Sun Sextile/Trine Jupiter ~ Ballooning


Sun sextile Jupiter or Sun trine Jupiter endows the native with a magnanimous generosity, both of material goods but also of spirit. This exuberant demeanour means that they usually attract wealth. The native tends to think they are just lucky so they want to share what they have. These soft aspects generally makes these people warm, humorous and with a great zest for life. Buoyancy is their greatest asset.

Sun sextile Jupiter or Sun trine Jupiter in the sky brings a day of optimism and generosity. Use this jolly day to ask for favours or material goods. People are more likely to splash out on gifts and fun activities. It is a good day for a birthday party or wedding as everyone is in good spirits. So blow up a ton of gold balloons and turn up the disco music!

The native comes across as a huge, sparkly golden balloon. The thing about balloons is that they are are very light and non-threatening. Sometimes the native finds it hard to be taken seriously in business as they have quite a charming, childlike wonder about them. This can be a good ploy though! Don’t fall for their innocence, if the Sun/Jupiter has other nefarious aspects in their chart this balloon could be filled with poison gas! You won’t suffer of course, unless you were one of the unfortunate souls who couldn’t resist sticking a pin in them.

The biggest problem with Sun sextile or trine Jupiter is that their Pollyanna, happy-go-lucky attitude just annoys the hell out of more cautious folk. So although Sun sextile or trine Jupiter are generally well-liked, they can still attract some very resentful enemies. Really it is just pure envy.

Generally however, these folks recover quickly from any insults or teasing. They really do have incredible rebounding capabilities. Over time that thin rubber Jupiter skin thickens while their innards solidify. That’s when you get the rubber ball effect. These folk age very well indeed. Their confidence skyrockets and their vision knows no bounds.

By the native’s 70’s, (if they have survived the balloon popping stage) they believe they are now god, or at least godly. Sun sextile or trine Jupiter has strong beliefs and thinks it is their duty to support those who they deem worthy enough. These natives make great patrons and enjoy giving to charity.

If Sun sextile or trine Jupiter are religious, then they will do much work for their church and the less fortunate. These folk have a strong sense of justice so a career in the law would suit. Publishing will also be very lucrative for them and that way they can also support struggling artists and writers. Sun/Jupiter also have the foresight to be able to spot talent and potential in another which makes them good agents too.

Artwork: ‘10 Of Worlds’. Voyager Tarot © James Wanless

Sun Jupiter Soft Aspects

Sun Sextile Jupiter

Leonardo Da Vinci (b 1452) was clearly a gifted painter with insatiable creativity and curiosity. Away from him the easel Da Vinci also designed a parachute, helicopter and a tank!

Da Vinci was also a polymath and his varied interests included architecture, science, music, engineering, anatomy, geology, astronomy, writing, history and botany.

In fact Da Vinci was really interested in everything under the Sun and is credited with being a Renaissance man. His genius seems superhuman, and yes godly.

Da Vinci is, of course, most remembered for his Mona Lisa and the most famous religious painting of all time ‘The Last Supper’. The sculptor Benvenuto Cellini is quoted as saying: “There had never been another man born in the world who knew as much as Leonardo, not so much about painting, sculpture and architecture, as that he was a very great philosopher.” ~ Wiki.

Sun sextile Jupiter

Da Vinci’s wide interests and love of learning are certainly a Jupiter trait. He was able to see the bigger picture and make connections between the various different fields he was interested in. In Va Vinci’s personal life, he was known to be a vegetarian, loved animals and often bought caged birds just so he could set them free.

Da Vinci was also very forgiving. One of his assistants, whom he nicknamed ‘the devil’ often stole money and valuables off him, yet still remained in his household for 30 years. Da Vinci never married and true to the nature of Jupiter, the artist’s most intimate relationships were with his young male assistants and pupils.

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Sun Trine Jupiter

Mary I Of England (also known as ‘Bloody Mary’) is probably not the best example of this so-called soft aspect, but she was idealistically zealous! Mary is remembered for restoring Roman Catholicism in England after the death of her young half-brother; the Protestant King Edward IV. Mary had 280 Protestants burnt at the stake during her 5-year reign, but compared to her father Henry VIII, Mary’s ‘bloodiness’ was not really out of place in this time of history.

However, had Mary’s parents been successful in conceiving a male heir, Mary might have developed some of the more warm and generous traits of Sun trine Jupiter. Before Anne Boleyn came along, Mary’s childhood was idilic.

“By the age of nine, Mary could read and write Latin. She studied French, Spanish, music, dance, and perhaps Greek. Henry VIII doted on his daughter and boasted to the Venetian ambassador Sebastian Giustiniani, “This girl never cries” Wiki 

After the divorce when Mary was 15 years of age her mother Catherine was sent from court and Mary was not allowed to see her. This left Mary often ill and depressed. Mary was staunchly Roman Catholic as her Spanish mother had been.

Eventually, Mary did reconcile with her father and came back to court when after Anne Boleyn was beheaded “Henry insisted that Mary recognise him as head of the Church of England, repudiate papal authority, acknowledge that the marriage between her parents was unlawful, and accept her own illegitimacy.

She attempted to reconcile with him by submitting to his authority as far as “God and my conscience” permitted.” When Mary was Queen she had a very unfortunate case of ‘ballooning’ with two phantom pregnancies. Sadly it is thought that the pregnant looking belly may have been due to Mary having a tumour.

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