/Node conjunction to derive the energy to do so. It’s like there’s a furnace burning inside me at all times and all I have to do is get angry enough and thar’ she blows! I find myself on a plane moving to a city half-way across the world and the Mercury then turns into an exploratory planet kicking off the Grand Trine and living through it’s promises. But, inevitably, the analysis returns and then come regrets and I end up picking up and either going back to square one or starting anew in another place. The other thing you said that resonated very deeply, was the Chiron description. Do I have a spot for the downtrodden? OMG. I will take the shirt off my back and put it on someone whom I just met who needs it more- in a nano-second. And, absolutely, I didn’t know about Chiron’s wound being dipped in poison – but I always get burned by those I help. I could spend all my time, give up everything I have, expend more energy than anyone in their family ever has, but – in the end – my hand will get bitten so hard that I have layers and layers of scars to prove it. And, yes, helping people in pain is cathartic. Helping them helps me deal with the pain I’ve always felt and continue to feel whenever I see injustice. And, considering the time we’re incarnated in, we live in a very inequitable world. I always say that am going to change it one person at a time. I wonder since Diana’s chart was so close to mine that she experienced that pain and harsh payback too – in private. Did you see the parallels? Last, yes, my Saturn transits are never comfortable. Especially this pr Moon conjunction. But – it’s not like there’s ever a time when I am not absorbing pain from one place or another. Does that make sense? A Pisces Moon makes a person oversensitive and, even walking down a street, it feels like I can feel people’s emotions. And it’s not like I go out for a walk and people are dancing in the street. That’s why am careful as to where I go and where I spend time. Seems like in Miami when they are dancing in the street it usually involves huge consumptions of drugs and that’s not a place I want to return to right now. The kite, since I’ve spoken to you from the start, is also something of a mystery to me. Or has become one. The more I read the more confused I become. Apparently Whitney Houston had a fire kite. But I did find this woman who specializes in kites on the internet and I reached out to her. She emailed me back almost immediately, ironically, from a convention that was strictly about kites. So am very interested as to what will come of this. The stars don’t confuse me as much as the asteroids, but I learned about those rocks so recently that they totally throw me off. I was always more of a mid-point man. I felt there was nothing more accurate than a chart that was specifically focused on mid-point interpretations. But, you see, that is a perfect example of how calculatingly analytic my mind is. It’s like a machine. Am sure the Mercury sextiles to Mars/Pluto and the gang just energize that thinking and turns it into an obsessive art form. Ironically, am horrible at numbers. I see money and I spend it. Typical Pisces. Then worry about it later. Really worry. LOL. Like I am doing so now with the CGC. But here I am. Chosen to be reincarnated in this time and in this place. Life was always painful, but that wasn’t the only emotion I experienced. In retrospect, my life was quite charmed. But something happened around 2003 – and like Marina says about Regulus – the rise began to turn into a fall. But in my life’s defense, I don’t engage with a ton of characters and people like I used to do. But isolating is probably the worst thing I could be doing as a result and obsessing about my chart and CGC definitely can’t be helping either. But I’ve always been one of those people who MUST know why. At all costs, I must always know why. My mind will not rest until I do. And then I probe further.

    Again, thank you so much. When I find a good article I think you’ll like I will definitely send you the link.

    I do admit am amiss with Orcus still – but I’ll re-read what you wrote and ponder it. And, as far as the kite, the second this woman contacts me, I’ll ask for a link to an article that will help all of us in this coven understand it once and for all. I know she said that I am a type of person that will always have to be pushed to accomplish anything by another person. Alone, I would always choose the path of least resistance which are b/c of the Grand Trine formations. I can’t say I had to struggle for things in this life. Everything just fell into my lap. I have accomplished things, however, but there was indeed always someone there urging me on. Now, since the last person I helped turned against me, am licking my wounds and counting the dollar bills I have left in my bank account that was pretty ravaged by my act of kindness.

