The Solar Return Chart

The Solar Return is the return of the Sun to its natal position. The Solar Return chart is a summary of the year ahead. A striking year will be one where a planet is partile or within a degree to one of the angles like Ascendant or Midheaven. Donald A Bradley, author of “Solar and Lunar Returns”, and Eshelman in his book “Interpreting Solar Returns”, both recommend precessing the chart so that the Sun truly returns to its natal placing. Robert Hand also suggests using precession correction in return charts in “Planets in Transit“. To draw up a Sidereal Solar Return Chart on Astrodienst

If you haven’t got a software program like Solar Fire to automatically precess the Solar Return, use this method: Go to the Astrodienst extended chart selection. First do the Solar Return as a Fagan/Bradley sidereal chart using the location of your birthday for the year you are doing it for, NOT the natal location (unless it happens to be the same). Then redo the chart as a normal tropical natal chart using the time and date from the SR sidereal chart. This will be a precession-corrected Solar Return. You can then run it as a bi-wheel putting the natal chart on the outside. If natal planets falls on or near an angle in the solar return then this too is significant

Solar Return Interpretation

Bradley and Eshelman also dispense with looking at the signs and read the chart by aspects alone. Though Bradley sticks to the Ptolemeic aspects, regarding the conjunction, opposition and square being most important. He disregards the hard aspects as being stressful, saying that the nature of the planets involved are more important. However, he wouldn’t include the quincunx either which I have found to be important when a Solar return chart produces a Yod.

The most important things to look at in all Solar Returns are the planets in conjunct with the AC/DC, MC/IC. You can give quite a wide orb. Up to 8 degrees.  This is why precessing is so important. As this will be totally different on a precessed chart. The aspects between the planets will be exactly the same, but in different houses. A planet conjunct the angle will be hugely emphasized for that year. The tighter is is the more dramatic the year. It has been suggested using the methods above that a malefic, ie Mars, Saturn (or a difficult outer planet like Neptune and Pluto) on the angles, augurs a difficult year ahead. If they are partile it could even be quite a traumatic year.

The malefics on the angles theory is interesting. But what on earth do you say to a client who has Saturn on the AC!? The last two SR charts I did happened to have this, but I don’t think it helps to warn of impending doom. So I had a look at my own SR charts going back to test this theory. I looked at precessed compared to non-precessed using four big events.

Some Of My Solar Return Charts ~ 2004-2010

Solar Return ChartDEATH OF FATHER Non-precessed – Nothing angular. Precessed – Saturn conjunct DC, North Node conjunct IC. The souls evolution so tightly aligned to the parental axis and the deathly Saturn wins over the non-precessed hands down.

SEPARATED FROM HUSBAND  Non-precessed – Pluto conjunct AC. Precessed – Lilith conjunct AC, Mars conjunct MC, Uranus conjunct DC in 7th house. This was a hard year for me but not devastating. I relished in my new found freedom. Uranus on the DC set me free. Lilith the forbidden fruit that tempted me out of my domestic situation.

DIVORCED & BECAME AN ASTROLOGER Non-precessed – Mars conjunct IC. Precessed – Lilith/Pluto conjunct DC, Neptune conjunct MC. Neptune dissolved the marriage and brought me Astrology. Pluto/Lilith an intense new sexual relationship which transformed my life.

SECOND MARRIAGE Non-precessed – Moon conjunct IC. Precessed – Jupiter conjunct DC. Self-explanatory, lucky Jupiter conjunct my house of marriage gave me a wedding in a foreign country (Jupiter) and was far more descriptive of my year than the Moon on the IC even if it was closer.

Precessed works for me. My father’s death was the most convincing since Saturn on my DC spelled death for my marriage also. It started going downhill from there. This happened two years before I finally left my husband.

I would regard Saturn on an angle as useful for business. I don’t think is necessarily always a bad thing though it does suggest depression. I had a great year financially the year I had Saturn on my DC. It was like my dear Dad was sending me cash from the grave. Giving me good old Saturn support.

I provide a Solar Return Reading: 30mins on mp3 for $115. The perfect birthday present for yourself or another!



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  1. I want to have a one-year forecast from you guys when i have the cash. hopefully soonish. Why the stressing, in your examples, of AC/DC, IC/MC… in terms of the solar return… (mind you, i know nothing of them)?

    1. I wrote this while being distracted by kids!I forgot to stress the whole point of the article which was that angular planets are the most important thing in a solar return chart! I have now added that in. Thanks Michelle 🙂

  2. So glad you researched this Marina. That solar return chart for the year we met is amazing. The Pluto Lilith conjunction was on my Part of Fortune, and the Ascendant was on your Part of Fortune. Mars was on my Ascendant!

    Checked out out my solar return for the year we met (see chart). The Part of Fortune is conjunct my Descendant. The Moon is on your Ascendant and Lilith is on your Descendant.

    1. Merry Christmas and happy new year to you both and to the whole Darkstar community!!!

  3. Can I just say, great article on Solar Returns! You guys are so cute as a couple! It is a pleasure to read what you both say, and congratulations on your marriage…a match truely made in Heaven! Blessings to you both from another astrologer. xx

  4. Could a stellium in the 12th house allude to working in film? (merc, pluto, moon, north node) — nothing in 10th, but venus in 9th.

    Also, does the sign on the ascendant matter or more the fixed star?

    1. Yes. Anything Neptune/12th house is very much film and photography. Mercury the media and communications being in there makes it more so. North Node good as it is the direction to take for the year and for your long term souls evolution. Moon also good. Appealing to the masses and imaginative.

      Yes we don’t use signs so we look at the fixed star rising that will give the theme for the year. Stars on angles more important than on the planets unless they are conjunct the angles, but only if you have a very accurate time.

    2. What’s cool is that my normal mc/ic became my precessed ac/dc, so I guess i should watch for any transits to 28 cap and cancer. Looks like it’ll be very important.

      I also love that the 12th house is about both film AND mysticism. Two of my favorite things. 29 Pisces Midheaven 🙂

      I was studying Michel Gauquelin’s stuff on planets in the 12th. He said that the outer planets don’t really account for specific career talents there. But I didn’t see anything about chiron. Do you know anything about chiron in the 12th as far as career goes?

    3. I have Barbara hand Clows Chiron Book at home, but can’t get to it right now. She’s the expert. But off the top of my head Chiron in 12th, healing with film? Teaching film studies? Mentoring, alternative health. Colour or aura therapy?

  5. Thank you for this article!
    My birthday was yesterday, so the best time to check my Solar Return I think.

  6. I checked for conjunctions to the angles in my precessed Solar Return.
    Interestingly the Solar Return ASC is conjunct my Draconic ASC by 0°46. Does that mean this could be a very karmic year?

    Anyway, conjunctions to the angles within the Solar Return chart are:
    ASC conjunct Jupiter 0°15 (Jupiter is my chartruler)
    ASC conjunct Uranus 1°34
    ASC conjunct Lilith: 5°48 (Does this wide aspect is still valid?)

    DESC conjunct Juno 1°03
    DESC conjunct Vertex 3°11

    MC conjunct Sun 1°42
    MC conjunct Pallas 0°52
    MC conjunct Mercury 2°03 (Mercury is my DESC-ruler)
    MC conjunct NN 4°37
    MC conjunct Pluto 6°43

    I don`t know if this is important, but this stellium is near the current ecclipse degree:
    Sun: 26°26 Sag
    MC: 28°08 Sag
    Pallas: 29°00 SAg
    NN: 2°45 Cap

    Squares are:

    ASC and DESC square Sun 1°16
    MC and IC square Juno 1°55
    MC and IC square Vertex 0°13
    MC and IC square Jupiter 3°09
    MC and IC square Uranus 1°24

    Hmm, this looks interesting, I think. Now I am extra curious to the following year.

    1. Wow that’s a tight conjunction to Jupiter. Looks like one of those important years like 2009 was for me. Jupiter is supposed to protect you from any nastiness. You will have your own planetary bodyguard this year!
      You might need it coz it looks like an eventful year is coming. Lilith on the AC means you will really feel your power as a woman and probably upset a few people hence the need for Jupiter’s protection. Yes 5 degs does count. Pallas on the MC confims it. Another fiesty lady.

