Full Moon 28 March 2021 ~ Words Are Wands


Full Moon March 2021 Key Factors

  • Full moon is at 8º Libra Decan 1 ~ In-Crowds & Triangular Relationships
  • Full Moon falls in 15th Lunar Mansion ~ The Covering
  • Full moon will be on fixed star Diadem in Coma Berenice, the tiara in Berenice’s hair
  • Full Moon is opposite Venus 
  • Full moon tarot card is the 2 of swords ~ Compromise needed.
  • The healing crystal is the Opal
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FULL MOON MARCH 2021 CRYSTAL ~ OPAL is most known for its ability to bring one’s traits and characteristics to the surface for examination and transformation. Just as Opal absorbs and reflects light, it picks up thoughts and feelings, desires and buried emotions, amplifying them and returning them to the source. While magnifying one’s negative attributes may prove to be uncomfortable, it allows for understanding how destructive these emotions can be and assists the process of letting them go. Opal also illuminates the positive actions and emotions of the self, enhancing the good and true, and fostering one’s highest potential. It is a karmic stone with a reminder that what one sends out will return. ~ Crystal Vaults

Healing Crystal ~The Opal

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I chose Opal since just like the meaning of this lunar mansion it has contradictions. The stone seemingly brought bad luck to various monarchs throughout history and fell from grace. In medieval times Opal was known as the magicians stone as its many colours were believe to contain the powers of all the gemstones. (Mercurial!)

The Arabs thought the flashes  it contained were trapped lightning. In recent times Opal has regained its status as the truly magic stone that it is. (Just don’t be a royal or put a curse anyone while wearing it!)

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Full Moon In Libra Decan 1 ~ The fixed star interpretations are not kind to this decan. But I think the trouble is caused when the subject matter we write about is controversial. Mostly ideas are ahead of their time or just too mystical for the average human to grasp. This is also an extremely right-brained decan, and since the Moon shines the light of illumination here, the intuitive sense is very sharp. There are certainly many mystics here as you can see below.

We are more likely to be diplomats and peacemakers rather than war-mongers at this time. There also seems to be a strong connection with the night sky and ability to prophecy. The Moon actually rules this decan also, so it is very strong. It gives this decan benefic qualities then, despite the worries of the fixed star interpretations such as Moon in Vindematrix. ( Worry, many disappointments, loss through law or writings and theft, bad health, failure in business!) Instead we carry an aura of peace and tranquillity about us, even if outer appearances can look spiky or dishevelled. We are also able to neutralise a fiery environment just by being present. Moon Libra 1 carries a very potent balancing energy.

So strangely if the situation is one of too much acquiescence, then we will actually shift the scales towards a more defensive stance. That is when we can, surprisingly, even flip over to being more of a shadow goddess. This is rare though and generally, Moon Libra 1 is soothing and harmonious.  Our only fault is perhaps being too naive and ignorant of malice. Moon Libra 1 needs to remember not everyone is as fair-minded as they are.

What will this Full Moon March 2021 mean for your starsign (or rising sign)?

The full Moon in Libra will be in the solar/horoscopic 1st house for LIBRA, 2nd house for VIRGO, 3rd House for LEO,  4th house for CANCER, 5th house for GEMINI, 6th house for TAURUS,  7th house for ARIES,  8th house for PISCES, 9th house for AQUARIUS , 10th house for CAPRICORN , 11th house for SAGITTARIUS, 12th house for SCORPIO. Click on links for meanings.

Full Moon In 15th Lunar Mansion 

Al -Ghafr ~ The Covering

The covering  was originally located the bottom of Virgo’s leg near her skirt. The indicator star is Syrma. Ptolemy says the stars in this area of the constellation have the nature of Mercury and Mars.

Full moon April 2021

KEYWORDS:  Concealing and veiling, attainment of dreams, bringing wishes to fruition. GOOD FOR: business and trade, wealth creation, prosperity, positive communications, advertising.

Picatrix say: it is good for digging of wells, seeking buried treasure but more negatively impeding travellers on their journeys, causing discords between friends and splitting up a couple in relationship. Christopher Warnock says this mansion  starts a new sequence of three mansions with the themes of loss and gain of wealth. “When this mansion appears , it signifies that we should focus our attention of business and the earning of wealth. This mansion is a positive indication for all questions concerning wealth and prosperity.” [1]

Medieval Mansions say “For a talisman whose name means “cover” it certainly isn’t very protective or concealing in its applications. This particular mansion seems more involved in manipulating reputation and public opinion. This can explain why this mansion is used to both influence other people and bring the holder good will, but also besmirch the reputation of others. “

This mansion can be quite aggressive due to the influence of Mars, but its Mercury vibration is great for commerce and communication. (I’m thinking of haggling here!) It is mostly beneficial for material gain, but the greedy aspect makes it unsuitable for relationships. I guess the business rivalry innate in Mercury/Mars would account for the ‘destroying of enemies’ (The competition) vibration of this mansion. The hidden treasure aspect is interesting, maybe finding something that does not originally belong to you carries some negative karma with it. (Like people who excavate tombs and such). The colour associated with the 15th lunar mansion is EMERALD GREEN

Key words & image for the 15th Lunar Mansion

Talismanic Image: A seated man holding scrolls as if he were reading them. Talismanic Properties: Acquisition of friendship and good will, digging of wells, finding buried treasure, impede travellers, separate spouses, and destroy the reputation of enemies.~ Medievalastrologyguide.com

The Picatrix’s Talisman Instructions

“The Picatrix book 4, chapter 9 says that the talisman of Al Ghafr is for ” the acquisition of friendship and all the good things that may be desired. When the moon is here fashion in ink and parchment the figure of a seated man, holding scrolls in his hand as if they had been collected together and  suffummigate it with frankincense and nutmeg and say ” You Achalich, Make …….. for me and fulfil my requests.” Then carry the image with you.”

How to make a Lunar Mansion Talisman

This handy Lunar mansion ephemeris gives you the dates and time of moons entry into the mansions for each month.

The very basic method for making a magical talisman would be to print out a black and white version of the profile picture of this post and colour it in for step 3 listed below. (Or you could draw your own.)

  1. Place the moon in the proper mansion
  2. Make sure moon is in the correct moon phase 
  3. Make the talisman when both 1 & 2 are in effect.

You can do this at anytime the moon is in the mansion of your choice. Traditionally it is best to wait 12 hours after a new moon so that the moon is not combust the sun.  There are more advanced ways to make a talisman, this post is just a starting point. Here is an example of how to make a Talisman for Health using the lunar mansions.

My 15th Lunar Mansion Talisman Instructions

At the appointed time, get hold of an Opal cabochon ( A crystal with a flat back). Roll up this post’s image like a scroll. Flatten it and seal it by gluing the cabochon onto the fold. Drip white wax and Frankincense or nutmeg essential oil around the cabachon like a frame. Inscribe into the wax the glyph for Mercury. (Ruler of this mansion.) You can substitute the Opal with a print-out of it, however the more durable the materials you use the more potent the effects will be. Members will have access to my election chart for timing the inscription of your talisman.

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Full Moon March 2021 Astrology

Full Moon March 2021


Artwork by Marina
1. Christopher Warnock The Mansions Of The Moon p. 85.
*Using tropical positions for the lunar mansions now since they are the positions the medieval astrologers used for making their talismans.