Jupiter In Aries 2023 ~ Heroic Eruption


Jupiter in Aries 2023 is important because it signals the start of a new 12-year cycle. Aries is the first sign of the zodiac so in effect Jupiter is starting over. In this post I will look at the last time Jupiter was in Aries and from that give my prediction to what Jupiter in Aries will mean in 2022/2023. I will also look at Jupiter through the three Aries decans. Finally I will give the meanings for Jupiter through each of the signs. If you read for your rising sign you will get the meaning for which house it falls in. You can of course read for your sun sign too.

Jupiter In Aries Dates

Jupiter enters Aries on May 10 2022, until October 28 2022. Jupiter re-enters Aries on December 20 2022, to May 16 2023.

The last time Jupiter was in Aries was: June 12 to September 9 2010, and January 23 to June 4 2011. Think back to what were the themes in your life back then. Jupiter will be hitting the same life-areas (Houses) as back then. Here are some reminders of what was in the news.

Jupiter In Aries 2010

  • June 24 ~ Julia Gillard elected as the first female Prime Minister of Australia 
  • July 8 ~ The first 24-hour flight by a solar-powered plane is completed 
  • July 16 ~ First (test) Instagram posts made (Opens publicly on October 6)
  • July 25 ~ WikiLeaks leaked over 90K reports about US involvement in the Afghan war to the public.
  • August 10 ~ The WHO declares the “Swine Flu” influenza pandemic over. (Started June 2009.)
  • September 4 ~ A 7.1 magnitude earthquake hits Christchurch, New Zealand. It is the first in a series of earthquakes there between 2010 and 2012.

Jupiter In Aries 2011

  • February 22 ~ A 6.3 magnitude earthquake strikes Christchurch, New Zealand. 
  • March 11 ~ 9.0-magnitude earthquake and subsequent tsunami hit the east of Japan, causing the Fukushima nuclear disaster.
  • April 24 ~ The 2011 Guantanamo Bay files leak occurs from WikiLeaks.
  • April 29 ~ Royal Wedding of Prince William & Kate Middleton
  • May 1 ~ President Obama announces the death of Osama Bin Laden, killed by the American military.
  • May 21 – Grímsvötn, Iceland’s most active volcano, erupts and causes disruption to air travel in Northwestern Europe
Source: Wiki

Wow, three very major earthquakes and one volcano eruption. You can see the cardinal fire energy literally erupting during that time. I don’t think the lockdowns would have succeeded with Jupiter in Aries; violence would’ve been much more likely to burst with all that pent up frustration. Jupiter in Aries may bring us some forest fires and possibly more volcanic eruptions but perhaps it might need some more fire sign, or Mars triggers for that to be the case.

Jupiter In Aries 2023 Meaning

During Jupiter in Aries 2022 or 2023, I wonder if we will have an official declaration that the Covid pandemic is officially over. I mean, it’s been over two years, for heaven’s sake! The swine flu with Jupiter In Aries in 2010 only lasted a year. We also might get a significant new social media that rivals Instagram and Facebook. Could Twitter become more visual? Or maybe Tik Tok evolves from being more than just teens messing about.

Aries is an entrepreneurial, pioneering sign. It’s all about new starts and a totally different energy than we have been used to with watery Jupiter in Pisces. Jupiter in Aries is way more selfish, but it probably needs to be after all that self-sacrifice of Pisces! We should now have the rise of the individual and less of the ‘hive mind’, which was strongly active during the Covid years. Aries is feisty and, most importantly, fearless! Let’s face it; we have been slapped senseless with so much fear porn during the last few years. Jupiter in Aries will be a breath of fresh air for many of us.

Each decan has a slightly different energy for Jupiter in Aries, so we shall look at them briefly. I have a more detailed write up of Jupiter in Aries in the Aries decans posts for members.

Jupiter In Aries Decan 1

May 11 to October 27 2022 and December 21 to February 20 2022.

Jupiter in Aries

When Jupiter is in Aries 1, freedom is more important than security, and self-sovereignty will be significantly stressed at this time. The entrepreneurial spirit will also be high, with people reaching for the stars despite obstacles.

Despite the fiery nature of Jupiter in Aries, Austin Coppock suggests that Jupiter here is not aggressive and instead wants to be generous and warm. Jupiter here is magnanimous and dramatic, maybe a little over the top, but generally not malefic once it has passed over the sea monster at 2º Aries. Just watch out for those ‘bad morals’ towards the end of the decan! Jupiter in Aries 1 is very lusty.