    2. Thank you, Marina.

      “Looks like one of those important years like 2009 was for me.”
      Well, my true soulmate still has to appear, just like Bacchus appeared to Ariadne.

      Though this was meant as a joke, with Juno on Vertex and DESC – who knows?

      “Jupiter is supposed to protect you from any nastiness. You will have your own planetary bodyguard this year!”
      I am very relieved Jupiter is so prominently placed, especially with the angles all indicating changes.

      “Lilith on the AC means you will really feel your power as a woman and probably upset a few people”
      Yes, I already did.
      I was writing on an astrology forum, and observing some tyrannical tendencies there, it was like something in me snapped and I put down my foot and said: Enough.
      And then I turned and left.
      I found it interesting though how many other members were leaving at the same time, some even after I had announced I would be leaving (and gave my reasons). They obviously saw things the same way I did.
      It`s a different place now, just because different people are there.
      I was actually surprised how easy it was for me to leave, especially since I considered this my home for many years.
      Anyway, I guess this was a bit “Lilith-like”.
      I am not living in a “false paradise”!
      I rather live as an outcast than compromising my truth.

  7. Thanks Marina, this is veeery interesting. I thought my regular Solar Return chart was wild, but using the method you suggest, I end up with asteroid Reiki exactly (within 5’) conjunct my Solar Return MC! Seeing as how I’m hoping to start up a home-based Reiki practice next year, this came as a nice surprise. Having Saturn and Hygiea conjunct the MC makes sense as well. Icing on the cake is SR 10th house Sun exactly trine Chiron/Neptune.

    The Solar Return IC and MC are square to the North Node/Pluto/Ceres conjunction, and this same IC/MC axis is in partile conjunction with my natal Ceres/Eris opposition (which is part of the natal Mystic Rectangle involving my natal IC and MC/Aldebaran). Right when I discovered this post, the transiting Moon was conjunct my natal MC.

    Awesome and informative post, Marina! I just hope it did it right. The one concern I have is that in following your directions, my SR Moon switched signs from the end of Pisces to 1 degree Aries. I think I’ve read where this happens; is that right? Thanks again. 🙂

    1. If you want me to check your solar return I’ll draw it up on Solar fire for you. Just send me your DOB and location to the Darkstar email.
      We can’t draw up charts for everyone who asks unfortunately, all depends on our workload. But we like to help out our regulars as much as we can 🙂

      Hope SR chart is correct for you. I love that Reiki on the MC. Just perfect!

    2. Marina that’s so nice of you – this is why your regulars love you! IF you get the chance, I’d be very grateful. Hopefully, the MC you come up with will be 8 Libra 56. If not, oh well . . . I’m not greedy, especially since my regular Solar Return looked pretty good too. But still, it would be amazing to get such strong validation. Many thanks. 🙂

    3. The precessed MC I came up with is 26 Virgo. What location did you do it for? I did it for San francesco, I assume you still live there? Your natal Ac conjunct Pluto yes? By only 11 mins. Wow!
      If this is right I’ll forward you the chart.

    4. Thanks Marina, but something must be off. Natal 12th house Pluto is conjunct my AC, but is not that close, being less than 8 degrees away, square 9th house Mars (2 degrees).

      Rather than have you hassle with this, may I just ask you one question? Your directions seemed very clear, but I’m wondering if it was correct for me to leave the House System as is, which is the Astriodenst “default” setting. Other than that, I’m sure I did what you said to do.

      The odds of asteroid Reiki landing smack dab on my MC, even if in error, seem astronomical, so even if I did make a mistake, well . . .

      Thanks again.

  8. Wow,Marina. Thanks this is invaluable information. I just started reading and looking into this whole precessing thing. I was very curious. Cause my solar returns don’t ever make sense to me.
    I corrected the chart and made a new solar return as a natal chart like you suggested.
    Very interesting. The sun (my natal sun is at 15d) is within 5 degrees of the ace. My ac would be brought to my natal 5th house. So, this should be a creative year for me for sure. All those capricorn planets that were originally in the 8th house are all in the first house. Saturn is in the the tenth house but thankfully trines my sun. Which is good for career. I am going to look at it carefully. I am also going to check out other solar returns. Thanks very much. I really appreciate you sharing your knowledge.

  9. Hi Jamie and Marina, I am yet to be convinced about precessing solar returns however what I do know is that one method might “explore” items the other method does not and viser versa.

    This years solar return (non precessed) has the Sun on my ascendant which replicated my progressed Sun on ascendant. The return chart was descriptive of my year where as the precessed solar return was somewhat non descript.

    My next years return will be a test for the precessed versus non precessed solar return with the non precessed showing Sun conjunct MC wide of jupiter in the 10th.

    The precessed solar return shows Sun Jupiter conjunct the ascendant with Saturn conjunct descendant.

    Perhaps there is not much difference with the two methods in my next solar return? I prefer to use the age old techniques for returns and determining how the whole of life may “interfere” with one year of my life and how One year of my life might interfere with the whole of my life! This method uses the four pillars of life to detect positive or negative “disturbances” with regard to the angles and timelords of both natal and return charts.

    I found this article very interesting,

    By the way I think partile means in the same degree rather than planets separating from each other by aspect.

    Best regards

    1. The free e-book (article) is great, Kingsley, thanks! I will check out her Web site as well. I think I recall seeing her name as a good astrological reference regarding solar returns. Happy holidays.

    2. Ken, I read through that link and would not agree with the reasoning beind ignoring precession “There are no stellar, sidereal, or precessional influences innately important to the tropical system”. Fixed stars are used by many tropical astrologers, and that connot be done without using precession. The example given for Patty uses only house interpretation and does not include the relationship to her natal chart (not posted).

    3. As I said, I am ok if the system works Jamie and prefer to avoid any pedantics however if you are going to promote this system, as a reader I would like if you had tested it over time and in the way that solar returns are read for one year in a persons life. Frankly I do not place much importance on solar returns because of their hit and miss nature and instead use them for guides to “replications” of other more accurate predictive indicators.

      That is an interesting statement you make about tropical astrologers using Fixed Stars without precession.


    4. Hi Ken,
      I have used Solar Return charts for a number of years testing on friends and family, admittedly these charts were not precessed until a year ago. I also just used natal location.

      Nowadays I use current location when requested, but I prefer to use natal and then overlay current residence to see how the energies move. As we focus on aspects then it doesn’t change the guts of the reading so much.

      I quite agreed the Solar return shouldn’t be used alone. Jamie does the transits and lunations while the Solar return and the Tarot I focus on provide the backdrop. I am confident judging from the feedback that our method works well for us.

    5. Hi Marina, yes its taken me ten years to assess how some astrology systems work better than others and how to integrate them into a preferred style of opperation.

      I like the way you have done away with core elements, chart balances and temperaments. Then added your Stars and tarot etc. Very inventive indeed.


    6. Thanks. I read through it also and I think one should use a method that follows the same reasoning as how one reads charts generally. So for her, as a tropical zodiac astrologer who reads charts in the way she does, taking account of the signs and planets foremost, then it makes sense for her to use non-precessed Tropical Solar Return charts.

      We use the tropical zodiac purely as a measurement of co-ordinates. We used fixed stars and, as Jamie says, you must use precession for them to work. So for us it is logical to use precession for everything we do. Our mindset is sidereal, even if we don’t draw up sidereal charts. We just want to be on the same page as everyone else when comparing charts.

      Like Eshelman and Bradley my focus for Solar returns is angular Planets and the aspects. Therefore using her method will not make sense in my brain and will not work for me. Just like everyone has a house system they resonate with. What works for one Astrologer may not for another. Astrological methods and systems are just tools, it’s up to the individual Astrologer to create the magic.

