Full Moon March 2015


The Full Moon on March 5 is at 14º Virgo and falls in Virgo Decan 2
Virtuous in Shame & Great Stalkers. Decan Rulers: Venus & Saturn. Deity: Moirai
Aspects: Trine Pluto, conjunct Black Moon Lilith, quincunx Venus & Uranus.

“This Moon has a bleeding heart, but it can also it somewhat of a masochist. At this Moon we push people away and then wonder why those people sometimes stay away. We seem to need to test our partner’s backbones and push them to the limits. Only the strongest will stick around…”

Full Moon March 2015The Full Moon falls in Mizar in the tail of the great mother bear. Elsbeth Ebertin gives quite a dire warning about this star “Supposedly, Mizar portends a Mars nature. The reputation of Mizar, if it is in maximal position in a mundane map, is that of being connected with fires of a catastrophic extent and mass calamities.”  But we can’t ignore the fact the Sun in this Full Moon is actually on a very positive, happy and successful star, Achernar in Eridanus the river. Robson says “Eridanus represents the river Po into which Phaeton fell when slain by Jupiter for having set the world on fire by misguiding the chariot of his father” This is interesting because it seems if this Moon does consume us with flames of desire then we quickly spared any burns by jumping into the cool salvation of the river. Achernar is also a religious/spiritual star too, which has good morals. So “Take a cold tub!” as the Victorians used to say for it will purge all those dangerous, bad thoughts.

50 Shades Of Dishcloths

What a Full Moon chart! We have a very Finger-Of-God-Yod to Jupiter. It’s like the holy hand-grenade! The Sun from the Full Moon is part of the Yod. But the main job of the Moon here is to make adjustments and calm down Uranus square Pluto as it aspects both sides of the square. Black Moon Lilith is on the victim/saviour star Zosma, which is also a star of prophecy.

There is so much going on with this Full Moon, but to me it seems to bring together all the themes I have been talking about since Valentines Day. Cyber Sex (Mars/Uranus/Venus conjunction), religion (Sun on Achernar, Sun conjunct Chiron, Yod to Jupiter) and Dark Cupid relationships (Moon conjunct Black Moon Lilith, Moon in Virgo decan 2, Lilith on Zosma, Moon trine Pluto.) Generally the Moon trine Pluto’s power comes from its brooding, seething sex appeal and its cunning. The optimistic trine can be put to great use empowering others to stand up to the bully or evil seducer. The other aspect Moon quincunx Venus, Moon with Venus, can be sickly sweet, but the quincunx spices it up so that it ferments into a resinous potion. We know what happens when sugar turns to alcohol… it can be a heady concoction.

I think it’s quite insteresting synchro that this is the first Full Moon since the release of “50 Shades Of Grey”, a really crap film and book that are successful just because they have totally exploited the “Dark Cupid/Pluto Bad Boy” archetype. Last but not least is the very shady Moon conjunct Lilith which fuses two “moons” together. This is mother and the anti-mother in one being. This combination has to successfully merge the paradox of the virgin and the whore or the very worst manifestation of Lilith can surface. At its best this is sheer priestess and occult ability at the highest level so when it is good it is very good, but when it is bad it is terrible.

Full Moon March 2015 Meaning

Full Moon MarchThis is a great Moon for grabbing a big bucket of water and chucking it over any dirty, rotten, returning, Mr(s) Grey scoundrel that shows up at your doorstep. If this dark ex is worth their salt, they will clean themselves up and keep trying, so don’t make it easy for them. It will however prove quite difficult not to fall under their spell straight away, especially if you have anything between 14º Virgo and 14º Leo. The Full Moon aspect pattern is actually what the Huber’s call a Trawler, “The figure works like a vacuum cleaner that points towards people and sucks them in if they come near. They then find it hard to get away, not because they are tied down, but because they can’t find their way out” [1] Best thing to do is just not answer the door. Resist any temptation to return texts or emails because you will just get sucked in again. If you want to use this Moon like a vacuum though, it will do a fantastic clean-up job. In that case, grab hold of the Uranus square Pluto end and suck away those cobwebs!

Suggested items for your altar:

A feather duster, a French maids outfit (sorry I just couldn’t resist..) a bucket, a bloody cold tub, a dog collar, a vicar’s dog collar, an invite to a tarts and vicars party, the blood of a virgin (If you are a Virgo use your own or kindly donate.) a bag of dust, rose quartz, a picture of Amy Winehouse, a vestment of leather, sandalwood incense,  9 pentacles, 50 shades of grey dishcloths, a plastic lion, a cat-o-nine tails whip, lead piping.

1. Aspect pattern Astrology. Bruno & Louise Huber. Pg 219- 220



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