Jupiter In Aries Decan 2

February 21 to April 5 2023

While Jupiter is in Aries 2, royalty becomes a trend. The Sun rules this decan of Aries. Royals may be in the news, with either current sovereigns making headlines or the kings or queens of the past. The concept of sovereignty is also important, similar to Jupiter in Aries 1. The ram is such an independent sign, and Jupiter was the god of all gods, so it makes sense that this position will be the more regal of all Jupiter positions, even possibly more than Jupiter in Leo. Crowns and elaborate baroque visuals could become popular fashion motifs at this time. 

Jupiter In Aries Decan 3

April 6 to May 16 2023

This section of Aries has the most turbulent emotions, but Jupiter is right at home here since it rules this decan by triplicity. (This is the Sagittarian decan of Aries.) Here we should experience some incredible luck and also the receiving of bounty. (I called this decan bounty hunters and black gold.) Venus also rules this decan in the Chaldean system, which might account for the number of fashion designers with Jupiter in Aries 3. There is a definite feel of glamour here. The fixed star Alrisha falls in the knot that ties the two fishes together in the constellation of Pisces. So there is creative friction between these two fishes pulling in opposite directions. 

Jupiter In Aries Horoscopes 2022/2023

Jupiter In The 1st house ~ Aries

Congratulations! If you didn’t know this already, Jupiter entering your sign for an entire year is a classic good fortune aspect. A brand new 12-year cycle of growth begins here, where you should find you attract more than your fair share of development opportunities. The only disadvantage of Jupiter in your most personal zone is that you will gain weight. Attending social events where the food and drink are plentiful will contribute to a more, um, portly physique. In fact, it isn’t even the food; it’s Jupiter expanding your presence so that you make a BIG impact on the world.

Affluence also means treating ourselves to cabs when we could walk or eating at finer restaurants where the food is simply too irresistible. Due to the lack of restriction on our desires, we will also become rather greedy. However, an inflated sense of self can be extremely useful; it makes you appear confident and larger than life, even if on the inside you feel like a tiny wizard of Oz. With Jupiter in our sign, everything is possible. Taking advantage of these gifts while it is good will naturally attract benefactors and resources.

Jupiter makes you more attractive when it enters your sign, so you have more options and are more likely to play the field. It would be wise not to rub too many of your conquests the wrong way, as all that power could be a bit overwhelming after a time. Your seduction techniques could come across as overbearing and pushy. Jupiter tends to push the limits of what is permissible. Your roguish charm will inevitably be forgiven…for now. However, this midas touch will not last forever, so make effective use of it. Don’t leave any bitter remnants for others to plot their dirty revenge when it’s time to step down.

You will feel more adventurous about trying novel things as you get caught up in the momentum of Jupiter’s ballooning action. This bursting enthusiasm naturally makes one feel optimistic. All things are possible since there are no demoralising mistakes to be made yet. In terms of relationships, this is a honeymoon period. Hope springs eternal as you learn new things about yourself in relationships. However this is not a time where you will want to make a romantic commitment, because for now you just want to experiment. Too much pushing from a partner may result in you bolting out the back door towards freedom.

Jupiter In The 2nd house ~ Pisces

Traditionally, the transit of Jupiter through your cash zone is supposed to bring wealth. But this really all depends on what you truly value and how healthy your self-worth is. So if you value material security and tend to be someone who works towards building a comfortable lifestyle, you probably will experience a growth of those material possessions. If, on the other hand, you do not give sufficient importance to 3D home comforts and saving money, no such riches will be attracted to you.

Like attracts like. If you are a person that lives frugally, then this period might make you question why you think spending money on yourself is a waste of resources. Living like Gandhi is very honourable if you have given up mammonism. However it is also easy to be virtuous in one’s anti-materialism if you are not in danger of falling out of your benefits trap. Condemning hard-working people who are financially secure as materialistic, greedy capitalists is a cop-out in that case. Acting with entitlement often comes from a narcissistic personality which in turn stems from feelings of very low self-worth. If this is true, Jupiter will only exaggerate that low personal value.

