Greek Crisis & Referendum


Are the planets backing Alexis Tsipras in his seemingly valiant, rescue mission for Greece? The big day for Greece is July 5, the day of the referendum. His Moon at 26º Scorpio (*Updated. With the 1.30am time). and Saturn is currently retrograde at 28º Scorpio.

merkle Scorpio decan 3 are “pack animals so everything they do is motivated to protect the future of their breed. They make devoted parents and proud tribe leaders. Nature is not all pretty flowers and can be savage. A herd may have to sacrifice one of its weakest in order to appease a predator.” That predator being the EU perhaps?

I continue writing this on July 1 now. Latest news is that Alexis Tsipras has addressed the Greek nation with a televised speech saying “’No’ does not mean rupture with Europe, but return to a Europe with values” and “They say I have a supposed plan that if you vote ‘No’ I will take you out of Europe, they are wrong.” This comes after speculation that Alexis may even cancel the referendum. Looks like he is trying to save his skin if there is a ‘yes’ vote. The Pappas Post had headlines saying ‘Tspiras backs down”.

Can Alexis Tsipras Harm The EU?

Alex & EU
Tsipras & EU Synastry

Finally let’s look at Alexis natal chart with the European Union. To me it looks like Alexis really cannot do much damage to the EU. None of his malefic planets (Saturn and Mars.) harm the EU chart in any way. On the contrary his Saturn trines the EU Sun. Both the EU and Alexis’s Suns are square each other though, so they do find it hard to see each others point of view and misunderstandings are easy.

Same goes for Alexis Mercury opposite the EU’s Uranus/Neptune conjunction. There is often confusion and sudden thunderbolt outbursts, but Alexis’s Saturn trine the EU’s Sun does work to keep the relationship glued and can help smooth frictions. Alexis’s Uranus conjunct the EU’s Venus makes their relationship volatile but exciting. If these two manage to agree they may even come up with an original and innovative settlement. Expect the unexpected!


European Union Horoscope

I believe, based on the astrology, that there is a 45% chance that Greece will leave the Euro. If the Greeks do vote ‘Yes’, and if Alexis is ‘Machiavellian’ enough, he will find a way to stay. Both of these options are a bit of a holding situation though and I don’t think preferable. In 2017, Greece will have (Using precession) transiting Pluto conjunct it’s natal Mercury. If I could be sure that Alexis’s Regulus Mars was strong (ie Rising or on the MC) and that he had a Moon at 26º Scorpio Moon then I would predict a ‘Yes’ vote for Greece and that Alexis Tsipras will take a fall. In the long term this might work out better. (*Updated. He had neither. But Mars is still in the angular 4th house)

Just a word about Mars on Regulus. Robson says it brings “Honor, fame, strong character public prominence, high military command.” [1] but does not mention the ‘downfall through revenge’ that Bernadette Brady does. Interesting the ‘Peoples Princess’, Diana Princess of Wales also also had this placement. She certainly had world prominence, but was sadly brought down by a car accident. (Mars rules accidents, murder and carnage. Like Princess Diana, Alexis Tsipras comes across as a man of the people, but Regulus can work too much like a loose cannon at times. (Grace Jones and Bob Geldof have this position too). So… does Greece really want a hotheaded, Mars/Regulus, radical left-wing leader to steer it through those crucial 2017 Pluto/Uranus transits?

2015 HoroscopesI have added another page to discuss the 1.30am birthtime for Alexis.