Mars Conjunct Pluto

By | October 13, 2012

mars-conjunct-plutoThere is something very tragic about Mars conjunct Pluto. It doesn’t mean that all these people are doomed, rather that they have a melodramatic aura about them. Some will channel the pain and passion into their creations. In the case of the musicians here, it makes for sincere, heart-felt music and a searing emotional delivery of their songs. This aspect is rare amongst the famous, so I would think it takes quite an exceptional person to use this explosive conjunction in such a way that it does not self-destruct. Mars conjunct Pluto seems to be the proverbial phoenix from the flames. If they learn to channel this wild energy well, then they can survive anything. This combination is also a dare-devil. It is fearless to the point it may indeed have some kind of a death wish. They enjoy the adrenalin rush of dangerous sports. Sexually, this is a red-hot as you can get, they like the taboo and the thrill of chasing the forbidden fruit. The harder-to-get the lover plays the better, for Mars conjunct Pluto likes a challenge.

Mars Conjunct Pluto Celebrities

Patsy Cline (12’) died aged just 30 at the height of her fame as a Country music singer. She had an intense, emotionally rich contralto voice. Her most famous song “Crazy’ is one of those tragic Karaoke songs so beloved of the broken hearted. Patsy was tough and considered “one of the boys”, drinking beer with her male co-stars and telling dirty jokes. She experienced two car crashes, the second one near fatal. Patsy brought sexy into country music, swapping traditional cow-girl outfits for slinky red cocktail dresses with spike heels and ruby red lipstick. Patsy had a sense that death was close, a year before her fatal plane crash she had begun giving away items to her friends and telling them to look after her children if anything should happen to her. A week before her death she told Ray Walker “Honey, I’ve had two bad ones (accidents). The third one will either be a charm or it’ll kill me.”

Francesco Smalto (05’); Italian tailor who kept a stable of girls for “entertainment”. Suspended sentence and fine for being a pimp in 1995. Ice hockey player Nevin Markwart (07’), Charles Marie-Widor (12’); French organist and composer. He is best known for his wild and passionate. “Toccata symphony number 5″ commonly played at the end of weddings. It’s a manic yet beautiful, intricate piece of organ music. Brian Wilson (26’); Composer of the Beach boys. Bittersweet, psychedelic love songs and haunting melodies. Paul McCartney; One half of the most famous songwriting duo in history. Rose/Fred West Davison; Serial killer couple who sexually abused and killied children. Jeff Buckley; talented singer-songwriter died in a tragic accident during his prime. George Michael; Singer who was arrested for “lewd behaviour” (cruising for anonymous sex) in a public toilet, which resulted in him coming out about his homosexuality. He later release a song “Outside” celebrating the cruising incident. Actors Melanie Griffith, Kevin Kline and Candice Bergen.

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67 thoughts on “Mars Conjunct Pluto

  1. uberqueenofwands

    George, I have just drawn up your chart.
    Orcus is cnjunct your sun and tr Jupiter is there now. Orcus is to do with the vows of the soul. I wonder what vows you made to know your own soul with this conjunction? In Cancer – what comes through the family/mother’s line?? Is your sensitivity being channelled into a creative endeavour? What is your inner monster – that which you fear most? How does your deep subconscious seep into your every day self? with Mercury rx on the asc you have to be good at analysis but maybe to your detriment? Does negative thinking cause obstacles in your path? Or too much thinking… about how you’re feeling…?? Betelgeuse and Polaris on your asc – (This is Marina’s territory!)
    Something to consider – this GC is 1 degree off Sirius – about the most important star for we Earthlings. (esoteric astrology records it as The Great Instructor of Mankind. If you meditate you might find yourself privy to some instruction… Orcus also infers extra terrestrial and interspecies contact! ( Maybe we all will!
    Your nodes and Uranus connect very directly to my Sun Mars Pluto and your Moon/Chiron are opposite my Mercury – which at 5 Virgo is where Orcus is now (actually I think its rx and 4 – but the effect is not dilute.
    I just don’t get the thing about kites – I can’t remember anyone talking about them when I first started learning astrology a long time ago! I haven’t seen proofs in any of the interps of kites and charts I’ve seen. So can’t comment on kites…
    Although my study of Esoteric astrology reveals that triangular relationships are the thing – of course you can draw all manner of triangles in a circle… everything is connected in the circle it seems.
    Have you looked at your progressions? Your progressed Sun is conjunct natal Mars and Regulus – This is about autonomy and your own sovreignity – your pr Asc is also in Leo! This energy is not easy for a Cancerian – but OWN IT!!! Moon with Chiron and S node – you’re unconsciously drawn to the wounded… to address your own wound… and I’m not surprised you refer to your home as a cave…! I’ll stick my neck out on Chiron though- I know everyone says its about healing BUT – the spear which wounded Chiron was tipped with poison and the poison remained. I’ve had my share of helpig people who were wounded and found they ofter turned on me and chucked out a lot of poison! So pick your cripples with discernment…
    BTW – Your pr Mercury is also conjunct my asc! A bit of Virgo sympatico there!
    Pr Moon is conjunct natal Saturn – makes you feel isolated doesn’t it.. think of saturn this way. A diamond has to be cut to be brilliant. The cutter cuts to reveal the light from the inside of the stone. This is a fine art. Every time I get a Saturn transit now (its sq my sun) I just remind myself the diamond cutter is at work… a few more cuts and we’re BRILLIANT!
    Re April and the GC – we ALL have the cardinal signs in our charts… so whatever happens – no one is alone!
    Be in the cave but not isolated – connect to the infinite and pull one over on fate.