    Indeed, Marina said my Cancer decan will have to fly through the eye of the storm this year and she’s been bang-on accurate. It is that bad. But I will try meditation and see if answers reveal themselves. There you go. Like I said, my next step is gathering information on the kite – and I will pass it on – then when Marina is free, I will ask her to explain these mind-splitting asteroids to me. It’s just too much to take them on right now alone.

    Much love to you. I hope this is the beginning, and not the end, of our road together. Am not surprised that our synastry seems to be so connected. This is definitely a strong karmic tie. Am so very lucky. xoxoxoxoxox

  32. Both my brother & myself had Mars exactly conjunct Pluto, when our younger brother was killed.
    I also had Chiron exactly conjunct I.c
    Little brother was the archetypal wild man dare devil. Transiting Pluto was exactly conjunct his sun when he was killed.
    There must be something about Mars conjunct Pluto that can indicate death….

    1. I agree Vanessa. Its a very combustive combo. Its always testing the boundaries of mortality. In transit I think the house and other aspects e.g to Satun/Moon or the nodes would indicate death but clearly it doesn’t mean death in every circumstance. I suppose sometimes actual physical death, sometimes symbolic as in difficult nd sudden transformations in life or lifestyle?
      So sorry to hear about your little brother. That’s a toughie.

  33. Trent reznor, who is nine inch nails, has mars conjunct pluto. You cannot get more self destructive than that!

    1. Thanks, will add him to the list. 9 Inch nails are a big influence to Gary Numan who I love. Gazza has True Lilith conjunct Sun so you can see why they would appeal to him.

  34. REDICULOUS comment. Mars = Activity; Pluto = Intensity.
    That’s just not true, and irresponsible to be scaring people with this aspect. I suggest that you take off the comment “There’s something tragic about this aspect” as this is just a biased opinion and quite unprofessional too: no respectable astrologer would “ever” write a death sentence to millions of people just because they share a certain aspect…It’s just unethical and wrong on too many levels.
    This aspect simply causes passionate, obsessive activity with an intense focus, a conflict – usually somewhere in public. You can accomplish a lot if you show persistence and passion. You can self express with a definite show of will power and energetic, quick action…this show could be a scary sight!.. You can achieve something in connection to other people’s money – this aspect can actually HELP to overcome unpleasant circumstances. Pluto is a fear for survival and Mars is our protector, so this aspect can call on aggressive, angry (Mars) DEFENSIVE actions or feelings in connection of being wronged. For example one client had been wronged by a dental office (Mars in Capricorn) and then the application to Pluto brought on a lawsuit. (Pluto involves other people; and other people’s moneys). Mars can be aggressive but remember that anger is a secondary response to being hurt (especially if there’s conjunction with the Moon also). In response to other poster, you noticed that you BOTH had the same aspect and yet you are alive, so this aspect alone is NOT responsible for your brother’s death.(It is the WHOLE of the horoscope). My sympathies regarding his death, btw.

    1. The word “Tragic” to me doesn’t equal death. Nowhere have I said that it does!! I find it a very camp kind of word. Tragic is melodramatic, quite gothic and maybe quite obsessed with death, or rather the after-life. Mars conjunct Pluto could be fascinating with quite morbid subjects.

  35. I like this example: “Paul McCartney; One half of the most famous songwriting duo in history.” i get the feeling your not his biggest fan. My Bio would have read “Paul McCartney……..” i wonder did Paul ever do anything really interestingly dark, accept for fight with Michael Jackson?

  36. I still insist on your taking the word “tragic” down. Even with the worst of aspects (involving Saturn) you as astrologer have an ethical responsibility to keep your emotions in check and be impartial – your job is to simply interpret all possible manifestations. It’s tragic that you would upset so many people with your careless article. It’s tragic that your emotions get in the way of your consulting practice. It’s truly tragic that I had to read it and realize that true professionalism in this field is far and in between.

