Full Moon March 2023 ~ Reboot Thyself


The Full Moon 7 March 2023 is at 16º Virgo Decan 2 Aspect: Trine Uranus. Fixed Star:  Mizar in the tail of Ursa Major the Great Bear. Tarot Card: 9 Of Pentacles. Healing Crystal: Hematite.

Full Moon March in Virgo Decan 2

Virgo Decan 2 is a very extreme position for the Moon where there seems no grey area at all. Either it is a sinner or a saint. And the sadomasochistic tendency here is extreme, where the pain is a theme for good or ill. (Madonna and The Marquis de Sade have their moon here!)

At this Full Moon, we can choose to be the empathic nurse or the torturer. Much depends on the soul’s evolution or how conscious we are. Those who let themselves become un-conscious through the use of drugs or alcohol make themselves vacant and vulnerable at this Full Moon. They are opening themselves up to being possessed by demons who enjoy inflicting pain on others. (Referenced in the “Are We Moon food” post.) 

On the positive side, this Full Moon is perfect for the artisan and craftsperson who is very skilled and produces refined and detailed works. This Virgo Full Moon enhances their precision and perfectionist traits to the highest potential. Try utilizing styles that require intricacy and the delicate operation of tools, like lacemaking, etching or fine jewellery making.

At this Full Moon, we can weave our heart and soul into our creations. Another tendency for those touched by this Full Moon will be the inability to take criticism from superiors. The most affected will be the very people who dish out cutting critiques of others. However, it is their turn to feel wounded at this Full Moon if they receive the same treatment back.

Full Moon Tarot Card

The tarot card that is associated with this decan is the 9 of pentacles which is an extremely positive and successful card which really helps counteract any of the dark edges found in this decan. You could say this card is like a positive Pluto. Wealth! This card is about hard work paying off and prosperity. Karmically this card tells of many hard lives of hard graft.

“To say that you have made a success is an understatement, but both you and I know that it was hard-earned. By the way, you have done this almost single-handedly too, with very little input from others.

 This card can suggest that you have made many sacrifices or denied yourself freedom and spontaneity in order to achieve your goal or dream. You are not afraid of hard work even though you may miss out on fun in your life.” ~ teachmetarot. As we have seen, Virgo decan 2 can run itself ragged even if it doesn’t need too. You must learn to sit back and rest on your laurels for once.

Full Moon Fixed Star

Mizar is found in the great bears tail and “connected with fires of a catastrophic extent and mass calamities. In personal charts, Mizar is not helpful if conjunct with ‘bad’ planets. It is not wrong to assume that, besides these handicaps, artistic emanations can also be attributed to Mizar.“ The best way to channel these fierce energies would be into some form of art or music. Rising it is said that these folk “will be tamers of wild beasts, that is men to teach bears, bulls and lions to lay aside their fierceness and share in human ways.” [1]

What the Full Moon March 2023 means for your sign

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1. Manilius Astronomica 1st century AD.