  10. my dad died on his 44th birthday (oct 28 2000), when I was 15. his birthday was oct 28 1956. i just went on astrodienst to get the transits to my natal chart from that day. here are the conjunctions/opps/squares under three degrees: sun conjunct pluto, sun square vertex; venus opp. mercury, venus opp. chiron, venus square AC, venus opp. MC; mars square mars, mars sq. ceres, mars con. juno; jupiter conj. merc., jupiter conj. chiron, jup. square AC, jup. conj. MC.; so, now i’m looking to the “more outer” planets making aspects to the angles. Neptune is almost exactly conjunct the vertex. then we have have pluto square AC, opposed MC. And chiron square AC, as well. I was not sure how to draw up the IC on the astrodienst chart. If there is a way, I feel kind of embarrassed, cuz I couldn’t figure it. As well, I do not have any such paid-for software like solar fire, so I have do make do with what I can, which is fine enough for me at this point…. though, i am still very curious about what the IC connections would show. : )

    1. If Pluto was opposed the MC then it would be conjunct the IC as its opposite. The IC is the root of your being and said to be the house of the father!

  11. Thanks, this is a great article! I have always been puzzled when working with solar return charts – they seemed to lack some kind of ‘bite’.

    Could you just clarify the significance of natal planets in aspect to the solar return chart? e.g. does natal jupiter conj solar return ASC have same energy as solar return jupiter conj solar return ASC?

  12. Marina. I made three precessed charts like you explained how to. This years (6 of dec birthday precessed to the 8)
    Has sag at 20:47 d and that has ophicious conjunct with my sun also conjunct the ac as well as the sun and there is the north node at 2 d cap in the first house with Pluto, mercury in cap… I have my natal sun/ moon midpoint at 1 d cap and my natal mercury at 4 d cap
    This precessed chart looks really powerful too

  13. Great article.

    I’m now a little scared with Saturn conjunct the DC (5 degrees), Pluto conjunct MC (5 degrees)and Neptune conjunct the ascendant (3 degrees, but I have a closer conjunction in my natal chart).

    I’ll just have to wait and see what happens!

  14. @LB. Mystery solved. I misspelt San francisco (as Francesco.) Solar Fire came up with some weird co-ordinates. Redrew it with less intense Pluto in the 12th. So YES! you got it right. Your Solar Return MC is 8 degs 53′ Libra precessed by solar fire. So you get to keep Reiki!

    Mercury retro has REALLY effected me this time. Been squaring my Ceres and pressing my Yod reaction point.

    1. Oh and it rather backs up my case for precessing charts doesn’t it? Good luck with the Reiki business. It’s a shame we don’t live nearer and could do swapzies!

    2. Thanks Marina.:) I really appreciate you confirming that for me; I just knew it was too amazing to be a coincidence.

      And this absolutely makes the case for using precessed charts; I don’t think you could find a better example. What I really like is how the precessed Solar Return chart spelled out for me what my regular Solar Return seemed to suggest. I also think it supports the idea of asteroids providing more specific details regarding the energies involved.

      A swap would be nice, but the commute would be hellish (hahaha).

  15. I followed your instructions and hope I did it right (I’m very much an amateur), because, following your instructions for my 2011 SR has moved Saturn from the asc and replaced it with Venus/Antares with Jupiter/Uranus/Lilith on the IC and Juno on the MC – all of which looks a lot more cosy to me than Saturn, rising all alone – so I’m more than willing to believe! 🙂

    Precessing my 2010 SR put Mars smack on the asc, it has been a very hard year – though maybe that was the 15th Jan solar eclipse falling just a few hours after.

    Fascinating. Thank you!

  16. I can’t find the Bradley chart choice you mentioned on astrodienst, where is it please? I am pretty familiar with the site but not sr charts. Would an sr chart be just your birthday for that year? Alternatively if you mess about with the time for a solar return to get the exact degree as the natal chart is this the same as precessed?
    Thanks great educational article!

    1. Its in the drop down menu called Zodiac under house system. Click on Fagan/Bradley sidereal.

      A solar return is not for your birthday because it could even fall a day before or a dayafter. The Sun should be on or a few minutes from the Suns position on your natal chart. So if your natal Sun is 2 aqua 22′ it should be on that very degree.

      It’s quite hard to do a precessed solar return manually. Jamie used to do it that way. You have to add the minutes for precession to the chart first and THEN fiddle around to get the Sun on its natal degree.

      This is why people don’t like precessing I guess. The bloody maths involved. Until I got Solar Fire it annoyed me too!

      I used to work with sidereal charts before Solar Fire, that way precession took care of itself and I had accurate Solar returns. But this is no good for people who like to use the tropical zodiac signs. Henc I thought I’d share this method from a guy calling himself Sun SagMoonLib on Astro.coms forum.

    2. Marina, does Scheat have another name? I’m searching for an ephemeris to find out whether or not I have anything like Scheat doing dastardly deeds in my chart but can’t find it. I’m sure you would have mentioned it in the 3 month forecast and I want you to do a natal chart for me as soon as I can afford it but until then I’m struggling to find a fixed star ephemeris that includes Scheat..and also, what orb do you give them, and I can’t get my head around to concept of precessions and wonder if you have a simple description? Big ask, no?

    3. Had a look and you have no Scheat in your chart! Fixed stars are only important if they are in conjunct by one degree any thing in your chart. Constellation of Words website is the place to go for fixed star info.
      I noticed your MC is in a busy part of the sky as far as fixed stars go. Its conjunct my Jupiter Yod apex. So we share Capella, El Nath and Phact. Great stars!!

    4. Wow, no Scheat, that’s good news, thanks Marina, very kind of you to take a look for me on Christmas Day! – I guess the cosmos didn’t think I could cope with four Yods, a kite, 9th H Mars conjunct 8th H Pluto and Scheat on top of it all! I’m pleased to know I have some good stars around your Jupiter Yod apex on my MC! Now I’ll go look up the three stars, happy Boxing Day – does anyone know why is it called Boxing Day?

    5. I believe because the day after Xmas the servants got the boxes maybe an old wives tale but someone told mr that! Maybe pulling my leg 🙂

  17. Oh forgot to ask Jamie referenced the part of fortune a lot, I know it’s not a “celestial body” as such but what is it’s significance please?

    1. It’s an arabic part; For day charts, Ascendant + Moon – Sun
      For night charts, Ascendant + Sun – Moon. It’s the unification of the Mind, Body and Spirit. Therefore its supposed to be what makes your soul happy and bring you luck generally.

  18. Found this to be a very interesting article. My 2010 precessed SR has partile Pluto/NN conjunct MC with 1.5 degrees. Also moon conjunct asc from the 12th house within 3 degrees. Also, 12th house contains Neptune, Chiron, Lilith, Jupiter and Uranus. I was planning on a career change in 2011 into the film industry. Looks to me like it might happen.

  19. Thank you for the precious insight Marina. I recently had my birthday too. That high octane conjunction of Mercury-Mars-Pluto-North Node-Eros-Pallas falls on my (precessed) SR AC (Mercury-NN right on SR AC, and exactly on my natal Mercury), Venus on SR MC and Moon-Pars Fortuna on SR IC, , also natal Nessus on SR DC.
    Mercury rules my natal 2nd and 5th houses I already have very serious health, money and housing (law suits) concerns, also with my son (aggravated parental alienation).
    Simply put: how do I not panic!?

    1. I don’t hold house rulerships as having a strong influence. But Mercury is kids.
      The problem with Astrology is sometimes a little knowledge is worse than none at all. Right now this Mercury retro is messing with peoples minds and I’ve notice a real tendency to think yourself into a frenzy and panic sets in.

      Is this chart for your location or your natal chart? No body seems to be able to agree on whether the chart should be relocated or not. I’m inclined to think after much research now that the natal Solar return ,like our natal charts, stay with us, and the relocated charts are simply a description of how your viewpoint is shifted by being somewhere else. It’s like another layer on top of the natal SR.

    2. You are right, indeed I had set it for the relocation place I’ve had for most of my life. When I run it for my birth place, it brings the moon to the AC from the 12th and the December drama stellium to the MC from the 9th, both with wider orbs. Anyway, my son’s pr SR is not so alarming.

      I would have loved to get some hope for my decaying health though. Incidentally this year’s Solar Return brings also the return both Venus and Mercury at the same time.

  20. Hi there…quick question! Any thoughts on SR that mimic natal angles. My SR Asc/ Dsc MC/IC angles are less then one degree all the way around. So the houses are my natal houses etc!

    Thanks much!

