Full Moon March 2015

The Full Moon on March 5 is at 14º Virgo and falls in Virgo Decan 2
Virtuous in Shame & Great Stalkers. Decan Rulers: Venus & Saturn. Deity: Moirai
Aspects: Trine Pluto, conjunct Black Moon Lilith, quincunx Venus & Uranus.

“This Moon has a bleeding heart, but it can also it somewhat of a masochist. At this Moon we push people away and then wonder why those people sometimes stay away. We seem to need to test our partner’s backbones and push them to the limits. Only the strongest will stick around…”

Full Moon March 2015The Full Moon falls in Mizar in the tail of the great mother bear. Elsbeth Ebertin gives quite a dire warning about this star “Supposedly, Mizar portends a Mars nature. The reputation of Mizar, if it is in maximal position in a mundane map, is that of being connected with fires of a catastrophic extent and mass calamities.”  But we can’t ignore the fact the Sun in this Full Moon is actually on a very positive, happy and successful star, Achernar in Eridanus the river. Robson says “Eridanus represents the river Po into which Phaeton fell when slain by Jupiter for having set the world on fire by misguiding the chariot of his father” This is interesting because it seems if this Moon does consume us with flames of desire then we quickly spared any burns by jumping into the cool salvation of the river. Achernar is also a religious/spiritual star too, which has good morals. So “Take a cold tub!” as the Victorians used to say for it will purge all those dangerous, bad thoughts.

50 Shades Of Dishcloths

Full Moon rituals are perfect for purging and releasing things from our lives that no longer serve our higher self. The bright light of the sun throws a spotlight on our subconscious to illuminate any issues that have been festering there since the new moon. Often the full moon is a time where we can see the fruit blossom from the seeds we planted at the new Moon. We can also choose to release people or bad habits as old routines and ties we established years ago can be thrown into the lunar fire. When we release people or things in this way, the Full Moon birthing time can be more of a cosmic menstruation. Therefore the Full Moon can be a cleansing time for both men and women. Some Full Moons are better at letting-go or birthing certain things than others. Some moons are more about birthing or bringing things to a head gently. Other Full Moons may have a more volcanic, violent purging energy about them depending on the decan or star being activated. Every month I will present the influences surrounding the current full Moon and suggest ways of utilising its energy in order to make a powerful spell for birthing or release.

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Author: Marina Macario

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  1. Hi. Thanks for the good work you do. When you say the rulers of the decan are venus and saturn do you mean that the full moon is moving into the next decan subruled by venus? Thanks Marina.

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    • Dear Maria thank you for this share as always very illuminating on a full moon day, I especialy liked the Pluto Man comparison and have a friend stuck in this situation.I will share this page to her and hope to let the light into the dark for her. Love your work xxx
      (Glad when these trines are over !!!! one knackerd capricorn)

  2. How can you find where the various stars position at the time of birth? Most charts only show planets/moon, I would like to know how the stars influnce me. Do the stars remain the same through out history or are their position fix in each Decan? Do you have an article concerning it?

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  3. I have my theory test booked and so happens to land on the full moon in march and was wondering would i have less of a chance of passing because of this full moon? X

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  4. I just noticed that Orcus will be at 5’57” Virgo. It’s in retrograde so it will be slamming right into that full moon, yes? What do you make of that?

    I’m a decan 1 Cancer. I have a stellium between 14′ Leo and 14′ Virgo: Uranus, Mars, Venus, Pluto in my 11th house. The vacuum looks rather interesting because it’s pointed at all of those planets. It makes me wonder exactly what might get sucked in!

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  5. Just to say in South Africa Cape Town the power was off on Valentine’s day ( u said turn off the lights and spend time with ur loved ones)
    Ref catastrophic fires a major fire has broken out on Table Mountain as catastrophic as it is it will also renew the plants. Just thought u shld know ur readings are gd.

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