Pluto/Ascendant Aspects

Pluto on the ascendant or within 5 – 10 degrees of an angle brings the god of the underworld’s energies out very strongly in the individual’s lives. The Ascendant/Descendant axis is one of relationship and Pluto rules taboo sex, so this combination is bound to breed love lives that feature anything from; fierce loyalty, deep love, protection, jealousy, secret affairs, possession, obsession, fetishes, bondage, S & M to the very worst abuse, violence, rape and crimes of passion. It rarely manifests as far as the end of that list thankfully.

However Pluto’s life and loves are always going have a torturous feel about them, they wouldn’t feel alive if they didn’t. They get a kick of reinventing and regenerating themselves with each affair.  “50 Shades Of Grey” aside, the subject will be fascinated by these kinds of relationships, the psychology of sex itself or the minds of very dark and twisted characters. I have since written this article “Twin Flames or Hell’s Fire” which will sometimes describe the hard aspect experience of these subjects. As someone with Pluto square my own ascendant it is certainly true for me.

Pluto Conjunct Ascendant

The subject will embody the raw, dark Pluto energy very physically. Sexuality will be in your face and hard to avoid. They will enjoy flaunting the taboo side of this placement and relish in playing the “Bad girl” or “Bad boy”. The Pluto stare can be unnerving and used as a means to control and dominate. Indeed those dark eyes burn so deep into their targets soul that one can feel quite violated by them.

Pluto conjunct AscendantPluto here can be too intense for some people to handle, so Pluto Ascendant may find that people have a love/hate relationship with them and that they are giving the cold shoulder after a certain amount of time. Of course Pluto is also very adept at deep freeze behaviour itself. Pluto demands so much attention that it can be very draining for anyone close to them. They can get the reputation of being the “Bunny Boiler” since they are the ultimate stalker and can obsess over someone through their tendency to become addicted to the sexual part of the relationship.

On the plus side these people are incredibly loyal and would die for those they love. They have the most dramatic and mesmerizing presence of all the planets rising and they are very, very hard to say no to. They do very well in politics and positions of power once they learn to lace their coercive tactics with a bit of charm.

Annise Parker (07’); American politician. One of the first openly gay mayors of a major US city. Isaac Mizrahi (09’); Flamboyant American fashion designer. Kurt Cobain (12’); American musician who suffered drug addiction, depression and eventual death through suspected suicide while under the influence of drugs aged 27. Jin Xing (13’); Trans-gender ballerina and choreographer. Her modern dance is “provocative”. Emperor Nero (18’); Controversial, extravagant and tyrannical ruler know for many murders including his mother and possibly his spouse while pregnant. Also: Richard Branson, Glenn Close, Peter Gabriel, Judy Garland, K. D Lang, Steve Martin, Jon Venables, Nancy Sinatra, Keanu Reeves, Justin Bieber, Bilawal Bhutto.

Pluto Sextile Or Trine Ascendant

I was thinking this aspect may be a Pluto-lite, but actually no. The intensity of the Pluto is still there but finds an outlet through artistic expression. This comes from the blossoming Venusian sextile and ripening Jupiter trine energy. Where these Pluto buds are blocked for any reason they can turn toxic and seething, resulting in violent tendencies. Like the conjunction, the usual sexual magnetism is there, but the darker, kinky side of their intimate nature is not apparent on the outside and partners are often shocked when these sugar-coated sweeties have a hot and spicy center.

The trine has a great capacity for churning up the treasures from deep within Pluto’s mine and creating great wealth. The subject can easily become a workaholic, pushing itself too far and burning itself out. Because Pluto is so resilient however more often than not they emerge, phoenix-like from the flames, bigger, stronger and more powerful than before. Since Pluto rules the realm of the afterlife these folk can tap into other dimensions giving them the gift of prophetic ability. They are able to access occult (hidden) knowledge, which is why they make great spies and hackers.