Money overvalued for its own sake can ruin your life if you are obsessed with it. You hear stories like that from lottery winners. But generally, if all is well, you should see a multiplying of possessions and maybe the opportunity to actually save money if you never have before. This is an ideal time to make smart investments. Objects you acquire now have the potential to grow in value over time

Self-esteem is directly related to what you think you can earn. When Jupiter graces this zone, it will reveal the health of your own self-esteem or lack thereof. So you will basically get more of what you value, so if those values are warped then so will the gain. Hence, if you think it is honourable to be poor and you have an inverted sense of snobbery about this, then you will get an increase… in poverty. Other scenarios are you hold onto material wealth out of fear and far too tightly, it will just stagnate, because there is no room for it to grow. 

Jupiter In The 3rd house ~ Aquarius

Frankness, honesty and very open communications are the theme for this year. Even if you are brutally honest, the ‘bullshit free’ attitude will be much appreciated and not seen as insulting. You can talk about the most edgy, taboo and politically incorrect subjects and be admired for your bravery. Your audiences will be impressed with this uncensored information and risque presentations. Your powers of persuasion are at their absolute peak, so if there are any stubborn clients that need swaying, do it this year. If there is something that you always wanted to say to a loved one, but felt like you were treading on eggshells, then broach the touchy subject while you can.

This is also a fantastic time for expanding your mind. You might be tempted to blow those synapses using psychedelics or some other sacred juice. However, you might not even need to travel that far. Your brain is already throbbing with excitement and able to absorb new wisdom with ease. The mind will naturally be able to see alternative vistas, with very mild herbal prodding.

Your mind is just so hungry for new information and finds it so easy to process it all and retain it too. You will also be able to be very fair minded about problem solving, as prejudiced attitudes you might have had before get thrown out of the window. While Jupiter is here you will want to be empirical with your queries and not make assumptions unless you have directly experienced them yourself. You are not likely to take the word of a teacher but form your own thesis about the subject at hand. Your strong opinions are admired, because it is obvious you have put a lot of passion and diligent work into your unique conclusions.

Relationships with siblings and neighbours are likely to be much better than usual and you may well feel a much closer bond towards your neighbourhood than in the past. Jupiter will be encouraging you to connect with local groups and involve yourself more in the community. A little bit of luck can come your way through these new ties and you might find an unexpected increase in client base. Mostly though you should just feel very fortunate to be part of such a thriving network. You feel a very strong sense of camaraderie with the folk you come in contact with on a day-to-day basis. A course of home study or local research would be a worthwhile use of this time. 

Jupiter In The 4th House ~ Capricorn

If there ever was a time to buy a house then this is it! Generous Jupiter should grant you the mother of all accommodation. Property investment is classic behaviour at this time. But it’s not all about building Trump towers. A fantastic sense of pleasure is felt by being at home with your family. Your clan base is enriched in every way and you will want to spend as much time as possible in it. If there have been problems on the domestic front, then they are more easily smoothed out during this blessed time. Relationships with your parents also fall under Jupiter’s charm, so bad ones can be patched up to a certain extent and good ones just become super generous and loving.

Parents might offer to finance buying your first home or help in some other way like with decorating or building work. Otherwise there is a wonderful sense of feeling rooted and content, even if you don’t own your own home. Feathering your nest in other ways is achieved by making your room aesthetically pleasing. So buying flowers, crystals, soft-furnishings and works of art help you feel relaxed and contented in your environment. You are creating a sacred space, your urban or suburban temple. The surrounding land gives you immense pleasure too, wether it is by walking in the countryside or spending time making your garden beautiful.

If you do want to achieve great things in the big wide world however, you will find your family are extremely supportive, and willing to invest in any career deals. But the time is really best spent improving things much closer to home. This is a great period for creating happy memories spent together as a family. Cherish this golden time and gather the generations together for celebrations under your roof. If relatives are sparse and children have not graced your home with their sunny faces yet, then this is a very fertile time to start baby-making. The 5th house of children is next!!

Connecting with your ancestral soil would be extremely fulfilling, even if you have to make a bit of a pilgrimage to get there. Usually one would like to stay close to home with Jupiter in house 4, but in this case maybe not so. You could visit relatives who make you feel very anchored or you are incredibly moved spiritually by the nature of your land of origin. Eating your native foods, picking fruit from the same tree as your grandfather or mother did can have a profound grounding effect. Mental travelling to home is also possible just by researching your family’s history and culture.