  21. Hi Marina,

    In my solar return, my Lilith 28’49 is conj MC 28′. Pluto 11’18 is conj my dc 8’29. Conj my true node 7’22. Lilith image coming out in the public or through my job? pluto coming to change me. opp ASC. this could be a current Bf?

    Lilith conj uranus which is conj my par fortune which is conj Jupiter. 10th house. Maybe I’ll get filthy rich this year.

    Lilith square venus 25’05 would mean what? troubles in love?

    Mars is also conj my sun in 8th house, would i have lots of energy for making money or sex?

    theres a lot to write… looks like a big year!

  22. No doubt about it, precession free returns work best, especially if one uses the methods of delineation suggested by Bradley–as alluded to here– such as emphasis on angular planets and that means eo ipso the nature of said PLANETS more than their aspects, but noting close and espec. HARD aspects. I prefer his suggested Campanus domification.

  23. When running the natal against the corrected precess return chart, do you count the planets conjunct the angles in the precesses return chart, or the planets (precessed return) conjunct the natal chart?

    1. Hi Tammy,
      I like to place the natal around the SR chart because that way it preserves the story of the SR. So that means natal planets on the angles of the SR. Doing SR to natal is just like doing transits, so I would just be repeating a transit report if I did that. I know people do it that way however. There is no right or wrong. I just like doing it the way I mentioned.

  24. may sound like a dumb question Marina but, for clarity, and as you like to use the natal outside/around the SR chart, when precessing for the SR are you precessing the Natal first, as well as or not at all?

    1. I just found this again. No Rob there is no need to precess the natal, but you DO need to draw up the natal as a fagan/bradley if you are doing this on so that then the co-ordinate’s match so to speak. Then i only look at conjunctions from the natal to the SR.

    2. Scrap that! No using the method above you dont need to cast the natal as a fagan/bradley if you are reverting the fagan/bradley back to tropical. Sorry, I have been using solar fire for so long I forgot this method.

  25. Hi, Marina. I Have the same question I think as Rob. I did this a while ago and then I had forgotten about it and now my solar return is coming up soon again. I was blogging with people and did solar returns on some forum and the news is not fun. So, I thought, well for the heck of it I need to take another look at this and see if it works. I just need to do the steps.
    Since I don’t have the sophisticated software and anyway i am amature

    1. Go to do the solar return but do it as fagan/bradely sidereal chart
    2. Then redo the chart as normal natal chart using the new date and time of the sidereal fagan/bradley chart

    question don’t i need to reajust the natal position of my sun so that it matches my natal sun?

    or do i look at as is


    1. Hi Micheline, I don’t think you would have to readjust the SR sun to match the natal sun, because I would imagine it should match anyway if you have followed the above procedure. I’m sorry I’m not too hot on the maths of this! Someone on an told me about this method otherwise I rely on Solar Fire.

    2. Hi, Marina, thanks so much for replying. I did as you had said.
      Exactly, the sun does not change too much but it went from 15 d 2 degrees to 15 d 43. I guess that is not a big change.

  26. Does Return Sun in Return 4th,Return Pluto in Return 4th, Return Jupiter conjunct Natal 4th, Natal Mars conjunct 4th,Return Node in Return 4th & Natal Mercury conjunct 4th house SR, along with Pluto conjunct Natal Ascendant and Pluto conjunct Natal Saturn indicate divorce?

    1. Is this a precessed chart? I do believe they are the most accurate having seen a client who had Uranus conjunct her DC in her solar return and was wanting to leave her failed marriage. From the chart I was able to tell her a lot of what was happening in her life right now. There are lots of divorce indicators though I think you need more than one. You get a feel from looking at the whole thing. I would never come to that conclusion from just a few written aspects. But if you want one maybe thats a good return to get things moving in that direction.
      I think I had transiting Saturn on my pluto when I divorced.

  27. Just pulled my solar return chart for 2012 and wouldn’t you know Saturn conjunct the ascendant exactly (Libra) …Jupiter is on the Decendant critical degree 0. Venus in Aquarius 4th house. Sun conjunct Pluto in the third/Cap. North node in the 2nd house Sag.

    What do you make of the Saturn Jupiter opposition on the angles?

  28. Just a question:
    When does Solar return chart of a specific year is activated. and when it is dis-activated?

  29. My Sun in my Solar Return exactly conjunct my Solar Return DC at Capricon 27.
    What it can indicate?

  30. Ouch! Precessed my 2012 SR chart as you describe, and my benign, mostly harmless SR now has Uranus right on the ascendant, Pluto conjunct the MC and a bloody great boomerang yod in the middle (Venus sx Jupiter qx the moon/vertex) with that Asc/Uranus at the boomerang point, opposite the moon.

    Thanks… I think 😉

    1. Wooooweeeee! That’s the thing with these very dramatic charts. We don’t know whether to fear them or cheer them. I must say i tend to get excited when I see something that intense. Like some huge change is coming. A change is as good as a rest! Says Uranus anyway. Keep us posted on if you do have a precessed kind of year or a non-precessed. I’m always interested in Yods in a SR. So its pointing at your DC. Are you looking for love this year? (Or looking to let go of one because you need more personal freedom?…)

    2. No, definitely not looking for love, or to let go or anything of that sort. The DC is a bit of a grey area for me, I have Mars conjunct natally, another 3 planets and my POF in 7th – relationships are something that just never figure on my wants/don’t wants list of considerations, tbh. It’s not an area I ever give any thought to. The only relationship concerning me is my elderly Dad, who I care for.

      The boomerang is a puzzle too, I’ve no experience with them and I’m not making a lot of sense with what I’m reading. At least – Uranus aside – with the moon, Venus and Jupiter, it looks a little easier than the one that’s recently appeared in my progressed chart – Sun (8) sx Saturn (6), qx Uranus (also on the ascendant) at the apex opposing Venus in 7th.

      It’s all yods and boomerangs for me at the moment. 🙂 A change – I could definitely cope with, if it’s a good one, it’s unpleasant surprises I’m worried about.

    3. I should’ve said the DC is relationships of all kinds, so then this Yod is pointing at the way you relate. It’s not just love. It was the first thing that popped into my mind…If the DC is such a grey area then the Yod pointing straight at it is asking WHY it’s such a grey area.

    4. Actually – looking at it again – Uranus is in the 12th and the moon in 6th, not 7th (Venus is in 12th, Jupiter in 1st, the 1st and 12th houses come out very wide in any system other than equal). So it would be in my work that I could expect changes to happen – or health or something…? At my age, that doesn’t sound good! I’m hanging on to that Venus-Jupiter sextile like a drowning woman. 🙂

      I shall, of course, let you know if anything Big occurs (and would that be heralded by the Moon, at the apex, or that opposing Uranus? I find Yods very confusing)!

  31. Wow! I just precessed my Solar Return for 2012/13, and lo and behold, there is Pluto exactly conjunct my MC (well, not exactly… about 15 minutes off)! In my non-precessed Solar Return for this year, I have the North Node conjunct my IC.

    I guess we’ll see by next year which one wins out! This will be interesting!

    1. I also have Pluto on the MC using this method, we should compare notes (Do you also have Uranus on the ascendant? – or the DC?)

    2. Yes, we should compare notes! I’m very curious to see what this is going to do.
      But no, I don’t have Uranus on any angles – it’s in the 12th house. In fact, nothing else touches any angles in my precessed solar return except that Pluto on the MC.

  32. I have been researching solar return charts lately, and have been convinced that these charts should NOT be precessed. Non-precessed and Placidus houses do the trick for me. Time after time I am struck by the exactness of the Placidus non-angular house cusps “hitting” planets or fixed stars in a way that clarify the interpretation.

  33. I noticed a 13 hour difference between my tropical Solar Return and sidereal Solar

    I have permanently switched to Cyril Fagan Sidereal Zodiac, but I am not using for zodiac sign intepretation. I am only using it as reference point for aspects.

    I use midpoints which Cyril Fagan seemed to use.

    Page 38 of PRIMER OF SIDEREAL ASTROLOGY by Cyril Fagan and Brigadier R.C. Firebrace

    “We consider midpoints important and students will notice that the midpoint of Pluto and Uranus is near the Descendant.”