  37. I felt compassion as I read your post. Certain folks, when afraid, respond by attacking anything in nearest vicinity. It is likely that the word ” tragic ” within Marina’s article triggers fear ( of death ) inside your psyche..It’s okay to be scared, it’s okay to over – react also, because, through these experiences we do eventually learn how to de- sensitize ourselves, and manage, over time our knee-jerk reactions to fear. Older now, I recently made this comment to a SCORPIO friend who keeps dark secrets, ” I’m not afraid of dying, whenever the good Lord sees fit to take me, then I’m ready to go .” Crazy thing was, I actually meant that..I have PLUTO/JUNO ( LEO ) Conjunct ascendant ( virgo) and SEXTILE Neptune..A near-death experience at birth, plus a semi-tragic life of 60+ years, and, here I am now, evolved to the point, later in my life where I can tolerate fear , the idea of death lots better..Little ” deaths ” in my life have actually allowed me to rest up, regroup, they let some peace and quiet into my soul, which used to be in chaos, but no more..Instead of letting the word ( tragic ) offend, scare you, you have the choice to allow it to be your ( Buddy, your friend ).. Sometimes, the tragic portions of our lives do polish us up..The Vietnamese have a proverb.. ( After the rain, comes the sun ) Marina means no harm to anyone with regards to her authentic posts..She could blog that I may get hit by a bus tomorrow at noon, and I would find that informative…Love to all , Merry Christmas…kisses, hugs.

  38. There’s no doubt, Rashi, that overcoming adversities and surviving emotional pain (a mini-death as you describe it) causes spiritual growth.. The point is – this particular aspect Mars-Pluto, – is not solely responsible for any “tragedy” in your chart and shouldn’t be generalized as such. It is the whole of your horoscope (you mentioned Pluto on the cusp of Ascendant; Patrick Swayze had Pluto conjunct his Sun, but also positional strength and other aspects also play role). A tragedy is as characteristic of tragic event, and tragedies were literary works with a bad ending. Via dictionary , tragedies are sad, calamitous events plagued by misfortune and often followed by ones death …ect. Tragedies were dramas written to make people cry – the circumstances were always especially grave and of doom-n-gloom. So to say that having this aspect in ones chart is to have a “scape goat” for any catastrophic event in your life is just wrong. It’s to give Astrology a bad name. We ALL suffer adversities Rashi – all of us with and without this aspect – we all suffer our own personal tragedy in our lives. Life is never going to be all happy or all sad. Astrology is not here to assign blame on a particular aspect which portends intense activity – but rather, to interpret all possible manifestations and be aware (that we can do something with this). If you follow Kelly Fox or other famous astrologers you will see that they would NEVER even dream of “pegging” a certain aspect with a death sentence! You have to be careful with words because all it does is spread fear and disempower a person into a FATALISTIC thinking (like this post that carelessly made people think they will die a calamitous death). And yet even the great Ptolemy has taught us that in the end, GOD is above the stars and that our creator has the highest authority in the order of Universe – the stars are only a planetary weather, a current of influence creating conditions for a certain event. Whether it be tragic or not is ultimately up to you. I don’t want to get into a debate about a religion – believing in God is a personal choice – all I ask is that the reader opens his mind to a better translation and a better reality. The glass is half full or half empty : you choose! And please. Don’t believe EVERYTHING you read!