Jupiter In The 5th house ~ Sagittarius

You might well find yourself the object of someone’s desire and be keenly pursued. Though this transit alone can’t work miracles, it can certainly improve your chances of attracting a permanent mate. On it’s own however, Jupiter in this playhouse might just help generate a fling and spark a sense of romantic yearning. Taking things too seriously will not be easy at this point anyway. At the very least, the lover could be the source of inspiration for wonderful art or music. This character could also inspire the writing of a passionate love story. Most of all though, you will have the courage to just be yourself, without the need to wear awkward-fitting masks. This natural behaviour is very appealing.

Relationships with children will be much more lighthearted and exuberant than usual. You will have some hilarious belly laughs with them, feeling more like a playmate than parent. In fact, acting like a kid is one of the most valuable benefits of Jupiter here. It doesn’t mean you become really reckless or irresponsible, just that you can now afford to really let your hair down. The giggles leave you feeling energised and revived. This sprightly and youthful attitude cannot fail to make your outward appearance seem more youthful too. For solo people, all these blissful factors add up to to help attract a fun-loving mate into your life.

You will enjoy kissing a few frogs, but during this fun time, you could well find that authentic partner with whom you are genuinely compatible. Maybe you can meet someone during your leisure time, such as during a romantic holiday? You will be relaxed and carefree, and perhaps chilled enough to actually have time to people-watch for a change. The perfect pastime for your holiday would be future partner browsing… have fun with it, sunglasses are the perfect voyeur’s disguise!

Jupiter In The 6th house ~ Scorpio

This is the house of slavery and disease. Neither of these aspects do you want Jupiter to inflate! So how do we work with this? I suggest Jupiter in this house will probably increase your working hours which could cause illness if you run yourself ragged. A very real danger during this time. Therefore, the most likely cause of any sickness will be your job or your daily routine. At least you can control some of your timetable, especially if you work for yourself. Making small adjustments to diet, sleep times, exercise could really help make big changes to your health.

Plan and weigh up options. It will give you something to look forward to while you wade through that extra work load. So keep your head down, be extra polite to whoever will write your reference and basically act like an obedient slave. The reference will be worth all the hard work. This is not the most fun year as you are given more duties than usual and will have to provide “service with a smile.” At least you will learn how to pack as many tasks as possible into your timetable. Your organizational skills will improve immensely.

It is very likely your schedule will be jam-packed for the next year, but whether it is reflected in your wage is another matter. In terms of work experience though, this period is invaluable, so think of this as an apprenticeship. If you have been employed for a while and starting to feel enslaved by your job, Jupiter will really exaggerate the whip-cracking. This is not the right time to actually leave and try for a better position however. Next year would be better (in terms of finding benefactors), so be patient and work on a leaving strategy.

Jupiter In The 7th house ~ Libra

Jupiter in your house of marriage always gets singletons excited. By itself though, this transit doesn’t guarantee a Prince Charming yelling at you to throw down your hair. Any relationship that does come along however, will still feel quite overblown and dramatic with Jupiter upping the Hollywood factor. This can sometimes make you think you have met your soulmate, when you haven’t! Those already in a relationship need to be careful, because this transit could make you think the grass is that much more exotic looking across the pond.

Jupiter is renowned for making you attracted to foreigners or people from very different backgrounds. This can cause a consciousness-expanding effect in relationships, as you fit in with the behavior patterns and values of your new mate. Depending on how evolved your partner is, this can be positive or negative. You might actually end up regressing if you have to conform to their culture. Whatever happens, you will be made extremely aware of the differences between people and whether you can realistically work harmoniously with them long term or not.

Whoever you attract at this time will complement you in such a way that together you can do remarkable things. This is also a great opportunity for guidance and advice. You may well find a competent therapist at this time. Marriage counselling would likely be very successful in mending bridges too. This is not a time for solo action. Therefore, reach out and do the merry Jupiter dance as you naturally find a rhythm that works well with anyone who takes your hand.

Usually, however, especially when Jupiter is in positive condition in your natal chart, you are likely to attract benefactors and partnerships who can help you. This is a favorable time to find people with whom you can work harmoniously, because they will seek in you the balance that they have been looking for. For example, if you are artistic, but need a more practical partner who is proficient with figures, then that’s who will turn up. They on the other hand will be impressed by your imagination and willingness to experiment.