    Sun oppose Jupiter – ’41
    Moon conjunct North Lunar Node – ’40
    Moon square Midheaven – 4’56
    Ascendant conjunct Venus – 2’27
    Ascendant square Neptune – ’17
    Ascendant square Mars – 4’23
    Mercury conjunct Venus – 1’00
    Mercury square Mars – ’55
    Mercury square Neptune – 3’45
    Venus square Mars – 1’55
    Venus square Neptune – 2’45
    Mars oppose Neptune – 4’41
    Ascendant square Neptune – ’17

    Venus conjunct Sun/Moon – ’21
    Venus conjunct Sun/Node – ’41
    Venus conjunct Mercury/Ascendant – ’43
    Venus oppose Mars/Neptune – ’24

    Mercury oppose Mars/Neptune – 1’24

    Moon conjunct Venus/Pluto – ’16
    Moon conjunct Mercury/Pluto – ’46
    Moon conjunct Pluto/Ascendant – ’57

    Ascendant conjunct Saturn/Pluto – ’51

    Node conjunct Pluto/Ascendant – ’17
    Node conjunct Venus/Pluto – ’56

    Uranus conjunct Jupiter/Neptune – ’21
    Uranus oppose Saturn/Midheaven – ’04


    Sun oppose Jupiter
    Venus conjunct Sun/Moon
    Venus conjunct Sun/Node

    Moon conjunct North Lunar Node
    Moon square Midheaven
    Moon conjunct Venus/Pluto
    Moon conjunct Mercury/Pluto
    Moon conjunct Pluto/Ascendant
    Venus conjunct Sun/Moon

    Ascendant conjunct Venus
    Ascendant conjunct Mercury
    Ascendant square Neptune
    Ascendant square Mars
    Ascendant conjunct Saturn/Pluto
    Moon conjunct Pluto/Ascendant
    Node conjunct Pluto/Ascendant
    Venus conjunct Mercury/Ascendant

    Moon square Midheaven
    Uranus oppose Saturn/Midheaven

    Mercury conjunct Ascendant
    Mercury conjunct Venus
    Moon conjunct Mercury/Pluto
    Venus conjunct Mercury/Ascendant
    Mercury oppose Mars/Neptune

    Venus conjunct Ascendant
    Mercury conjunct Venus
    Venus square Mars
    Venus square Neptune
    Venus conjunct Sun/Moon
    Venus conjunct Sun/Node
    Venus conjunct Mercury/Ascendant
    Venus oppose Mars/Neptune
    Moon conjunct Venus/Pluto
    Node conjunct Venus/Pluto

    Ascendant square Mars
    Mercury square Mars
    Venus square Mars
    Mars oppose Neptune
    Venus oppose Mars/Neptune
    Mercury oppose Mars/Neptune

    Moon conjunct Node
    Venus conjunct Sun/Node
    Node conjunct Venus/Pluto
    Node conjunct Pluto/Ascendant

    Sun oppose Jupiter
    Uranus conjunct Jupiter/Neptune

    Ascendant conjunct Saturn/Pluto
    Uranus oppose Saturn/Midheaven

    Uranus conjunct Jupiter/Neptune
    Uranus oppose Saturn/Midheaven

    Ascendant square Neptune
    Mercury square Neptune
    Venus square Neptune
    Venus oppose Mars/Neptune
    Mercury oppose Mars/Neptune
    Uranus conjunct Jupiter/Neptune

    Ascendant conjunct Saturn/Pluto
    Moon conjunct Venus/Pluto
    Moon conjunct Mercury/Pluto
    Node conjunct Venus/Pluto
    Node conjunct Pluto/Ascendant

    Aspect Patterns
    T-Square of Venus square Mars-Neptune opposition (corresponding midpoint picture of Venus oppose Mars/Neptune)

    T-Square of Mercury square Mars-Neptune opposition

    Lets see
    in regards to events during my current Solar Return period

    My shaman best friend Steve and I stopped attending the psychic fairs because of a shady metaphysical reader.

    I got a heliocentric astrology reading with Philip Sedgwick, and that pretty much cemented my interest in Heliocentric Astrology which I use regularly now.

    I told my Aunt Dede about my mom’s abuse at the home that she was staying with, and my Aunt Dede helped my mom move. My mother is in a much better living situation with my cousin Gina as her choreworker.

    I joined NCGR, Sacramento Area Chapter.

    I bought my mom a used wheelchair accessible van.

    My social security disability benefits have been discontinued, but I still get Veteran Affairs service-connected disability benefits. I have to start paying for Medicare disability insurance.

    I have started looking into Sidereal Zodiac,and I have been reading Cyril Fagan’s books. I learned that there is a significant time difference between Sidereal transits,return charts and Tropical transits,return charts. I understand why some tropical astrologers use precession-corrected transits,return charts because of that significant time difference that becomes more noticeable with the progression of age. I permanently switched zodiacs.

    From a Cyril Fagan book, I learned about the concept behind the Draconic Zodiac and that it originated with the Babylonians. I have decided to use Draconic Zodiac regularly, but I will not use it with other zodiac charts. It seems to work with transits.

    The new zodiac system that I am going to use will be strict aspect analysis that will include midpoints, Sidereal Zodiac,and Draconic Zodiac. I have abandoned the declinations and Right Ascension because they are tropical coordinates.

    Last Friday, I bought a new 21 speed mountain bicycle.

    I am hoping for my lovelife to greatly improve, and that I end up meeting a woman for a lifelong relationship.

    8 more months to go. There is plenty of time for other events to happen.

  34. Do you ever advice “birthday trip” to your consultants, for changing the houses if the sr chart is quite an omen. (Next year, I’ll have sr mars conjunct sr saturn in twelfth house, conjuncting sr AC with 1 degree.)

  35. My Solar return this year has Pisces in the 1st House with Neptune conjunct the ascendant by 1 degree and rising in the 12th House.

    My solar return Sun and Uranus are in the 2nd House of money. I read that having my Sun in the 2nd house is supposed to be good financially this year. Maybe with Uranus there it means unexpected sources of income(finding money, winning money, given money).

    Thehe North Node is in Sagittarius in the 10th which should be good career wise since Sagittarius is ruled by lucky Jupiter.

    It should be better than last year when my Solar return chart was at 29 Degrees 58 Minutes Scorpio. This last year’s been a bitch.

  36. 4 years ago I had North Node conjunct Chiron in the fourth house of my SR chart. I moved to another flat that year and I had psychopath neighbours who harassed and disturbed me in unbelievable ways, for a whole year. They were simply retarded brutes. It was hell to live in that house and I had financial problems and could not get out of the house; and the householder, building manager and the police did not believe the problems I was experiencing, (because what my neighbours were doing was simply unbelieveable). I could not do anything about it. It was the kind of thing you’d say “oh, this is fate”. and it continued for a whole year. i was just sitting in parks and cafes until i was sleepy, so that i would go home and sleep instantly.I had the classic chironic “that’s not fair” feeling with much humiliation.

    the only notable harsh aspect with chiron-node conjunction was a loose opposition with sr mc and sun. also i had neptune (in fourth house) opposed mercury, which i think signifies the terrible choice i made. uranus opposing mars may be signifying the harrasments i was subjected to.

  37. I have to take a better look to this quadrete venus/chiron affaire and this venus square moon melange, if I do wish to further live!


  38. I just calculated my solar return chart and I have Uranus in 5th House, I read that means a suprise pregnancy…is this true?


  39. Can confirm it works Marina! Followed your instructions for solar return year my Dad died and with precession Pluto is conjunct AC, square Sun,moon, merc and Venus in 3rd, with Saturn in 8th. It was a year when I got to know my siblings a lot better while we cared for him and boy, did we argue about the will afterwards, still ongoing!
    Thanks for explaining it so clearly.

  40. Marina –

    Would you precess all return charts or just the solar?

    I have been tracking my lunar return charts for a few years now and I have not found them to be predictive at all for my life. 🙁 I precessed the next 4-5 months of lunar returns to see if they work better (I have TR planets on angles for each month so it should be an easy study).

