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Gemini Decan 3Gemini decan 3 is ruled by the Sun and god of the solar system. A most high and mighty ruler is totally fitting for this section of the ecliptic. The solar king shines through the Hunter, Dove, Bull’s Horns and the Charioteer from June 12 to 20. Gemini decan 3 is absolutely jam-packed with bright and fortunate stars. It contains one arm of the Milky Way and is home to the Great Orion Nebula. This super-rich realm is known as the star nursery, being that it is absolutely jam-packed with bright and fortunate stars. It also contains one arm of the Milky Way and is home to the Great Orion Nebula. This decan represents a multi-talented, multi-tasking, multi-faceted super-parent who wants it all and does it all. Like tropical Gemini, this decan has two sides to it and each one is just as forceful and strong as the other.

On the one hand, we have the peaceful dove and the nursing goat. This side is the life-giver, birthplace of stars, the ever-nourishing Milky Way that flows from the breast of Nut the sky goddess. On the other hand, we have the hunter, the mighty warrior, conquistador and potent phallus. So decan will bring us the battle of the sexes, but ultimately the sacred marriage between the god and the goddess. But the road to union can be quite a rollercoaster!

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Some native Indian tribes maintain that souls enter into existence though the area between constellations Taurus and Gemini. Gemini decan 3 actually is the section of the ecliptic which falls between the horns of the Bull and the foot of Castor the mortal twin. This area aligns perfectly (In longitude) with the Great Orion Nebula, which is positioned near the tip of the Hunters phallic belt sword.

These stars are like little starry sperm. Orion’s Nebula is probably the most photographed nebula in the sky and has fascinated us for thousands of years. It has even been suggested that this nebula underlies Michelangelo’s Creation on the ceiling of the Vatican’s Sistine chapel. Well that’s this decan all over isn’t it? In that one image you get god, creation and the occult.

Gemini Decan 3 ~ Fixed Stars

Gemini 20º 57’ ~ Bellatrix in the left shoulder of Orion the Hunter 1.7 *
Gemini 21º 51’ ~ Capella the mother goat on in Auriga the Charioteer 0.8
Gemini 22º 10’ ~ Phact in Columba the Dove 2.8
Gemini 22º 24’ ~ Mintaka in the belt of Orion the Hunter 2.5
Gemini 22º 33’ ~ Beta Pictor in Equuleus Pictoris the Painters Easel 3.9
Gemini 22º 35’ ~ El Nath on the tip of the northern horn of Taurus the Bull 1.8
Gemini 23º 28’ ~ Alnilam the central star in the belt of Orion the Hunter 1.8
Gemini 24º 41’ ~ Alnitak in the belt of Orion the Hunter 2.0
Gemini 24º 47’ ~ Al Hecka on the tip of the Southern horn of Taurus the Bull3.0
Gemini 26º 25’ ~ Wazn in Columba the Dove 3.2
Gemini 28º 34’ ~ Polaris on the tip of the tail of Ursa Minor the Little Bear 2.1
Gemini 28º 45’ ~ Betelgeuse in the armpit of Orion the Hunter 0.5
Gemini 29º 55’ ~ Menkalinan in the left shoulder of Auriga the Charioteer 1.9
 * Magnitude. Star positions for the year 2000.

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