Libra Decan 2 ~ Oct 3 to 13 (10º to 20º)

Libra Decan 2 ~ Fixed Stars

Libra 10º 08′ ~ Porrima in the waist of Virgo the Virgin. 2.9*
Libra 10º 44’ ~ Gienah in the left wing of Corvus the Raven. 2.8
Libra 11º 28’ ~ Auva in the girdle of Virgo the Virgin. 3.7
Libra 11º 40’ ~ Minkar in the neck of Corvus the Raven. 3.2
Libra 12º 15’ ~ Alchita in the beak of Corvus the Raven. 4.2
Libra 13º 27’ ~ Algorab in the right wing of Corvus the Raven. 3.1
Libra 15º 11’ ~ Beta Volans in Volans the flying fish. 3.6
Libra 16º 40’ ~ Theta Draco in the neck of Draco the Dragon. 4.1
Libra 17º 22’ ~ Kraz in the right claw of Corvus the Raven. 2.8
Libra 17º 40’ ~ Seginus in the left shoulder of Bootes the Herdsman. 3.0
Libra 19º 20’ ~ Mufrid on the left leg of Bootes the Herdsman. 2.8
Libra 19º 29’ ~ Delta Volans in Volans the flying fish. 4.1
*Magnitude. Star positions for the year 2000.

Libra Decan 2 ~ General Meaning

Libra Decan 2 is ruled by Saturn in both systems (Aquarius triplicity). The Sun charms its way through the constellations of the Crow, Flying fish, Herdsman and the Dragon from October 4 to 13. Here we find ourselves in one of the most notorious zones in fixed star astrology. This is the home of Algorab in the crow, but it’s all wrapped up in finest Venusian silk! This is where victims of the crafty crow come unstuck. You can see your opponents from the more obviously aggressive decans coming. But you just don’t expect such a low down and dirty attack from your divinely adorable Libra decan 2.

Libra Decan 2Crows are birds of prey remember? Yes they have stunning blue/black raven feathers and yes they look magical, but if you don’t watch your back, the really unscrupulous ones will rook you before you can say raptor. These folk are your typical iron fist in a velvet glove, which makes them all the more dangerous. Never, ever, ever underestimate Libra decan 2, even if they look like Barbie. A lot of them will play dumb deliberately. ( “I no speak English” was one of my dad’s tricks…) Gold-diggers and gigolos are found here. With Saturn as the ruler of this decan, Venus ruled Libra naturally gravitates towards a generous sugar daddy or Mummy..

Sweet Hustlers, Stylists & Seers

The tarot card associated with this decan is the three of swords. It is one the most upsetting card in the deck, but it has to fit somewhere so it is really not surprising that it should fall in the decan that houses the crafty crow. Again I must stress that your chart is more than just one decan. The karmic lesson here may include sorrow, heartbreak and (like decan 1), love triangles. This decan is also ruled by Saturn in both systems so has quite a heavy karmic burden. So the lesson here is that any gold digging or gigolo behaviour here will come with a massive price tag.

It is your choice whether you turn away from the trinkets or not. “Release is key with The Three of Swords. A great sorrow, usually rooted in the (karmic) past, is often indicated…. Painful memories can be heavily repressed.  The Three of Swords highlights the need to let go of old pains and hurts as they are bound to be affecting the present.   It is a time to talk about them….(This lifetime) you must open up and let it out before it poisons you from within.  Allow yourself to forgive and be forgiven.” ~ teachmetarot

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Libra Decan 2

Libra Decan 2

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Sun Libra 2

Porrima 10º ~ “Involved in an intrigue, some difficulty of short duration leaving native in an unpleasant position.” [6]

The best side of Sun Libra 2 is their ability to blend into almost any situation. They are equally at home with dukes or beggars. Tropical Libras ability to harmonise makes them great singers, artists and raconteurs. They also have impeccable taste, so here we find many natural stylists and interior designers. You will get the most gloriously wrapped presents from them, which can be a metaphor for your experience of them in general. The worst of Sun Libra 2 bear gifts that promise much on the outside, but can feel you leave rather shortchanged once it is opened. Sun Libra 2’s appreciation for the aesthetic can work against them also, making them feel ugly and insecure about themselves when they don’t match up to their high standards of beauty. Even if they are perfectly symmetrical in every way, their inner crow will still think some part of them is grotesque. The Sun is in its fall in Libra so there can be self-esteem issues. Therefore, the native can be too accommodating to others and find themselves stuck in an unsuitable partnership where they are constantly dominated. However, as I have stated in the general section, if these folk are pushed too far, their crafty vengeful side can come out very forcefully when they experience a fiery, triggering transit from Uranus or Mars for example. Feel the wrath!