Jupiter In The 8th house ~ Virgo

Traditionally, Jupiter’s placement in the house of other people’s money indicates that you will receive an unexpected inheritance. Aquiring money or property sometimes happens, but mostly you find that you benefit from other people’s wealth. One example is pooling resources with a partner in order to invest successfully. It is also a good time to borrow cash, or you might be able to pay off a large debt that you had in the past. Whatever the scenario, dealing with banks is emphasised and will tend to be beneficial. 

The only thing you have to be wary of is borrowing too much and not investing it wisely. Lenders will be very likely to offer you more than you bargained for, but this does not mean you have to take 100% of that promised. Be careful that there are no ulterior motives with this apparent generosity! This is the house of the occult too, so there is a chance that there will be extra charges and conditions that are not made obvious. A simple example is a parent who lends you money to buy a house. This is with the unspoken condition that they will expect you to let them live there later on.

During Jupiter’s transit through the 8th house, it may seem like nothing is happening, but these still waters run very deep. The healing is operating so far down that it is invisible. Think of it as decaying matter that is broken down and compressed to create power for your future, like oil.

Jupiter can bring deep psychological changes through spiritual teachings. You may not realize it at the time, but these lessons will have a profound impact on your future prosperity. Sometimes reaching up towards a higher power comes out of desperation and a crisis. Again the mystical wisdom gained will surface in due course, but it might be hard to see where the root of it even came from. 

Jupiter In The 9th house ~ Leo

All aboard, all aboard!! Jupiter is at his happiest in the 9th house of expanding horizons, religion and philosophy. This is where you will want to climb up the highest mountain and take an eagle-eye perspective. As you are now able to see miles ahead, you find that you are better able to predict your own future. The pettiness of silly little arguments dissolves into the background and you can feel more optimistic that it’s all part of a grand plan.

There is serenity in feeling that there could be a higher power taking care of things. Events that occur at this time seem to have a special, destined feel about them and result from being able to tap into a universal intelligence. When we have that sense of the architect in the sky, there is less pressure that we have to work everything out ourselves. So after the intense soul-searching of Jupiter in heavy house 8, you are ready to emerge into this carefree, experimental phase.

You should have no trouble attracting participants for any teaching groups you start and will learn a great deal from them too. You can also attract a teacher or guru into your life on your travels. Of course it goes without saying, that foreigners will be significant and very influential at this time, whether you are home or abroad. Practical experience of other cultures and seeing spirituality in action will help you acquire real, grass-roots knowledge rather than blind beliefs. You will want to know things first hand. This practical experience should lead you to throw aside many old prejudices you once carried.

Jupiter can afford to be the gypsy for this year and travel light. Even books will not weigh you down, (And you will read a great many books) as you now have, the Jupiter travellers best friend.. a Kindle! If you want to get anything published then this is the perfect time to release a book onto the market. Funding for future writing projects should be easy to come by at this time too. Starting or taking part in a conscious raising group of some kind would be well starred. You carry the aura of an inspiring teacher and your enthusiasm for the subject will be infectious.

Jupiter in the 10th house ~ Cancer

Time to bask in some glory as Jupiter throws the crown of recognition onto your head. Your push to move up the career ladder puts your reputation under the spotlight. Your ambition means you need to puff up all your positive points to truly succeed. Jupiter’s inflating influence should really help boost your credentials to the max. Unless you have a really bloated and bombastic Jupiter already, this amping up of your status should not create any jealousy or resentment. Generally this elevated position should manifest as promotion, a bonus or a pay rise. It’s not just about money of course, you could change your status through marriage also.

Prizes and awards of excellence are possible, as is graduating from college. Super confidence in your abilities will be reflected in a surge of demand for your services. The only mildly negative possibility of this transit is finding it difficult to take orders from your superiors because you feel so damn superior! Still, you will probably get the bosses to see from your elevated perspective at some point, so just be patient and they will soon catch up. Foresight is one of your gifts right now and is very useful in market trends, as is speculation. Any profit gained from this will not pass by unnoticed. So even if your tips are not taken, they will remember you were right! Resist the urge to say ‘told you so’ though.