  39. Dear Angel, this reply is also to you, as the one I wrote before…Indeed, as you say, I’m in agreement that, in and of itself, a Mars/PLUTO conjunction is not a precursor to any tragedy, however, personally, I’d rather have any other combo..Those who do not have a healthy respect or fear of PLUTO might wish to get familiar with ( Titanic hits iceberg. Or JFK assassination charts ) My SCORPIO acquaintance who keeps dark secrets is still a suspect in a cold case ( unsolved ) murder which occurred 36 years ago in NorthWest Florida..The female victim was tortured before death, and the death scene was not the actual crime scene..This victim was a co-worker of my SCORPIO friend, and the murder happened during 6 retrograde planets, the last one being Mercury to turn..After knowing me for one year, at luncheon, my friend confided to me ( this tragedy murder tale ) and she lamented that she was unfairly named a suspect, and never cleared, to this day she is a suspect..I took pity on her and thought I could use my talents ( Mars in SCORPIO, detective , in house 3 , information gathering ) to assist in clearing her ” good name .” At first, I believe this amused her, she gave facts from her memory as best she could, and I ordered my first astrology book, and began to study..3 years have gone by, and many textbooks and software later, I now know basic astro things, enough to get by…and I learned that Saturn is the seeker of the Truth…my Scorpio friend has been deceitful with the facts she provided to me, has been caught in many lies, and gone back on her earlier promises to drive me to both ( cemetery ) to view headstone, and Rosa’s house ( ( Rosa has old newspapers from 35 yrs. ago which cover the crime ). She has tried several times over the last couple years to get me to ” quit ” this case, but I do see things through and I’m patient..I feel she is no longer amused , and I feel the same way..This year, my Scorpio friend has a new solar return chart as her birthday was recently in November 2014. Her solar return consists of ( but is not limited to ) PLUTO/Mars conjunct ( cruelty) opposing her moon ( exact ) squared by Uranus also squared by nodes….( PLUTO and Mars are both co- rulers of her sun ) and Saturn and PLUTO were in mutual reception.. Because I both resent her lies, and the fact that I suspect she has used me for her personal ” cat who toys with the mouse “. type of amusement, and it really annoys me to no end that she felt she could out-smart me ( just like she did to the cops ) I truly hope that her newest solar return indicates a sort of karmic tragedy which will befall her in the coming year..because, ( what goes around will come around ). So, indeed, the word ” tragic ” , used sparingly, in Marina’s posts does not affect us all in the same way…some, like me, gleefully accept the word ” tragic ” , but I’m sorry to see that you have so much anguish when you read the word…It is my observation that Marina’s posts are very well- received by most, and Marina does indeed have freedom of speech..I cringe when I read words which you write which attack her on a professional level, however, the same freedom of speech allows you to do this..I cannot speak for other readers, only for myself, but, when you JUDGE Marina in open forum, simply because you have a fairly good command of the English language, you do Not make Marina look any less professional nor genius than I have always felt she is..In my opinion, you make it appear that you are a royal aggressive pain -in-the -ass bully…If I were Marina. ( and I am not ) it would be my great pleasure to bar your ( ungrateful ) megalomaniac buttsky from further commenting on this site..In closing, you have the freedom to avoid any publisher who ” offends” your noble senses so deeply. Still sending blessings to all.

  40. Many famous people in the entertainment world have this conjunction- Cher, Bruce Springsteen, Laura Nyro and Bette Midler to name a few. I think it is more common among the famous than you have stated.

  41. You’re right. The celebrities I mentioned above do have wider orbs. How about including Ringo Starr? He fits your criteria. I guess I’m defensive about this aspect because I have it with less than 2 degree orb in Leo in my 5th house lol

  42. I have mars at 23’28 Leo and Pluto at 23’31 Leo, in the 12th house no less. I’ve found that I need to proactively channel that energy, because it will go off on its own if left to chance!