SEXTILES: Malcolm Young (01’): Guitarist of the heavy metal band AC/DC. Gustav Courbet (07’); French realist painter. “He depicted the harshness in life, and in so doing challenged contemporary academic ideas of art.” [1]. Shania Twain (11’); Canadian mega-selling queen of popular country music.

Aileen Wuornos (23’); American serial killer who claims to have murdered seven men in self-defense. Abused and raped as a child turned prostitute. Frida Khalo (29’); Mexican painter best known for her surreal and painfully graphic self-portraits and tumultuous relationship with fellow painter Diego Rivera. Also: Wreckless Eric, Silvio Berlusconi, Robbie Williams, Joseph Goebbels, Julie Andrews, Gwen Stefani, Errol Flynn, Harrison Ford.

TRINES: Sir George Wilkins (02’); Australian explorer who pioneered the use of the submarine for polar research. Nostradamus (09’); 16th-century French seer and apothecary whose predictions are still discussed today.

Arth Michel (09’); Belgian school teacher interested in black magic and astrology who raped, tortured and filmed male and female 12 year old twins and their younger sister with the permission of their parents!

Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis (24’); First lady of assassinated president JFK who’s bloodstain Chanel suit is so very iconic of Pluto. She went onto marry Greek shipping tycoon Aristotle Onassis.

Dave Gahan (24’); Lead singer of dark electronic band Depeche Mode. Dave is a recovering heroin addict and has had four brushes with death earning him the nickname “Cat”. One was a suicide attempt and the other his heart stopped for 2 minutes as a result of a “speedball “ overdose.

Clint Eastwood (27’); The archetypical brooding, strong but silent Plutonian outsider. Also; Rufus Wainwright, Serge Gainsbourg, Robert Redford, Margaret Thatcher, Joan Baez, Ian Richardson, Hayley Mills, Harry Secombe, Bruce Lee, Bob Monkhouse, Bob Geldof, Bettie Paige.

Pluto Square Or Opposite Ascendant

Taboo sex, death, stalkers and spies, yes they are all here as you would expect with the square pushing Pluto’s seething larva to the surface. Pluto is not embodied in the subject like the conjunction. Instead, it plays out very strongly in relationships. On the surface this person is nothing like the Pluto archetype, they may even look quite fluffy. It is only when they become sexually involved that their stalking, obsessive, compulsive side becomes apparent, but by then it is too late.

pluto trine ascendantTheir partner is shocked when they wake up and find a great ball and chain clamped to their ankle. When did that happen? It’s not that Pluto in hard aspect to the Ascendant is really that controlling, what has happened is somehow they have seduced their lover into following them so far down into their black velvet labyrinth that they simply cannot find their way out again.

In the process, they have become so enmeshed with their Pluto partner that severance would seem like a very painful and messy operation. This clamping can work both ways, the subject plays either Pluto or Persephone, for while Pluto squares/opposes the AC it also squares/conjuncts the DC. Sometimes they flip from one to the other in successive relationships, feeling bullied in one marriage only to divorce and go onto and play the tyrant in the next.

Taboo sex and fetishes seem to be a strong theme here and they may feel compelled to hide them or live a double life. If their sexual urges are suppressed then they can warp into violence or the rage can turn in on itself and result in mental illness. S & M may be a factor too. Hard aspects to Pluto sometimes feel like you have some massive karmic debt to pay off and that all relationships are “fated”.

SQUARES: George Blake (02’); Former British spy imprisoned for being a Russian double agent. He escaped prison in 1966 and fled to Russia where he still lives. He was Dutch born with a Jewish father and escaped the Nazi’s to live in the UK dressed as a Monk. Survivor!

Tracey Austin (16’); Former Number one Tennis champ turned commentator. Kristy McNichol (25’); American actress, retired after being diagnosed bi-polar. Came out as a lesbian after 20 years of living with her same-sex partner. Greta Scacchi (27’); American actress.