SUN LIBRA 2 EXAMPLES: The Vatican, The Jesuit Order, Aleister Crowley, Vladimir Putin, Margaret Thatcher, Aleister Crowley, Heinrich Himmler, Irma Grese, Eleanor Roosevelt, Barbara Castle, David Cameron, Luciano Pavarotti, Giuseppe Verdi, Camille Saint-Saens, Bob Geldof, Midge Ure, Gwen Stefani, Sean Lennon, Bruno Mars, P.J Harvey, David Lee Roth, Paul Simon, Simon Cowell, Sharon Osbourne, Buster Keaton, Clive Owen, Sigourney Weaver, Charlton Heston, Susan Sarandon, Alicia Silverstone, Chevy Chase, Paul Hogan, Kate Winslet, Matt Damon, Ashlee Simpson, Sacha Baron Cohen, Roger Moore, Guy Pierce, Dawn French, Angela Rippon, Imran Khan, Alberto Giacometti, Le Corbusier, Stephen Arroyo, Bali Bombing, Carlos The Jackal, Robbins/Sarandon Davison, Mackenzie/John Phillips Davison.

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97 thoughts on “Libra Decan 2 ~ Oct 3 to 13 (10º to 20º)

  1. The Element of Air can not be Dark is not like the Element of Water or perhaps ‘Capricornian’ Earth. I am Libra Sun 14.43′ and the weirdo energy could be transformed in to evolutionary thinking and help the evolution of the Age we are entering. Deep in the first decan of Pisces

  2. I have to say it seems you’re focused on the negative aspects of this decan that happens to be mine. I would think each of the signs and decans has positive and negative elements but feel this particular one is presented in a judgmental way.

    1. Some of these decans can look rather too negative when you just take an excerpt as an example. Just so you know, my darling daughter has here sun here as does my sister and my dear departed dad had his moon here! All three on Algorab the crow no less! I have yet to add the planetary meanings and hoping that I will find something more positive for the sun here. I do know the moon is a little problematic however. As much as I loved my father he did show some of the darker side for sure. But a lovable rogue he was. In the full ebook there really IS a positive side, which this edit doesn’t get to. Unfortunately this post as it stands probably doesn’t do libra decan 2 justice. So I’m sorry if it comes across so negatively. It’s not my intention really it isn’t, but at the same time I have to be true to what the stars say.

      Please remember a chart is so very complex and these traits will only play out very strongly if, say the chart ruler is in this decan or other aspects to the decan 2 planet amplify it or if other factors in the chart repeat these themes. Some decans contain more potent dark stars than others and I’m afraid libra decan 2 is one of them. Much depends on the evolution of the soul that carries this challenging cosmic energy. These stars are also magic stars, but they can be deadly in the wrong hands. When I add the sun in libra 2 to this post you will get a better idea and also when the ebook is complete you will hopefully see it’s really not such a ‘bad’ decan as it first seems. I love my daughters black crow wings, they do add spice to the rest of her chart and I hope what I have written helps her (and others who read the ebook) use these powers wisely

      PS. Will point out that this is an excerpt.

  3. Wow, this fits my late aunt and one of my bosses to a T. Stylish, beautiful, charming, lovely, bright, funny and yet, not someone you would confide your deepest weaknesses to, if you know what I mean – they love to gossip 😉

    Great aesthetics though, I gotta say.

  4. I don’t think it’s right to play favorites when writing about the zodiac signs. Obviously Libra Decan 2’s are not your favorite and much of their better qualities should have been included. I think the Personology books by Gary Goldshneider are much less biased and give a fair description of good/bad qualities. His description of Libra “2’s”show them in a completely different light. There is no bad sign and you don’t just write all the bad stuff because you don’t like someone.

    1. Did you actually read this? I love my daughter, dad and sister who have their Sun (Moon dad) there. Anyway good that Gary gives the bright side. Together we have a balance then! 🙂

  5. Wow…love your website and your approach. I just read about 3rd decan libra…and realized — I have been taken for a ride by two 3rd decan libras. And it was all so sweet at tbe beginning. And these were “just” friendships. When i look back i think i knew i was “being used”… i am a 3rd decan aquarius with very strong capricorn midheaven …altho i am an aquarian woman i have a very paternalistic mentality…like how can we fix this? In both situations i ended up feeling used altho i didnt “get it” til months later after “separating.” Live and learn…i will be more careful in future with librans. It was so easy gor me to go down tbe slide

  6. Well done, Debbie…
    I’m more in corvus the raven..
    does the time of day make any difference?

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