  43. ok a living walking example here. MArs Uranus and Pluto conjunct within 4 degrees and moon is conjunct mars 5 degrees. so 4 planets are conjunct within 8 degrees which is wide but all this opposes Saturn . especially the Mars Uranus Pluto conjunction. yes, Marina trust me when you said there is something melodramatic with them is very true. Even if I don’t want to get involved in anything just sit at home, locked in and relax with my family, rest assured that sooner or later something UNEXPECTED will happen which will stir some s**t.Name it fate. I know a lot of people don’t believe in it, don’t take my word for it but it sure does exist, I know it from first person experience. I don’t want to boast about it because mainly it is unfortunately most of the time something negative, comes with pain or some kind of learning lesson. The irony is that from the outside a lot of people wouldn’t know what kind of sh**tty pain I am going through, except my family where I usually explode with anger about it. I don’t want to do it but the pressure sometimes so unbearable that if i don’t let it out somehow it feels I will explode. Now this might be true to the fact as well that all this mars/Uranus/Pluto trines Lilith. Oh, the joy of it. Yes, I had my few share of my heartaches you can bet on that one as well. So, again when you said that it takes a strong character to bear it , you were right about that. I am starting to control my mood a bit better (Saturn?) as I age and I try not to make everything into a drama. (at least not as much when I was younger!) But still a lot of thing can cause pain, and I am not a weakling since my sun sign is Aries. When I talk about pain it is not physical but emotional. And it does hurt deep inside. But of course having a lot of planets in the 12H doesn’t help either. I mightn’t be too persistent in a lot of thing but I sure know that something is working through the 12 house which we have little control over. We can do only 1 thing. Be strong and ride the waves! And try to hold onto something which is a fixed sign. Which is so ironic in my case since All of my planets are mutable except 1 in Scorpio. And that is Neptune! LOL! Well, that is a short opinion and first hand advice for and about people in Mars/Pluto! Merry Christmas!

  44. I have Mars, Uranus, Pluto conjunct all within 1 or 2 degrees opposed by Saturn. Squaring by sign only my Sun and Venus.
    I have had hellish times and a lot of unexpected twists and turns. A big fight and stand involving mainly men in my life (Sun square Mars/Pluto) authority figures too. I tend to think of myself as an easygoing, thoughtful, gentle soul yet shzzzz! happens. A good astrologer friend of mine told me ‘use the powerhouse, it is yours and no one elses. If not it will find you and other people use it against you. So to all you out there with Mars, Uranus and Pluto conjunctions remember it is yours and no one elses, use it, don’t project it so that others can take it.I am a stronger person now (and laws are being changed in society – Uranus,Mars,Pluto – not sure if in my 10th/11th/or 12th still puzzled over this as all 3 houses make sense).

  45. My daughter has this aspect, within 0`14 degrees in Sagittarius conjunct Ascendant within 6 degrees. I’ve studied this placement and can see the pros and cons. She has a commanding presence, and powerful personality. She also wants to do everything herself. Nobody pushes her around, let me tell you.

  46. Hilary Clinton has Mars conjunct Pluto, both in 14 degrees Leo, in the 9th house. She also has Sun, Mercury, and Venus in Scorpio, with a square from the Mars/Pluto conjunction to her Venus. To stir that theme up a bit more, she has Uranus in the 8th house.

  47. I’ve got Mars conjunct Pluto, so has my son and so did my Grandad. I think it’s an intense and powerful energy and there may be something tragic about it (ish) but I don’t agree with the hypersexual connotations that are always linked to this aspect because in my experience that’s far from being the case! In fact in my family I’d say sexual energy was more repressed than anything else, but that might be out of fear for it getting out of control. I think there may be something about one’s natural and powerful energies being suppressed with this aspect – creative energies, and what you’re able to manifest in the world. That has definitely been a theme in my family running back through generations.

    1. It depends what house its in, the aspects to it and whether its intercepted. If this conjunction is in the 12th or intercepted it usually means sexual shaming and repression.

  48. Mars Pluto conjunct is primal energy. It can be intensely driven and creative and of course always depends on other factors in the horoscope. There are no points on a circle which are not connected – so nothing works on its own. I have Mars Pluto conjunct my Sun and Venus in the 12th. I am not sexually repressed at all but neither am I a nympho! You have to remember that everyone is at different stages of their soul evolution so there are a variety of ways this conjunction can express. One of the ways I experience it is that I can be overwhelmed by my own energy at times. I can be hyper energetic or dying of fatigue – Mars and Pluto taking turns to cancel each other out. In times of crisis I can pull inexhaustible energy from deep reserves.