John Rechy (30’); American Author. Homosexual subject matter, work has been censored due to its sexual content. Also: Barbara Hutton, Billy Graham, Brad Pitt, Catherine Zeta-Jones, George III of UK, Guillaume Apollinaire, James Degorski, Margueritte Steinheil, Mark David Chapman, Mia Farrow, Steve Winwood, Depp/Paradis Davison, Wallis/Edward VIII Davison.

OPPOSITIONS: Liberace (10’); American pianist and singer. In the 1970’s was the highest paid entertainer in the world. His flamboyant image of excess gold and silver reflecting Pluto’s wealth of treasure. Liberace sued a newspaper for implying he was homosexual and did not admit to it all his life. Liberace had been HIV positive and symptomatic for years before his death but it was never made public.

Brenda Frazier (11’); Debutante and “poor little rich girl” who suffered tempestuous relationships, breakdowns, anorexia and bulimia. She felt victimized by the high life and died a hermit. Titanic hits Iceberg (29’); Symbolic of Pluto’s ice reclaiming the huge wealth and pulling it back down into the underworld.

Mark Quinn Denton; Rapist and robber who “tried to use his horoscope in defense for “inevitable actions,” His attorney said “It was the law of Karma. He had no control over his behavior.” Also: Andy Gibb, Antonio Banderas, Bill Hicks, Helen Keller, Jane Fonda, Paul Newman, Ronald Reagan, Tammy Wynette, Yehudi Menuhin. 


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  1. Hi Roberto – Aren’t applying aspects supposed to be stronger? But since Mars is in Libra – I think you can exercise some choice! Or find the balance!!!

    In an earlier post I mention the absence of an obvious Pluto aspect in Hitler’s chart (being a man of power) then I looked again and found this from Lyn Koiner ( So we might look at other aspects and not just the obvious?

    “QUINTILE and BI-QUINTILE (72 & 144 degrees)

    This is a highly creative aspect, even in a natal chart. Persuasiveness is a part of its influence. The Bi-Quintile is considered much more persuasive than the 72° Quintile. Its influence on an event is to bring a creative solution to a problem, a logical resolution rather than a Septile-Type solution. In problems, your personal ingenuity, creativity and influence can manipulate your way out. A student found that a negotiating deal was resolved when the Progressed Moon was Quintile Mercury. Minor aspects manifest near exactness.
    In the natal chart, the planets involved in the Quintile aspect often describe personal talents and qualities for which we become known – Hitler had a Mars-Pluto Quintile; Marilyn Monroe had a Venus-Neptune Quintile. It is said that Quintile Dominant personalities have a strong sense of mission but they must first define what they want in order to get it”

    Now! I know this is a thread bout the opposition to the asc but I’m really interested in the other aspects too! Perhaps they explain what we can’t see with the usual aspects but manifests anyway!

    Also Anna’s work re the new – well newly known – celestial objects is interesting indeed. We have to be careful though with these new object because I’ve noticed they are acquiring meaning without proper investigation – I attempted a discussion with Alex Miller (Black Hole astrology) but he doesn’t understand the science of “black holes” – i.e there is no such thing as a black hole! There has never been an observation of one. But Miller has taken on the accepted science without question anyway! “members of the establishment who claim through the literature to have found black holes, privately admit that no such thing has ever happened.” Stephen Crothers, mathematician.

    The new cosmology observes massive ropes of current which draw magnetically to one another – the resulting point or Z pinch creates a galaxy. These pinches are in fact gigantic power sources but of gamma radiation! (sometimes called a Bennet pinch too). Its actually very exciting because as we can now see distance and massive objects, we can make more sense of our ancient mythology. It seems there is now a mythology around the black hole – when this is actually a grand error!

