Fixed Star Algol 28º Taurus

Algol fixed starThe head of Medusa from Greek mythology is represented by the infamous Algol fixed star at 26 degrees Taurus. Part of constellation Perseus, Algol was regarded by the ancients as the most evil star in the heavens, but is its reputation warranted? If Algol was truly so malevolent then we would find it common in serial killers. We just don’t find it there, though it is present in some dictators. But it is true that Algol has a connection with death and pain. The medical term Algology means the study of pain.

“You will not be able to ignore suffering and horror, or brush it aside… The Algol placement on a chart insists upon a confrontation and assimilation of these harsh aspects of human experience in this lifetime.….Algol, like other stars, confers tasks upon us which, if comprehended and accepted, offer great rewards of power and creativity. These stellar challenges are not to be feared, but understood and used in a positive manner.” Diana Rosenberg [1].

Algol is situated in the constellation Perseus, where this hero is depicted slaying the gorgon Medusa’s head off. Algol is positioned in the forehead of Medusa. I like to think of it as her third eye. The ancients mistrusted it’s blinking and inexplicable 8 hour disappearances. But it turns out it is a binary star, eclipsing itself every 3 days. Mysterious indeed and only adds to its allure. The poor star appears to die, but then it is reborn. Medusa’s deathly look is inspired by the appearance of a corpse. The skin dries and tightens over the bones of the face making its eyes huge, wide and starey.

Demon Alcohol

The Arab word for alcohol means “the Demon”. Alcohol comes from the word Algol. Alcohol disintegrates and dries us out, so it literally petrifies. It turns us into zombies, we loose our heads and our sovereignty. It is easy for a dictator to brainwash a nation of drunks. At the same time crime is also fueled by alcohol, giving us a false sense of bravado. Morals become loosened. The same religion that has wine on the altar paradoxically blames it for all manner of evil doing…“The shaft of the abyss, from which smoke rises like a great furnace, reeks of alcoholThat woman of the Apocalypse of Saint John, dressed in purple and scarlet and adorned in gold, precious stones and pearls, drinks alcohol. She holds a golden cup in her hands full of abominations and the filthiness of her fornication. That is the great whore whose number is 666.” [2]

Algol threads the fine line between life and death, madness and wisdom. Wine can make you warm and sociable at parties or turn you into a lecherous fiend. It can be a truth serum, yet it can make you tell the filthiest lies. When alcohol pierces our aura it can let in those evil spirits, they take possession of us, we have been invaded. In the Greek myth, being invaded by Poseidon (Neptune) was exactly what happened to Medusa in the first place. Neptune is of course also associated with alcoholics and the blurring of boundaries between worlds. So the God of the sea raped Medusa, but what is more horrifying was Pallas Athena siding with the Gods in condemning her. This important part of the story is often skipped over.

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Author: Marina Macario

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  1. Conjunct my ASC is Chiron and Algol/Capulus (27 Degrees) and my lover also has Algol-Chiron conjunct my ASC in synastry.

    It is very intense, to say the least.

    I find myself projecting all the beauty and horror of my soul onto him.

    I feel like we MIRROR each other.

    It is both frightening and blissful all at once.

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  2. Hello there!!!!I need an opinion!!!In this years solar return Algol is sitting on my mercury. Mercury is in 10th house and he is the lord of 1st house. They told me that something terrible will happend to my parents or me(because except algol mercury is not well placed). What do you think about that?

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  3. It looks like people might not be getting replies here ? Well, in case we do eventually, I have 26 degrees of Taurus on my 8th house cusp.

    Not only that…but my Sun is also in the 8th house. And that Sun is also in 26 degrees of Taurus.

    Is this dangerous for me ?

    I don’t take a lot of risks in life. I lost a sibling when I was 12 and from there I realized things really do happen to people. Also, other negative things like another brother going to Vietnam, and I’ve lost many family members and had estrangements from other family members, family members having issues of various kinds,ect.

    From an early age I have seen death and suffering within my own family. I’ve personally been through a lot. I also go to trouble to prevent suffering, I rescue kitty cats when I can.

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    • Wow algol can be intense.

      Especially in the 8th house!

      I save kittens too.

      Sometimes I feel like I myself am a stray kitten .

      Algol rising conjunct chiron xo

    • Well, now that I think about it, my life has been much like yours and may be due to Algol in my 12th house ruled by Venus exalted, squared to Pluto, Jupiter in my third. My siblings have suffered and have inflicted senseless suffering upon me for my study of astrology. I go above and beyond to prove myself worthy and devout at all times. It has eased the situation with my oldest sibling and her daughter (who is of course my niece and born 3 months after I was). So my niece is a Taurus Sun and happens to be a Taurus Moon both in the 12th…….born on May 10th, 1956. A very challenging relationship with her that changes very rapidly…both of us are Gemini rising.

      So I have had death follow me since I was 3 and 2 beloved men were taken….grandfather and a man engaged to my sister. The news of the accidental death of my sister’s fiance in burned into my memory as it came through the phone call my mother answered. From exploring my past lives and the path that was the optimal one in my current lifetime, it all makes sense now why I knew deep in my soul that my life was thrown into ruin with his death.

      I have had a succession of long absences to endure of those I loved dearly. Also a succession of unexpected deaths and suicides has been a constant. But thankfully the spiritual path I felt compelled to follow has brought me understanding and a measure of comfort when I am able to rise above the circumstances that have ravaged my body and my life. Saturn and Neptune afflicted in my 6th has made for a lifetime of very diligent hard work and chronic illnesses at the hands of doctors who didn’t understand the long term effect of 3 years worth of antibiotics as a teenager for acne.

      As to your chart and the life, death and ravages it has brought you, I am sincerely very sorry and empathize with you immensely. Yes, it does mean that you must be very cautious where your health and identity is concerned. Please know that there is a purpose to every thing if you are willing to be patient and loving despite the hard knocks. I am 59 and determined to stay on the path that is meant for me as revealed by experience and keeping my eyes on the guidance of the Universe at all times. It really does mean everything to listen to the whispers and songs of the angels around you and of course the Creator. Take heart dear one. You are not alone…..ever. My motto is this. I release, I relax and I let go! I am loved, I am safe and I am supported. I chose to live in the light, the love and the sound of my Creator.

  4. Lorl and Danyeal thanks for the input.
    Venus just had its return 26 degrees-for my woman friend’s 72 birthday. Was striking when young.
    Unbeknown to me the test before me was faith. The unwitting tool was yoga. It felt good was all I knew.
    My Kenya friend used to say “keep the faith”.
    I smile as I just remembered that. Last nite was a algol nightmare and my mail box with comments of her.
    Where is she? 29 degrees?!

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