Full Moon May 7, 2020 ~ Magic Mouse


The Full Moon May 2020 falls at 17º Scorpio. The full moon May is part of a streamer aspect pattern, opposite Mercury. This is a Moon about live-streaming intel and the importance of direct and honest communication.

Full Moon May 2020 Astrology

Full Moon May 2020

zuben elgenubi

Zuben Elgenubi is the main star of the unlucky southern scale of Libra according to Robson “causes malevolence, obstruction, an unforgiving character, violence, disease, lying, crime, disgrace, and danger of poison.” The two scales of Libra used to be the claws of Scorpio, which was a much larger constellation. So they fit very well here in tropical Scorpio. Zuben means ‘claw’ and is the prefix for all the stars that fall in the scales. Libra is a very small constellation and six of the nine stars here fall in Scorpio decan 2.

So we could say that Scorpio decan 2 might be the true Sidereal Librans. The actual constellation of the scales though has a very different vibe than the Venus-ruled tropical sign of Libra. You can see that Zuben Elgenubi is most definitely Scorpionic as Dr Eric Morse writes:

“It is well to remember here the association of this star with a scorpion’s claw, used for making love as well as for slaying its prey. It does not let go until one or other matter is complete and onlookers are not sure which of the two acts are in process. Sometimes even the Scorpion seems to get it wrong along the way!”

It is interesting to see where Scorpio gets its ‘Femme Fatal’ or ‘Lady Killer’ reputation. Morse continues that this star “frequently shows up ill-aspected in many unfortunate situations, from domestic strife and miscarriages of justice to psychopathic killings that started out in the guise of love. Its appearance in better aspect is often just the right moment to repair a relationship and to reconsider an earlier harsh judgment.”

Full Moon May 2020 Video


Full Moon May 2020 Aspect

Moon opposite Mercury is a very nervous aspect, so there is a danger of needing to self-medicate to calm down. At this time self-medication can result in addiction. All in all, though, this aspect can generate survivor instincts because of its ability to adapt chameleon-like to its environment.

Moon opposite Mercury can manifest as a magic wand once we have come to peace with ourselves and tamed the mind to work with our intuition. Those touched by this full moon will feel highly strung so they need to put their energies into something creative through which they can channel their restlessness. This aspect creates a synergy or conflict between the rational mind and gut instincts. The agitation creates a strong internal drive which is constantly in a state of flux like the tides washing in and out.

The 2nd Face Of Scorpio

“ A man riding upon a camel holding a scorpion in his hand.  And this is a face of knowledge, modesty, disposition, of one who speaks evilly one to another.” ~ Picatrix

Full Moon May 2020


The Full Moon 7 May 2020 is part of an aspect pattern known as the “Streamer” according to the Huber astrology system. It looks like an upside down kite in this configuration with the Full Moon as the spine. Venus squares Neptune cross the opposition while Mercury sextiles Neptune. The Moon also quincunx Venus.

The Streamer ” can flow in either direction in a river without losing balance. It is also a cable layer who can deal with currents and high voltages. Or he can be a policeman who controls and directs the traffic. In any case, this figured likes to control powerful forces; he wants to direct and even generate currents, e.g. trends in fashions and art, current trends  or other peoples’ mental preference. This is nevertheless perceived as manipulation or interference in the private sphere and provokes emotional reactions.” [1]

The Full Moon May 2020 astrology is indeed ideal  for covert operations, propaganda and big-time sorcery. Expect some phenomenal magic with this Scorpio/trickster moon.

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1. Aspect pattern Astrology. Bruno & Louise Huber. p.235
Featured Illustration by Marina

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