    My Mars return will be more complicated to precess if I decide to do that (but I think I can figure it out). Would you precess a Mars Return?

    1. My theory is, that if you use precession, you precess everything and that includes transits. So yes I would precess Lunars and Mars returns. I must say though, I don’t use the Mars return so I wouldn’t know about them.

    2. Hi Jax

      Can I ask you a question. How do you precess a return chart? Pls explain if simple or refer to a link. I have been doing several return charts (solar + venus) but looking back on the most dramatic yrs of my life this doesnt show in the return charts, so maybe presessing would help and make a difference? Thanks in advance. BR Eva

  41. This question may have been answered previously. Is the position of planets on angles in the precessed SR chart, more significant or less significant or equally as significant as SR planets in synastry with the natal chart angles ?

    I’ve got Sun opposite Pluto in the SR chart exact on the ASC-DSC, which is a 2nd to 8th house opposition in my natal.

    I’ve also got a Yod from SR Pluto sextile natal Neptune to SR Venus-Jupiter on the 12th cusp. This is where Saturn is transiting my natal now.

    It’s difficult to read the synastry … or maybe I just don’t want to read the answers ? 🙂

    1. I have the same question. I think it could also be asked – are we looking at all 8 angles? I am assuming the solar return is first looked at without the natal and that if there are planets on the angles that is of significance. Then one would add the natal and see how the solar return affects it, the SR acting like transits. Am I getting this right? The precessed is completely different from non. I am going to go back now and look at significant dates in history to get a better sense of how this works. Lots of info to assimilate with the synestry. I am concentrating on angles only.

  42. Hello Marina
    hope this note finds you well! my question is this, Do you believe that is beneficial to travel on the day of your SR to get benefits or to avoid a hard aspect on your SR?
    If this is something in fact that helps, second questions is this, the changes to the hard aspects will influence or lower the intensity of the transits of that year?

    Hope this is not a crazy question Marina

    Thank you very much !!

    With Kind Regards


  43. Hi Marina,

    I have a question related to Walter’s above regarding traveling on your birthday. If I follow your method to precess the Solar Return chart via Astrodienst’s extended chart selection, do I put the different location of where I’ll be on my next/previous birthday in either/both of the charts from steps one and two which you have outlined above? I have just bought a copy of Bob Marks book about traveling on your birthday and he stresses that charts need to be precessed and I found your blog when doing a search for tools and techniques for doing this without having to buy software. I’m very new to all of this so thanks in advance for your understanding and time.

    1. Hi Ianny. Use the birthday location for both the fagan/bradley and the tropical chart.

      Hi Walter: To be honest I’m not sure about travelling on your birthday, it seems a bit unbelievable that one can cheat fate like that. What I shall do actually is look at both Jamies and I’s solar returns from last year because it was the first time that I spend my birthday in Oz and he spent his in london. We actually both had the toughest year ever and I don’t think Jamie’s cancer could have been avoided if he had had his birthday last September in Australia. But I will check and let you know, because this past year would be a great example to use.

  44. Very interesting. I always had this theory that even if you do spend your birthday at another location it would still revert to the influence of your location for most of the year after a while. I guess that’s why relocation to improve ones birthchart for someone works, though I always believe that ones natal chart is the most important and influential even if one does move.

    So likewise with the Solar Return, you can escape the influence of the home location, but birthday location chart is the most important, so if you spend the birthday away this should soften the effects of some harsh angles of the home location.

    Jamie’s current Solar Return is a good example. The Woolgoolga chart, (his location) is actually much worst in terms of intensifying the Moon square Saturn which shows serious illness, the cancer. Saturn is conjunct the MC. Mars is strong near the DC, the operation. However the birthday location chart (London) puts the nasty Moon square Saturn in the background, but does have Neptune/Chiron on the DC instead of Mars. This could be spiritual healing. Jupiter is in the foreground too, bringing luck and protection. So it WAS a good thing that Jamie spent his birthday on London after all!! The energies of London somehow helped him through. He also spent 6 weeks in London over the summer which may have helped activate the healing again too. He did do a lot of physical exercise, gardening, walking around town doing the tourist thing.

    My conclusion, yes worth taking a trip if the solar return angles suck, to soften the blow. BUT I don’t think you can ever avoid one’s location either.

    Here’s Woolgoolga chart

    1. Fascinating, Marina, thanks for all these insights and really glad to hear that Jamie did well by coming to London on his birthday. I’ve just recently moved my base to London but will still be traveling all the time with work so that’s why this approach to working with solar returns appealed to me. I’ll have to study more as what you’re doing with astrology seems life changing.

      All the best,

  45. Hi again Marina,

    I was in a different location yet again for my half birthday (in August), so am wondering if doing a half birthday Solar Return would be helpful for understanding the next six months? Would I need to progress my birth date by six months (my actual birthday is in February) to do this and then add the new location for both the fagan/bradley and tropical charts? I’ll try and find the books you’ve recommended above to understand the different aspects to begin learning in this exciting new area.

    Many thanks in advance,


    1. Hello Marina and Lanny

      Investigating the half birthday traveling, which I did for many years I have come to the conclusion that it helps in about 20 to 25% to make hard aspects better, it is not that strong, but when is a bad aspect even a 20% can make a world of difference, in my opinion and experience.
      Hope this help!!

      Kind Regards

  46. Hello Marina,

    As always, so impressed by the site and your clarity!

    That said, wondering if I’ve done something incorrectly or misunderstood the instruction. As I don’t have SolarFire or similar, did follow your instruction regarding Fagen-Bradley, and then switched back to regular tropical using that F-B time. I’m not understanding why the second step. Could I not just add trasits to the F-B chart? Please advise, or give me a nudge if I’ve mis-interpreted the instruction. Thanks very much and best to you both.

  47. …continued! OK, please scratch that last question!

    If I’m going to do a solar return where original sun was 28 Libra 04, Fagen Bradley shows me 03 Lib 57…when I take the TIME that F-B shows and used that time as the basis for the new tropical…I’m back to a sun of 28 Libra 50. Are those 46 minutes of sun difference the indication that the chart has been precessed? That, and the changes in Moon and Mercury.

    And, does it matter in this case what House system is chosen? I generally use Koch, and wonder if that’s “correct” here.

    Thanks again.

  48. I have pluto conjucnt my i.c this year and uranus conjunct my d.c bOth exact ! Wheew! Thats what
    I have to say

  49. I am not sure I’m doing this correctly… birth time 9:08am (4/17/81), sidereal time 21:41, and when I entered that time into tropical chart, the sun was at 28.19 degrees instead of my natal 27.35… on a hunch I tried 21:41 on 4/16, which gave me sun at 27.20… ???

  50. Hi Mariana, thanks for this post, I work with Precessed Solar Returns and find them so much more accurate, however deciding on the house system is proving tricky, any ideas?

    I too find Quincunxs valuable as a ‘compromise to be reached.’

    Thanks again

    1. You are supposed to use Campanus with precessed Solar Returns, but I have no idea why! I’m a big fan of Koch which again, you are supposed to use with the huber system of esoteric astrology which I use to read a chart. I don’t find much difference between Kock or Campanus because I concentrate on the angles anyway which are the same in any house system.

  51. I too am finding this discussion really interesting…I am not sure I am doing the charts right…Do I use my natal birth time and place for the fagan bradley return chart and then use the fagan bradely return time as my birth time for the tropical return chart? Help can you give me step by step process – I do frequent for charts so I am familiar with the site – just wondering what is the correct information to use…

    1. It’s important to use the location for the birthday for the year you are looking at, not the natal location but you use the same birthtime. That’s what I do anyway. Some people use natal for Solar returns.

    2. Thanks you so much Marina – I will do that! I have the same asoect with DC that you had when you met Jamie – I have a motnh before my solar return changes (bday in feb) hoping something happens soon before my return changes for the year. Elsie

  52. in my return solar chart this year sun conjunct neptune O°30 orb exact on desc.. Should i meet my new mate?(already divorced)
    Stellium in VII With mars and mercury and Chiron. Deduce i am pisces:)

  53. My birthday is July 17, this year Jupiter is conjunct my IC on my solar return (9th, 1 degree orb), when also in Grand Trine with Saturn (2nd) and Neptune (5th). Saturn is also sextile natal Saturn. Is this as good as I think it is? Hard times during the past few years when Saturn conjunct AC and travelled through first. I hope this is a positive turning point!

