Pluto's Purge

YouTube Purge Astrology

In this video I look at the astrology of the day of October the 15th when some 40 YouTube channels

Cuties horoscope

Cutie’s Netflix Horoscope

An audio analysis of the horoscope of the release of the controversial Netflix film Cuties. Full audio available for subscribers.

Full Moon October 2020

Full Moon October 2020 ~ Brave & Bold

The Full Moon October 2020 is best for: Having clear Goals, strong leadership, physical exercize, axe wielders, entrepreneurs, strategy, bravery, revenues/gains,

tulsi Gabbard horoscope

Kumala Harris V Tulsi Gabbard

For this weekly horoscope for August 30, 2020, I compare two very different warrior Queens! Tulsi Gabbard and Kamala Harris.

Mars conjunct Saturn

Mars Saturn Aspects ~ Axe Wielders

SEPTEMBER 29 ~ Mars Saturn aspects are astrology’s axe wielders. The title was chosen not because this aspect is particularly murderous,

Joe Biden Horoscope

Joe Biden Horoscope

Joe Biden Horoscope Transcript From YouTube. Joe Biden then, now he has a very shady 12th house emphasis with the

Bill Gates Horoscope

Bill Gates Horoscope

Bill Gates Horoscope on YouTube. Rough transcript from about 9 mins: Let’s have a quick look at Bill Gates chart