    1. Yes the trouble with cookbook astrology is zeroing on one aspect brings it out of the whole, and it has an unnatural emphasis. In the 12th I reckon it would be toned down or spiritualised. At the same time I think it is still good to pick out the ingredients of a chart and really get to their essence. Then you have to apply it to the whole. Someone who has this conjunct their AC or MC would be more like how I have described it. Oh and also we have to consider decan and star too!

  49. Excellent article as always, Marina! Long time fan here. This article brought me out of internet obscurity because it rang so true!

    I have this aspect, in conjunction with Mercury in my 7th house, Scorpio. MERCURY, MARS, AND PLUTO all within 2 degrees of each other?! Yes, quite dramatic… I ooze sexuality, deep voice and all that (mercury conjunct pluto?), but my Venus in Libra is in the 6th house. feel like my hyper-sexual nature is contradictory to how you’d win me over and how I demonstrate affection. I love being helpful… Uncouth behavior turns me off… but literally everything else is fair game sexually, lol.
    I sing in an RnB duo and people say I’m the sad songstress.
    And I rock climb, kind of a daredevil sport… Literally everything was spot on… I’ve been in about 10 car accidents too.

    I was born when Uranus conjunct Neptune exactly, Oct 1993. I feel like a laser-beam of reckless, primordial energy…

    Thanks for the wisdom, and encouraging me to invest more time into fixed stars!!!

  50. You’ve missed the most intriguing info on Paul McCartney. And one that best explains the Mars Pluto aspect with him. I used to think this was a silly rumor until I did enough research – and that is Paul was killed {bumped off} in 1966. Look for a book called “Memoirs of Billy Shears”. Don’t dismiss the book as garbage, just read it. Life is stranger than fiction and the book is not fiction. Look online also, for info on Paul/Faul and in your searches use “Faul” as well as “Billy Shears?William Campbell”. On YouTube look for interviews with Mike Williams plus those search terms. Williams did interviews with people like Mark Devlin, Sofia Smallstorm, and others. You can email Williams too. The real Paul McCartney is long gone. Wait to scoff until you’ve let the shock of this wear off, and wait until you’ve listened to any interview you can, and visit the “FAUL” websites.

    1. Aaah! Yes, well I wrote this in 2012 way before I woke up to the PID theory. Yep, I have read the short version of Memoirs (Billy’s back) and also Nikolas Kollerstrom’s book which is really excellent on the matter. Also another good reference is Tina Foster’s work.
      I plan to do a YouTube on this whole subject when I get time. I’m a massive original Paul fan too. Always loved the Beatles BEFORE St Pepper.

  51. I loved george.i still think about him.i wish he died as muslim.he didnt care for himself.he lead a life god didnt consent. George failed in his exam. I wish he didnt.i wish he passed gods test with flying colors. Such a waste

  52. Marina…Regarding “PID” / FAUL…see these videos if you haven’t already;

    There are more too, but can be found on YouTube as well. Mike Williams and his interviews {in these links I posted} VERY CONVINCING. I do believe Paul died in 1966.
    Aside from the obvious height discrepancy,and the different colored eyes – ! Paul had brown eyes, and FAUL has blue/grey. Eyes can darken with age but they don’t go from brown {dark} to blue {lighter}. People like to point out that FAUL is a great musician, so he HAS to be Paul. Wrong ! Of course not, talent is everywhere. Also, FAUL’s music is completely different than Paul’s was…and after 1966 {year of death}, the Beatles never played live ever again.

    1. Yes I have watched all of Mike Williams stuff. He is very thorough. Also Tina Foster is great too. I always liked pre-66 Paul stuff. Though there is some post 66 I do like, some Wings stuff is very good. I wonder if Faul is channeling Paul. Or, some songs might have been Pre-66 but just unfinished. I’m pretty sure Blackbird is original Paul or perhaps channeled. Oh yes and the Memoirs of Billy Shears book is fascinating. Recommend that too.

  53. I have this 0 degrees 04 seconds apart. And a very interesting career trajectory. Marina if you are interested let me know. I’d rather not put it on blast.

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