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Saturn In Sagittarius 2016 – 2017


Saturn in Sagittarius until December 2017 will bring a big shift in our lives as it enters not just a new sign, but also a new house (using whole sign houses). But what does Saturn in Sagittarius mean for the collective? Generally Saturn brings responsibility, tests, obstacles and a slowing-down to whatever it touches. Here we reap what we have sown, which is why Saturn is called the lord of karma.

It is feared as the greater malefic, but I tend to think you have nothing to worry about with Saturn if you don’t cut any corners and do the necessary foundational work. Saturn’s positive side is that it gives you the wisdom of experience, security, maturity and complexity, like a lovingly-aged vintage wine.

Saturn in Sagittarius Decan 2 ~ Pagan Law

Saturn is now set in its trajectory here in Sagittarius 2.  Saturn’s agenda is revealed and understood, so it meets forces that oppose it. Saturn in Sagittarius 2 karmically binds you very securely to its course, so you better be damn sure you want to go there! You will need stamina and strength to face the long road ahead. Before committing to this path you will also need to train-up, so that you are a match for any opponents you encounter.

Saturn entered Decan 2 on Dec 22 2015 and revisits 10º Sagittarius for most of July in retrograde, then direct from August 30 to September 21 2016. Saturn will still have the fire of red giant Antares breathing down its neck. So let’s remind ourselves what Saturn on Antares is about.

Robson says: “Materialistic, dishonest through circumstances created by environment, religious hypocrisy, many disappointments, loss through quarrels and legal affairs, trouble through enemies, many failures”

All rather negative, but this is Saturn and Antares is no lightweight either. In the collective we might see these attributes reflected in a nation or leader if they are experiencing a transit from this Saturn or are having a Saturn return during 2016. I have added Saturn to my Antares post now and you can definitely see melancholia in the list, but there is also a rye humour as well. My interpretation is: An internal conflict between good and evil. Interested in playing the sinner or saint. Swinging between polarities. Black & White. Often demonised or sanctified without any good reason. Easy to typecast. So this star will add a starkness and high contrast to Sagittarius decan 2 as a whole.

Saturn/Antares ~ Anti-Hero Outsider

sagittariusAnother thought that occurred to me lately is of Antares being Anti-Aries. Aries is so much of the valiant hero. The alpha male that these days has been made a mockery of, by the Antares archetype actually. Antares strength is not physical, it is spiritual. When I say spiritual read it as supernatural, which is not always a positive experience. Antares is the geek outsider. A good example of this is the way David Zuckerberg is portrayed in the film ‘The Social Network’. The ‘jock’ then, who might be considered to represent the solar hero/divine masculine, is demonised nowadays.

Dates for Saturn in Sagittarius ~ Decans

Saturn in Sagittarius Decan 1 ~ Internet Pestilence. Dec 23 2014 – June 14 2015. Sept 17 to Dec 21 2015. 
Saturn in Sagittarius Decan 2 ~ Pagan Law. Dec 22 2015 – Dec 19 2016.
Saturn in Sagittarius Decan 3 ~ Dis-ordered Crystals. Dec 20 2016 – Dec 20 2017

The tables have turned, but in doing so we have lost that honest, upfront courage of the Aries warrior. Instead the Antares battle is waged sneakily, with cunning, in the dark… Saturn transiting over Antares can be read negatively for this reason. There is something very insidious about it which could be very toxic for humanity.

The rest of the fixed stars in this decan are not major enough to have any specific meaning with Saturn. I think the fixed stars here are still quite dark and intense, but apart from Antares, they do not have the heavy psychotic tendencies of Sagittarius decan 1. That decan had so many of Scorpios head stars and much of Ophiuchus. Here instead in decan 2 we have the main star of Hercules (The Kneeling Man) which is a more reverent constellation. Hercules was also known as Gilgamesh, and Bernadette Brady has written about this constellation in a very positive manner.

Pagan Apple Of Gnosis

“This star is tied to the giving of honour or prayer to the gods, the instinctive attitude of humans in awe of the god and goddesses, and is associated with the natural order of the world. To our modern mind this could be expressed as a respect for nature, a caring about the planet, a desire to have all things in their place; in short a concern about the correct order of nature, life and the heavens.”  [2]

saturn in sagittarius I hope this means a return to pagan religions which respected natural law! Paganism also had a connection to the cosmos too and took note of omens. This zone is less ‘heady’ than decan 1 which was ruled by Mercury and Jupiter. Sagittarius decan 2 instead is ruled by the Moon in the Chaldean system and Mars by triplicity (Aries decan.) These are more instinctive, organic and raw planets. Back to nature all over.

I called Sagittarius Decan 2 ~ 13th Fairy and Gnosis. “ It is vital for these subjects to keep in contact with nature and to respect natural law, because it seems if they do not they will suffer grave consequences. Nature seems to take a very dim few of these folk abusing the great power that they so obviously have.”

I think this is about taking the best of matter. Not falling for material-ism, but making sure we are embodied in matter, that we find spirit in the mater earth. What I like about Hercules that at least here we have something more akin to a hero we can trust again. Someone who wears his heart on his sleeve.. The uneducated man with a good heart who has no agenda.

Saturn in Sagittarius Decan 2 for 2016 ~ Major Fixed Stars

Sagittarius 9º 46′ ~ Antares in Scorpius the Scorpion. Dec 13 – 31 (2015)/ Rx Jul 4 – Aug 12/ Aug 13 – Sep 21
Sagittarius 11º 58’ ~ Alwaid in Draco in the Dragons Eye. Jan 1- 12 / Rx Jun 5 – Jul 3/Sep 22- Oct 17/
Sagittarius 14º 46’ ~ Sarin in Hercules the Kneeling Man. Jan 30 – Feb 29 / Rx May 7 – 20/Oct 18 – Nov 6
Sagittarius 16º 09’ ~ Ras Algethi in Hercules the Kneeling Man. Mar 3– Mar 25 / Rx Mar 25 – May 6/ Nov 7 – 24
Sagittarius 17º 14’ ~ Grafias in Scorpius the Scorpion. Nov 25 – 29
Sagittarius 17º 58’ ~ Sabik in Ophuichus the Serpent Bearer. Nov 30 – Dec 11

* As of December 2015 according to Solar Fire’s Ephemeris

Saturn in Sagittarius 1 Meaning


  1. Hey Joddle,
    I’ve only just realised I have been watching your channel for a while on youtube! Love it. I’m really not up to speed on Turkey, but I should really look into it. This black and white polarity has just got so extreme right now. I suppose it a case of for each action, there is an equal opposite reaction. I was just watching your “Elimination Of The English Man” video over lunch actually, and it’s spot on! I had never really thought about that in my own life, but I’ve only ever had two proper English boyfriends and they were when I was at college. But I had to look abroad for a mate. Was married twice to two very hairy guys!! (An Aussie/Scot and a Sicilian.) So your video made me laugh.

    This fascination with the “Bad Boy” Pluto theme that I have been looking into, is also totally explained by the lack of a true divine masculine! Pluto (and/or Antares man), is the forbidden fruit for oestrogen-driven women who are desperate for some testosterone! It’s just a crazy hormonal drive. Catnip. I’m guessing this might go on to be the case for middle class US men too, though they always seem a bit more butch to me 😉