  2. George


    Thank you so much. Am now indebted to you for many lives to come. Your interpretation was quite accurate. I have a very strong relationship to my mother and her family. Much more so, than I ever did with my father. Their family culture and rules dominated my early and middle life and still chime in today. Very, very much so. It’s annoying, but it’s such a part of me that I accept it rather than rebel against it – which, trust me, I spent a good part of my life doing so. Doing so in a very Piscean way – through escapism. Which isn’t really productive. Thank the Universe I came out on the other side – there were moments I didn’t think I would. Simply because I did not want to. The family history reads like the family history of the Rockefeller’s, but I don’t like to talk, dwell or draw from it. In that fashion, I was very much my father’s son who also eschewed their European and critical ways. He was Syrian, so was quite his own man. Not orthodox though, but Christian Syrian. Still – he never subscribed to my mother’s thoughts, family pressure or their approach to life. At one point, they realized how self-sufficient he was and ended up asking him for help and advice. Did they take it? Of course not. But they asked. I was always caught in the middle. Regarding Merc Rx on the Asc, yes, yes, yes! I am overly analytical to a fault. And, often, it is negative. Or to my disadvantage. What happens is I play a scenario out regardless of the potential surety of the outcome or positivity and end it – in my mind – with a negative experience. Since we radiate our destiny, to a degree, I do believe when I spend time thinking and not doing – I miss the opportunity of actually doing something wonderful. It takes great, great effort to catapult myself. But I have done so and I believe I use the Mars/Pluto/IC/Uranus/Node conjunction to derive the energy to do so. It’s like there’s a furnace burning inside me at all times and all I have to do is get angry enough and thar’ she blows! I find myself on a plane moving to a city half-way across the world and the Mercury then turns into an exploratory planet kicking off the Grand Trine and living through it’s promises. But, inevitably, the analysis returns and then come regrets and I end up picking up and either going back to square one or starting anew in another place. The other thing you said that resonated very deeply, was the Chiron description. Do I have a spot for the downtrodden? OMG. I will take the shirt off my back and put it on someone whom I just met who needs it more- in a nano-second. And, absolutely, I didn’t know about Chiron’s wound being dipped in poison – but I always get burned by those I help. I could spend all my time, give up everything I have, expend more energy than anyone in their family ever has, but – in the end – my hand will get bitten so hard that I have layers and layers of scars to prove it. And, yes, helping people in pain is cathartic. Helping them helps me deal with the pain I’ve always felt and continue to feel whenever I see injustice. And, considering the time we’re incarnated in, we live in a very inequitable world. I always say that am going to change it one person at a time. I wonder since Diana’s chart was so close to mine that she experienced that pain and harsh payback too – in private. Did you see the parallels? Last, yes, my Saturn transits are never comfortable. Especially this pr Moon conjunction. But – it’s not like there’s ever a time when I am not absorbing pain from one place or another. Does that make sense? A Pisces Moon makes a person oversensitive and, even walking down a street, it feels like I can feel people’s emotions. And it’s not like I go out for a walk and people are dancing in the street. That’s why am careful as to where I go and where I spend time. Seems like in Miami when they are dancing in the street it usually involves huge consumptions of drugs and that’s not a place I want to return to right now. The kite, since I’ve spoken to you from the start, is also something of a mystery to me. Or has become one. The more I read the more confused I become. Apparently Whitney Houston had a fire kite. But I did find this woman who specializes in kites on the internet and I reached out to her. She emailed me back almost immediately, ironically, from a convention that was strictly about kites. So am very interested as to what will come of this. The stars don’t confuse me as much as the asteroids, but I learned about those rocks so recently that they totally throw me off. I was always more of a mid-point man. I felt there was nothing more accurate than a chart that was specifically focused on mid-point interpretations. But, you see, that is a perfect example of how calculatingly analytic my mind is. It’s like a machine. Am sure the Mercury sextiles to Mars/Pluto and the gang just energize that thinking and turns it into an obsessive art form. Ironically, am horrible at numbers. I see money and I spend it. Typical Pisces. Then worry about it later. Really worry. LOL. Like I am doing so now with the CGC. But here I am. Chosen to be reincarnated in this time and in this place. Life was always painful, but that wasn’t the only emotion I experienced. In retrospect, my life was quite charmed. But something happened around 2003 – and like Marina says about Regulus – the rise began to turn into a fall. But in my life’s defense, I don’t engage with a ton of characters and people like I used to do. But isolating is probably the worst thing I could be doing as a result and obsessing about my chart and CGC definitely can’t be helping either. But I’ve always been one of those people who MUST know why. At all costs, I must always know why. My mind will not rest until I do. And then I probe further.

    Again, thank you so much. When I find a good article I think you’ll like I will definitely send you the link.

    I do admit am amiss with Orcus still – but I’ll re-read what you wrote and ponder it. And, as far as the kite, the second this woman contacts me, I’ll ask for a link to an article that will help all of us in this coven understand it once and for all. I know she said that I am a type of person that will always have to be pushed to accomplish anything by another person. Alone, I would always choose the path of least resistance which are b/c of the Grand Trine formations. I can’t say I had to struggle for things in this life. Everything just fell into my lap. I have accomplished things, however, but there was indeed always someone there urging me on. Now, since the last person I helped turned against me, am licking my wounds and counting the dollar bills I have left in my bank account that was pretty ravaged by my act of kindness.

    Indeed, Marina said my Cancer decan will have to fly through the eye of the storm this year and she’s been bang-on accurate. It is that bad. But I will try meditation and see if answers reveal themselves. There you go. Like I said, my next step is gathering information on the kite – and I will pass it on – then when Marina is free, I will ask her to explain these mind-splitting asteroids to me. It’s just too much to take them on right now alone.

    Much love to you. I hope this is the beginning, and not the end, of our road together. Am not surprised that our synastry seems to be so connected. This is definitely a strong karmic tie. Am so very lucky. xoxoxoxoxox


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