    The phenomena known as the Great Attractor is at 13 degrees Sag – for everyone – and is such a vast system that I don’t think we’re ready for a proper interpretation of it as we don’t know what it is!!!
    You can read about it here

    IMO we are looking for new myths and using way too much information over observation to create them. Its no accident that Black Hole theory and the gloomy all devouring notion of what lies at the centre of a galaxy has taken on a Plutonic flavour! A Brief History of Time came out under a Mars Pluto conjunction. Stephen Hawking has a Pluto Mercury opposition! This tr conjunction in Scorpio would have been very hard on his Natal Mercury/Pluto opp. Isn’t it amazing that a man being devoured and paralysed by a deeply vile disease created such a dark and dismal devouring idea as the black hole!!!
    Hawking is generational Pluto in Leo. So he was bound to be creative about it! His Mercury and Sun are in conventional Capricorn and while he hatched the book, would have had Saturn Neptune Mercury conjunction going over it!!! Lordy! He also has Moon Neptune conj on Alkaid. Hmm… While his life resembled a black hole, he made it fact by the use of maths. But observation revealed otherwise!!! This is a lengthy but readable account of why there is no black hole but a source of immense light!
    Meanwhile – the picture!!! Move over Pluto and let the light shine!

    • UBQW,

      This is just brilliant what you have written here, and very thought provoking. It seems like it is all a question of semantics AND PERSPECTIVE! So do balk holes exist? Well, there are vast pockets of space that exist in our universe that contain “no-thing”, no thing being no created forms, also known as NOTHING! Scientists have called this space which pulls and sucks creation or “things” back into it, black holes.. Can we not see the universal truth here again, as above so below? We are simply viewing on a cosmic scale a process of birth and death! Form emerging out of the formless and form returning into the formless.. That is all that ever happens, and the rest is semantics and perspective!.. So to the extent that we “exile” and “vilify” and judge death would colour (very appropriate word to use here) this phenomenon as either dark/scary/bad/evil black OR if we identify with the eternal truth, which is that all is always light, no matter how it may appear, then we see the “black hole” as bright/luminous/light and even love, because when matter/form or manifest creation has fulfilled its purpose and needs to be recycled in order for new creation to be “rebirthed” then the “black” or “light whole” consumes old forms in order to renew life! So yes black wholes exist for those who fear physical death and returning to the formless and yes light spaces exist for those who identify with their ultimate immortality and so view “death” as a deep process of transformation and transfiguration and so ultimately a process of light! So it is all really perspective, and our own unique personal perspectives on this mirror our own perspectives on our perspective of life and death. In brief, if we fear death of our mortal form, we view nothingness or empty space as a scary black whole. If we identify with our immortality beyond the limitation of our mortal forms, then we see warm, loving “sources of immense light!” This is all SO PLUTONIAN again, btw… It is amazing what is happening since humanity has stared into “The Heart of Pluto beneath his frozen surface” through satellite images.. I believe we are finally seeing Pluto as loving being that he has always been, now finally having seen his heart!.. Probably when more and more of us awaken to the awareness that Pluto’s Darkness is simply a deep initiation into finding the light, the less we would see “Black Wholes” and the more we would see, as UBQW sees, ” Sources of immense light!”
      Thank you UBQW for your lesson today, and thank you for the Luminous Light that you are! I enjoyed our teatime together today! 😉

    • All I know ,is that everything is alive living electromagnetic consciousness, no thing is inanimate, Prana, the life force,(which looks like spermatasoa ,in a petri dish, )was told every thought, is a fertile intention and the egg, is the sea of consciousness ,it swims in.At so called death ,we explode like a super nova, go down a, tunnel/ black hole/wormhole ,to the egg/light/360%/Void/0,to another part of the metaphoricle body,where we dump and ejaculate our load of that incarnations experience, to impregnate another REALITY, Sparks/sparkles on the sea ,waves to particles ,life to death ,death to life ,on the ocean , of all en- compassing unconditionally loving consciousness, which having looked at itself intimately, sinks back down, into the androgenous ocean of 0neness,that cross fertilizes itself endlessly.
      There is no death, all energy is recyled,to add to the grid ,which vastly spirals round on itself ,in mirrored umbilicus, to other dimensions/states of vibrating consciousness, it is eternal/infinite/never ending.