  54. What does it mean if I have a scorp asc on my solar return this year, conjunct the north node? It’s within 2 degree (26 degree). Thanks

  55. Guessing the divorce will happen this year and that it’s going to be a tough year for me?

    Pluto (Virgo) is partile (0 orb) my DC

    Mercury (2), Mars (2) & Chiron (6) (all Pisces) are Conj my MC [Mars & Chiron are in the 6th house; Neptune would be a 13 degree orb.]

    Uranus (4) & Pallas (2) are square my AC

    Moon (4), Jupiter (8), Lilith (2) & Vesta (3) are square my MC

    Saturn is trine my AC (0) & MC (3)

  56. Hi, Marina. Been a while since I have been here and I finally got around to doing the chart for the year my mom died. I did it using the default house style but nothing. I skimming some of the other peoples posts here and realised that you did it using koch and you said campanus. I tried campanus just now. Pluto is on the ic opposing jupiter on the mc. That says it all. right. She died Janurary first, 1976.

    Now for my dads Now pluto is on the mc. Venus is on my ac. I met a boy that year. I was only 15 years old in December of 1979. My dad died March 21, of 1980. In the summer I met a lovely guy. Of course this was during a camp program and well we could not keep it going. I was rather broken hearted.

    Uranus is conjunct the mc 2012/2013 Dec.6 birthday I am having to make adjustments and I do want to change my career. Hmmm

    moon on ic
    mars on dc
    oooou lala

    venus within 3 degrees of ac yahoooo
    uranus within 5 d of ic
    moon within a few d of dc
    north node within a degree of mc


    1. Are these precessed charts? That’s the only way the planets on the angles would change. Changing from Koch to Campanus house system doesn’t change the angles at all, only the size of the houses between them.
      Thanks for adding to the research. Pluto on the angles makes total sense for both charts, interesting that they were on the opposite houses generally regarded for the parents. Pluto on the IC would normally be the father. But I always think the houses are interchangeable depending on the type of relationship on has with them. The important thing is its the parental axis.

    2. Hi, Yes, well it seems that these precessed charts are more believable or easier to see. I find with the regular solar return charts it is hard to decipher what the heck is going on.
      I need to make some of those charts. Yesterday, I was just checking out the solar year and I did not remake the charts like I did with my most recent ones for 2011/12/13/14. I enjoy looking ahead but who knows I may move to a new place. I have been here for a long time and I get the feeling that I am going to be leaving in a year or two. It may be that my family back in Canada needs me more and more. I am not feeling Canada though. It is weird cause it is a such a beautiful country. Thanks for replying Marina!

  57. Interesting… I checked my solar return for this year using the Precessed method you mentioned….

    Got fixed star Algol on the precessed solar return Descendant with an orb of 0°03’… I’m not liking that and I’m noticing since my birthday I’ve been having quite a few issues with me inadvertently offending friends. Also have precessed solar return Mars on my natal Jupiter, and precessed IC about 2 degrees or so from precessed Chiron.

    Precessed Mercury also is firmly conjunct my natal/precessed Sun on Regulus this time, whereas precessed South Node is with my natal Moon/Chiron conjunction in Taurus.

    This is already looking to be an interesting year, to say the least.

  58. Where is the Fagen/Bradley sidereal chart? I do not see it in the drop down menu and cannot locate it. Obviously Jon R and Helene were able to locate it and use that style to precess their solar return. What am I missing or doing wrong that I cannot see it as a selection?

    1. Hi Elisabeth. I just copied and pasted this from astrodienst.

      In the first section
      Methods: Circular charts | Special charts | Ephemeris | Pullen/Astrolog
      Please select the type of chart you want: Select Solar return here. you have to scroll right down to the bottom.

      After that you get the options:

      Start date for charts marked with *:
      House System: leave it at default
      Zodiac: In the drop down menu select fagan/bradley geocentric sidereal.

    2. Hi Marina. I am trying hard to find a way to be able to create charts on astrodienst with my precessed solar and lunar returns. I was glad to find this article however, when I do what the instructions say, I get a very different chart for my recent solar return that the one that I was given that was done by an astrologer using the solar fire software. The instructions are not entirely clear to me. When I “redo” the chart for a normal natal chart after getting the precessed solar return time, do I change the reference place to where I would be on my birthday or leave it at my birthplace? Either way, it doesn’t match my solar fire program solar return chart. I want to be able to use astrodienst for this as I can’t have this program myself. Could you please provide more detailed instruction for using astrodienst to get the proper precessed return chart. Also, is the formula the same for lunar returns?

  59. It put Pluto right on the IC angle in my 4th. Marina, would this possibly indicate I’m going to die at home? Hopefully in my bed. I’m in my first Saturn return right now in my 4 the as well..

  60. I have Solar Return Saturn right on natal Ascendant and so far this year (2014) I have been very depressed, angry and deeply saddened. It has been a rough year so far with my finances and emotions.

    I’ve been trying to figure out how I’m going to do a lot of things that have to be done in a timely fashion. Things that are supposed to happen have not happened yet. Obstacles continue to pour in.

    I’ve had experiences with deceptive people and people who were once cordial are now open enemies. I hope it gets better.

    Rising Sagittarius
    Sun Capricorn
    Moon Aquarius

  61. My December 2013 SR has Jupiter in tenth 6 d approaching MC , Uranus conjunct DC, Pluto conjunct but separating by 3d. Hmmmm

  62. Marina, Neptune was never one of the traditional malefic planets, saturn and mars were. Following a discussion amongst fellow astrologers none of us could find anyone who referred to it as malefic except Aleister Crowley who only referred to it possibly being read as malefic by astrologers who were only concerned witht he material plane. Why do you call it maleifc?

    1. Hi Tricia,
      I just rewrote it to make it clearer. Generally outer planet energy are very hard to handle on the material plane. Neptune is one of those planets that you need to be VERY grounded and honest with yourself about how you channel it. It’s very easy to get duped by this planet.

  63. Hi Marina,

    In a precessed SR chart, does Juno in 7H conjunct DC by 1.30 degrees point to an year where marriage can take place?

  64. Oh for sure, yet any planet can. Venus can leave you with a trail of past lovers, their ghosts and painful memories and an increased waist line. Benefic and malefic categorisations really belong to an astrological practice that sat within a world view that hadn’t the current understanding of psychology, mind, neurophysiology and free will that we have today. The planets don’t seek to harm or reward us – like the hawaiians learning to the surf the indifferent tsunami waves, if you learn how the force works you can ride it, if not you drown.


    1. I used to think that benefic and malefic had no use in modern times. But most people are actually not living their free will at all and are on auto pilot. We can only transcend our chart when we de-program ourselves which takes some time and effort. In the mean time its useful to see where the difficulties in our charts lie so we can overcome them.

  65. Oh I don’t deny that. Sorry if it sounded like I was trying to sway you all the other way over. I was just a bit nervous about posting a comment to you is all. Even though I have been working with my own chart for years and also generally on personal growth I have always noticed for transits of the slower planets to have the complete spectrum of the experience, starting with the hardest manifestations then over to the more pleasant. Adding to greyness of the topic, I have noticed some folk who aren’t particularly self aware at all to just have a great result from a transit from one of the far away planets. (Obviously there are other factors involved, the whole chart, progressions and transits needing to be taken into account, and that’s why astrologers are needed! 🙂 )

  66. Question: when you rerun the chart as a tropical natal chart, are you running it for the location you will be in or your natal location (assuming they are different)…thanks!

  67. The precession correction technique is an interesting one, but I’m suddenly wishing I hadn’t stumbled onto this article. I looked at my precession corrected solar return for my 33rd year, which doesn’t start for another 2 months. Neptune is RIGHT on the AC (less than a degree)!! Plus Sun is conjunct Uranus in an opposition to Moon, all of which forms a T-Square with Pluto. I’m barely hanging on as it is (Pluto square to my natal Sun goes exact tomorrow), but I don’t think I can bear another year of trauma.

