Jupiter Conjunct Pluto ~ We Want Your Soul

Jupiter conjunction Pluto last occurred at 22º Capricorn on November 12 2020. In Greek mythology, Zeus and Hades were brothers and rivals. Poor old Pluto (Hades) was consigned to ruling the dank underworld while Jupiter (Zeus) ruled the skies. It is not often then that these two meet.

In order for Pluto and Jupiter to make contact, Jupiter must take a deep dive into un-chartered territory, usually this is via mining or travel to other dimensions. The wealth that is discovered from these long distance travels (Jupiter) brings power (Pluto). Jupiter conjunct Pluto then is buried wealth in the shape of the precious metals and stones that are found deep in those mines or from exotic places far from home.

Gold can also be ‘black gold’ in the shape of oil. Fossil fuels are allegedly made from decomposed plants and animals over time. (Though I have heard otherwise…). Whether this statement is true or not, the ‘fossil fuel” concept fits very well with Jupiter and Pluto since we are using dead matter (or exploiting what has expired) to create power. Pluto can also be about the recycling.

In the ‘members only’ audio report version I discuss the topics brought up in this post in more detail.

Jupiter conjunction Pluto 2020 Audio Report (49mins)


Jupiter conjunct Pluto ~ 4 April, 30 June & 12 November 2020.

In modern times oil is the currency for our planet and has made globalism possible through long distant travel (Jupiter). Some astrologers call this conjunction the ‘millionaire’s aspect’. Bill Gates has Jupiter conjunct Pluto in his 2nd house of cash (Using whole signs.). They fall in materialistic earth sign Virgo.I think Gates embodies this archetype very well with his so called philanthropic ‘good causes’. Of course, not everyone with this conjunction is going to be a Bill Gates. Jupiter conjunct Pluto can also be a vow of poverty to achieve some kind of spiritual power.In the rest of the written post I discuss death cults/wealth cults, Jupiter conjunction Pluto natives, Jupiter conjunct Pluto as a transit, Jupiter conjunction Pluto in Capricorn in history.


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  1. It’s happening to me right now. This is the year I dig a hole in the ground until I find my hidden treasure. I’m only afraid my progressed Jupiter to my natal Pluto is squaring the Pluto-Jupiter in Capricorn conjunction.


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