Nigel Farage Horoscope

Nigel Farage ~ Victim Or Saviour?

In this video I look at I look at Nigel Farage’s victim/saviour Pluto-rising horoscope. He has some winning transits. I look at his progressions, solar arcs, zodiacal

the twelfth house

The Twelfth House ~ Candlemas

The twelfth house is associated with mysticism, self-undoing and hidden enemies. Traditional astrology called this house ‘bad spirit’ and it is the joy of Saturn. William Lilly

11th house

The Eleventh House ~ Epiphany

The eleventh house is associated with friends, common interest groups and wishes. The traditional astrologers call this house ‘good spirit’ and Jupiter finds its joy here. William

New Moon June 2019 ~ Balancer

The new moon June 3, 2019, falls at 12º Gemini decan 2. This new moon June 2019 astrology features a Huber aspect pattern known as the streamer.

The tenth House

The Tenth House ~ Winter

The tenth house is associated with one’s status in the world and life-calling. The traditional astrologers simply call this house ‘what one does’ and is the house

9th House

The Ninth House ~ Saturnalia

The ninth house is associated with philosophy, religion, wisdom and higher learning. Traditional astrology calls this the house of the ‘sun god’ (It is opposed the house

Fixed star Algol

Algol ~ Birthdays May 16 to 18

The head of Medusa from Greek mythology is represented by the infamous Algol fixed star at 26º Taurus. As part of constellation Perseus, Algol was regarded by the ancients as

8th House

The Eight House ~ Samhain

The eight house is associated with taboo subjects such as death and sex. This is also the house of the shadow. I like to think of it

the seventh house

The Seventh House ~ Autumn

The seventh house is associated with the ‘other’, open enemies, long-term relationships, marriage and official partnerships. It is an important angular house that is in opposition to

The 6th house

The Sixth House ~ Harvest

The sixth house is associated with daily routines and your bread-and-butter work. Traditional astrology has this as the house of bad fortune and Mars finds its ‘joy’

the fifth house

The Fifth House ~ Lammas

The fifth house in astrology is associated with children, creativity, love affairs and leisure time. In traditional astrology, it is known as the house of ‘good fortune’.

June Monthly Horoscope

The Fourth House ~ Summer

The fourth house in astrology is associated with the home, family (specifically the father) and property. In horary astrology, the 4th house is known as the ‘end

May 2020

The Third House ~ Beltane

The third house is the house of siblings and communications. In traditional astrology, the third house was known as the house of the Moon goddess because it

the second house

The Second House ~ Veneralia

The second house is associated with self-worth, cash and one’s possessions. In medieval times the second house was known as the ‘Gate of Hades’ because houses in

The 1st house

The First House ~ Spring

The first house is the most personal point of the chart. This represents the physical body and the incarnation for this lifetime. It represents the beginning of

Full Moon May 2019 ~ Fatal Feminista

The full moon 18 May 2019, falls at 27º Scorpio decan 3. The full moon is aligned with notorious fixed star Algol by an opposition. The closest