Greek Crisis & Referendum


Birthtime of 1.30am** considerations

Alexis tsiprasInstead of rewriting the article I thought I’d just add on the extra information concerning Alexis Tspiras birth time. I’m just cautious about going with a C rated chart. Here Alexis’s Mars/Regulus is indeed angular and just into his 4th house. Using whole sign houses we can be quite confident of this, wether he was born 1am or 2am as the Gemini ascendant will stay the same. Still, even though it is angular Mars is still below the horizon and so is his Leo Sun, so his is a night chart which his Leo Sun doesn’t like. His Moon will be a lot more benign in Scorpio decan 3 rather than the ‘machiavellian’ Sagittarius decan 1.

Alexis Tsipras
Alexis Tsipras with 1.30am time

So Alexis is a secretive wolf and very protective of his pack. The Moon on the day of the referendum will start off on his MC in the small hours then oppose his Regulus Mars at around 7pm of July 5. Alexis’s Mars is un-aspected which can be a loose cannon. I also noticed that Mars is much closer to Phecda (07′) which is a very difficult star and has much less of the glory of Regulus. Gory might be a better word!

Alexis’s Transits On July 5

Alexis’s transits put Saturn Rx in a position where it is applying to conjunct his Moon. The Moon rules his money house and it’s all about money right now. Saturn stations direct at 27º 42′ on August 3. Unless Alexis was born after 6am this Saturn transit has already been and gone, but he’s still around so that shows something. It looks like August 3 is an important day in terms of Alexis’s popularity as he also gets a trine from Mars to his Moon.

With this 1.30am birthtime Alexis has important outer planet Uranus sextiling his MC! It makes him look exciting and new, but it could still mean change for his career. The coming Venus retrograde will square his Moon as will Jupiter on July 26. Alexis might spend Venus retrograde revising his master plan. Nothing really suggests a dramatic fall to me…. yet! But Alexis’s Mercury is now very important as his chart ruler. It, like Greece, will get that important 2017 Pluto transit, but for Alexis it will be an opposition. Based on this birthtime of 1.30am, I think Alexis Tspiras will stay on as PM for now and keep Greece in the Euro whether the vote is ‘Yes’ or ‘No’. Nothing dramatic will happen until 2017.

*”In 1994 I met the famous astrologer Nicholas Campion (at his summer astrology school, in the Greek island of Kos). Campion was writing then his very successful book “Book of World Horoscopes» but had no clear view on Greece’s horoscope. I explained him my findings and he accepted the January 13, 1822 as the birth date of contemporary Greece (he included it in his book).” ~ Thomas Gazis
** Astrodatabank ” Our friend Yves Lenoble found a relibale birth time for Alexis Tsipras on the Internet. Tsipras himself gave the time to the Greek astrologer Ionnatis Bardopoulos as between 1 and 2 am.)”
1. The fixed stars and Constellations in Astrology – Vivian Robson pgs 195, 196 & 197