  68. Thought I would share this with you because it’s quite amazing in regard to precessing the chart for solar returns. I’ve been doing a study on my solar return chart for up coming birthday. I’m from California but living in Pushkar,India my birth info is: April 9, 1951, 2:07am Philadelphia,PA and I’m looking at different locations to relocate for the return because after doing an Index Risk for many locations those where the two that came up with more positive results. Jaisalmer,India 28pos/26neg and Jeruselam 36pos/26neg. I was looking at Jaisalmer, India because it’s near by and makes for a better ascendent and Jerusalem because it puts the ascendent in the 10th house with a bundle of 5th house planets but in both there’s problems with angles. Saturn/Moon conj Ascendent in Jeruselam plus more in Jaisalmer. So I did what you suggested the precessing of the chart and much to my surprise when I did Jasilmer I was looking at the same chart I have for Jerusalem, with the bundle of planets in the 5th with Saturn conj the ascendent and Venus in the 5th. It’s got to be some sort of destiny or did I do something wrong. My father is about to be 92 and is completely gone mentally Alzheimer, his wife just passed away last month and I believe that he will pass in this next year. Saturn conj Ascendent. I’m headed back to CA so I thought I would take a route threw a city that would have a better chart configuration on my solar return chart. Every location travel wise leaving threw Asia or Europe back and U.S. looked bad. So I’m hoping a train ride to Jaisalmer or flight to Jerusalem might be better, then I fly back to California for business. Check it out how, Any suggestions welcome.

    1. Sorry if I sound rude, but you can’t use the astrology that way. The astrology is about using your potential the best way you can and not about manipulating the planets. “Using the best way” means doing something which is good for your own developement or that of other people / society, or both. Becoming a better person. Your father is not going to pass away or live longer only because you celebrate your birthday in Jerusalem instead of L.A. So the best advise you can get is to spend your birthday with your father, since it could be the last chance to do so. Perhaps your chart won’t be perfect, but it will give you a good feeling.

  69. My SR and precessed SR seem to tell the same story. Tight Juno Jupiter conjunction on my natal ASC NN conjunction. The precessed houses are square the regular SR houses so that H1 becomes H4. Regular has VE on the ASC, precessed has VE in H4. J/J in H2; J/J in H5.

    Interesting, my Venus Return a few weeks previous has the ASC within one degree of natal with J/J on the ASC, MC conj natal Vertex. Fated love affair on the way!

    I think I know who this is and I swear the air vibrates around him. We’ve been staring at each other for 20 years! Both dumbstruck whenever we get near each other.

    Unless I’m wrong…

  70. hello
    I am just terrefied after reading this combination of your solar return chart because I will have it also in 2017. It’s a NN conjunct IC, Saturn conjunct DC.
    It is not really a tight orb (my orb is 5) but still I’m really concerned about it. I have an exact juno saturn conjunction, and there’s a mercury near DC. My NN’s in 4th house, and saturn conjunct juno (exact!) is technically in 6th house.I should also mention mercury is house ruler being a gemini AC solar return chart. When I look at it from a whole house system all of them – mercury and juno-saturn conjunction are in 7th house and NN also in 4th house. Sun and pluto are in 8th house using both of the house systems. I’m not a professional astrologer, mostly I’m trying to learn it by myself over the years – but seeing this configuration that is so much like the one described in your solar return the year your father died got me feeling really unpleasant. Do you think it could maybe have anything to do with something else?

  71. All the planets of the solar return chart on the natal chart are not the same for everyone. For example, if Saturn is lord of house 8 or house 12 is different as if it lord of 2 or 11. Also its positions in the natal.
    I know someone who had Uranus in house 7 in solar return, and it was the year she got married. She also had Jupiter on natal venus. So, all depends on all the configuration of the chart.

    1. Yes it does depend very much depend on the natal chart and the condition of the planet itself. I kept this post up because I think using precession works. But I also use a much different technique for my solar return charts nowadays which are based on traditional astrology. At some point I should rewrite this post. I have changed in my views on many things from the year 2014 onwards.

  72. which house system do you currently use for SR charts Marina? Great article btw, super insightful!

  73. Question: when you rerun the chart as a tropical natal chart, are you running it for the location you will be in or your natal location (assuming they are different)…thanks!

  74. Then redo the chart as a normal tropical natal chart using the time and date from the SR sidereal chart.

    Ok i took time and date (6 mar 2017 10:53:46 am) from sidereal and place it in edit data. Then run it as tropical solar chart with the date of today right? Not as tropical natal chart?

    1. Hiya, yes you use the location where you will spend your birthday. But run the second chart as a normal natal chart, not a solar return chart. You should end up with a normal natal chart that can be read as a precessed solar return. I actually haven’t tried this method for a very long time as I have solar fire to do it for me now!

  75. Run second chart as a normal natal chart in Tropical not sidereal solar chart, right?

  76. I have SR Saturn on Natal IC. Capricorn rules my fifth house what does this mean? I have SR Mars&Uranus on Natal Venus/Aries in 8th and SR Venus/Aries too !! Could this mean a new relationship? SR P.Fort conjunct Natal ASC. Then SR Moon/Cancer conjunct Natal MC. I hope this doesn’t mean something bad since I have SR Saturn conjunct Natal IC. Could you give me a run down what possibly could happen?

    1. I have put an update above. It says: UPDATE! ~ I have tried various methods of Solar Returns since I wrote this article including the traditional. In the end I think the Solar Return chart should always be looked at alongside transits, solar arc and secondary progressions. The Solar Return should not be taken too seriously as a stand alone prediction, put as one piece of the puzzle.
      The same goes for your question. I cannot possibly make any forecast without looking at the whole chart. I simply haven’t got time to do personal readings for commenters. Sorry! I only answer questions that are useful for people learning astrology generally.

  77. Do i take the birthplace in the natal chart or the other place where i will be 2017 for my birthplace?

    1. I usually do the solar return for where you will spend your actual birthday. But I think natal does work too. I’m not sure how valid solar returns are anymore to be honest. I see them as being more like divination, but I find other methods of forecasting far more accurate. Solar Returns are quite a good snapshot of the most important transits of the year tho.

  78. Hi Marl. I’m very interested in Solar Returns as a major predictive tool. Happy to practice with someone / exchanged notes. Gina

  79. My 2017 precessed SR also has Saturn conj DSC and north node conj IC – I lost my best friend. She was like a mother to me in every way. I was the same age as her daughter, so our relationship had that Mother/Daughter feel to it. I also find precessed SR’s are much more accurate as the big events of the year, by far.

  80. Thanks so much for this. It’s been a problem that’s bugged me for a long time….I’ve always had a problem with tropical S.R charts not working, and used Fagan – Bradley / Sidereal solar return charts for years, but still not been completely happy with the accuracy of them. I’ve just spent two days running solar return charts for historic events using your sidereal / tropical technique and it’s definitely more accurate than any of my previous methods. I would absolutely love to know your current refined technique if you have the time & are willing to share….” using precession works. But I also use a much different technique for my solar return charts nowadays which are based on traditional astrology. At some point I should rewrite this post. “

    1. Oh my! I will have to write an update on the update. I did go through a phase of using the traditional method of finding the dates that correspond to each house. Roughly that would mean that the 1st house would be the first month of the year ending with the 12th house. But I found that too time consuming with respect with how actually accurate it was. Also because I was spending so much time on the maths I had less time to just use my intuition. But I still use precession and the location of birthday to construct the chart.The traditional method does not recommend using precession nor the location which is why I couldn’t go with it in the end. I find Solar return are very much like spinning the wheel of fortune and reading tarot cards. More to do with divination and synchronicity than the power of the planets. It is also good for getting a snapshot of the years transits too however.

  81. Thanks for the clarification. I do think the precessed S.Rs are the most accurate. For me, the house the Moon is in seems to be pretty accurate for the area of focus for the year, & years where major events have happened, there has been partile or angle action from the Vertex or P.O.F in all my charts, along with planets tightly conjunct angles and angle conjunctions between charts. I’ve got a file of 14 precesssed S.R charts that match up pretty well to the outstanding events of that year. Happy to share with a brief synopsis if you’re still interested in researching this….

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