If you are looking for a new job in education, travel, the law or publishing, you should be strong and persistent with your applications. Be brave and pioneering, submitting applications in cities further afield than you would normally consider. Bold moves in terms of distance and status will be admired and could pay off unexpectedly. You might also be asked to travel in connection with your job or do more career-related long distance travel than usual. International clients will be more attracted to your business even if you don’t set foot on an aeroplane this year. Whatever your line of business, it will not be easy to keep it local. There will be a push to expand your ‘shop’ to appeal to unexplored foreign markets. Putting your shop online is one way.

Even if you are not some wheelin’ dealin’ entrepreneur, you are still likely to find some fame of sorts, even if it’s just an opinion expressed on social media. Your tweets, status’s or whatever could gain some notoriety. In this case, the expression “ there is no such thing as bad publicity” fits really well. No matter what you say, people will at least admire your honesty and balls. Even if you do get trolled, the mud shouldn’t stick. It could be tempting to think you are untouchable during this transit, but it would still be wise not to push it. If you get too cocky, there could be a backlash after Jupiter has left this house.

Jupiter In The 11th house ~ Gemini

This is an excellent time for making new friends! Jupiter blesses you with genuine, joyous and generous connections for the next 12 months. Don’t waste this valuable opportunity and make the effort to expand your social networks and connect with like-minded people. There is also the chance to benefit financially through social media as well, so a brief time invested in cyber chat will be well spent. Don’t waste this valuable time looking at a screen though, get out there and hug real people.

Those friends you already know are likely to be more generous than usual, both with their time and with hosting parties. People you meet at these events are likely to be valuable to you later on too and you may find that business mixes with pleasure quite well. There will be many times when a friend will come to your rescue when you are in most need. Even if it’s just to lend a hand with domestic chores or brainstorming an idea. Your closest friends will be extremely supportive and really be there for you all year and you will want to show them your appreciation too.

This is a very idealistic period where Jupiter allows you to dream your wildest dreams. You can set a goal for the future and make a wish for that star. Jupiter can make real magic here if you take time out to visualise your fantasies. This is where friends play a vital role. More heads are better than one and if you can get together and conjure up a beautiful utopia, so much the merrier. You can set personal goals too, but this collective energy is best used for the greater good. Having a vision for the long-term future is really critical, as any plans will work most effectively if they are farsighted enough to continue to bear fruit for generations to come.

You should feel supported by your closest friends as well as the ones you make. With all this camaraderie you won’t feel too needy, or greedy for attention elsewhere in your life. You might not even care too much about finding a partner if you are single, however a friend made now could turn into something more meaningful down the line. This is certainly not a time to be selfish, and you will want to share this platonic love with others who may be lonely and need drawing out of their hermit shell. So from experiencing this sense of community with your own peers, you will be inspired to create communities for others.

Jupiter In The 12th house ~ Taurus

Mystical contemplation is on the menu, yet Jupiter in your house of self-undoing is (Thankfully) quite low key. The most efficient use of this energy is to just BE and see where the tide takes you. It’s not a very proactive position for Jupiter, but let’s face it, even Zeus needs a rest sometimes. So if other transits are driving you crazy, be rest assured that this one will not. Jupiter will provide you with a sanctuary where you can lick your wounds from other events of the year.

If you are the sort of person that needs to do something with this nebulous, fog of a transit, then perhaps embark on a retreat to somewhere where you can do nothing. This period will be the ultimate in navel-gazing, so a trip to an Indian Ashram or a Buddhist silent retreat would be perfect. Obviously you can’t do that for a whole year, (unless you are mad), but at least you can build a private altar or chill out zone in your home where you retreat for some quiet time on and off during this year.

You might end up feeling that the saviour is projected upon you, so you must work consciously not to end up as someone’s crutch. Nevertheless, you will feel at one with the universe, and by helping others, you will be able to heal yourself as well. Since you feel so elated by the gratitude of the needy, it would be easy to go overboard with the saving. Don’t forget to leave some time for your own recovery in all of this. Jupiter makes its grand entry into your own sign next and you want to be fully switched on for that!

This can be a period of healing and recharging if the last few years have been very demanding. You might find yourself a skilled healer or guru to help you with this. Sometimes a friend can take on this role too and will quietly be on hand when you need them. It may equally be that you take on the role of nursemaid for someone else. There is a strong likelihood that you will feel compassion and empathy for society’s victims and have a strong urge to help them. 

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