    • gamma rays are inviolet, the end of our limited spectrum, but nearer to the higher octaves. from infra red,radio waves ,going backwards in time the root earth chakra ,to the violet/white crown chakra. the blue shift,coming towards us,Some of the so called star light we see ,was there transmiting ,before the earth was born ,its all preincarnationally preencoded, for info to hit us at a certain time

    • So if i understand this post correctly…we fuck our way into the next world? lol

      “At so called death ,we explode like a super nova, go down a, tunnel/ black hole/wormhole ,to the egg/light/360%/Void/0,to another part of the metaphoricle body,where we dump and ejaculate our load of that incarnations experience, to impregnate another REALITY, Sparks/sparkles on the sea ,waves to particles ,life to death ,death to life ,on the ocean , of all en- compassing unconditionally loving consciousness, which having looked at itself intimately, sinks back down, into the androgenous ocean of 0neness,that cross fertilizes itself endlessly”

  2. Hi Roberto – re your unaspected Mars – surely theres an angle to something somewhere?? Have a dig into the old classical angles and see what shows up! I like Dariot’s orbs which are much larger and he referred to orbs as being circles, radiations and beams of the planets. More illuminations, less carpentry! And here is a nice picture for you to adjust over your Mars!

    • Thanks UBQW!

      I appreciate that information, I will look up Dariot’s orbs and see what shows up. And yes, there are 2 aspects, one a separating conjunction with Pluto, 7 degrees, and the other an applying square with Jupiter, also 7 degrees. Would you personally consider the conjunction to Pluto or the square to Jupiter? I would love to hear your view on that. Mars is the only “wild card” in my chart! And having it in Libra as well, hmmm.. I think I need to find out! Beautiful diagram, btw.

  3. Hi Marina (the lesser spotted Pluto square!!!) – Will you be considering the inconjunct? It might prove to be even more revealing since it is described classically as being unconnected. Its a distorted harmonic. As any Leo married to a Capricorn would know… twice! Oddly – when I cross reference with my Mayan astrology i find my lessons are learned through discord. Well fancy that!!! Pluto in conjunct in synastry must throw up some horrors!

  4. Well with all the Virgo (yes!) energy, lets give a shout out to Jupiter moving into Virgo right now! With a 3 deg Virgo ASC making an exact quincunx to Merc in Aries (enormously frustrating) this is going to get very interesting this coming year.

    Now I must have some biscuits with tea -yum, and contemplate all this wonderful information. Really enjoyed the video on harmonics UBQ, and as far as Mars being isolated in your chart Roberto – this is called peregrine, no? Very significant. Is it involved in any disposition? Any planets in Aries? sound like it is a midpoint between two other planets? This is way beyond my knowledge. I do want to redeem myself here about about the outer planets. I am unable to cite the author but I know that the big guys work through the smaller planets in order to fulfill their agenda. I think because they are so big and long term there is a very fated quality about them. The answer to using them is to let them have their way and of course – to be conscious of the smaller planets they are working through. Sometimes hard to get perspective on one’s own chart sometimes. Much easier in retrospect.

    I am very interested in all forms of energy healing so I really like the idea of sound being able to harmonize the body.

    • HI JEN!

      Yes I believe it is called Mars peregrine, but the other questions you asked, I have no clue either! That is why I am having Marina read my chart for me! So excited about that BTW!

      Anyways, if you are interested in sound healing and vocal harmonics, I HIGHLY recommend the work of Jonathan Goldman and Robert Norton! Excellent work, especially Jonathan Goldman, I have used his cd’s both personally and in my work for years! If you lived closer, I would share the sound healing cd’s and tools that I have with you!. But I am sure I am way too far away! Let me know if you would like any other information about sound healing, and I can definitely help you out there! As far as the technical astrology stuff, that is Marina’s and UBQ domain! Yes, cheers to Jupiter FINALLY moving into Virgo as well! SUN VIR 16 degrees here!


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