Full Moon January 2023 ~ Compromise


The Full Moon 6 January 2023 falls at 16º Cancer Decan 2. Aspect: Opposite Mercury. Fixed Star: Wasat in the waist area of Pollux In Gemini. Tarot Card: 3 Of Cups. Healing Crystal: Amazonite.

Full Moon In Cancer Decan 2

The Moon is powerful and comfortable here in Cancer decan 2. Family values are really high so if parental support is loving we can usually attract success to our lives at this time. Even if we do not become wealthy, we will most probably have just enough to get by and be quite happy with our lot.

Moon Cancer 2 energy is not overly ambitious, and doesn’t crave to be either. The right job could simply fall into our lap just when we need it if we are touched by this full moon! There is a negative side though if we feel we had the misfortune of a really harsh upbringing. Any sensitive souls will really need their cuddles right now! This is not the time to use the Spartan school of parenting with your child. 


Resentment built up after observing other happy families could cause great bitterness for those who have experienced child abuse. Therefore at this time we will need a loving and patient partner to heal those very deep childhood wounds. For all of us, the need to be in a safe community is very important at this time, as we are so sensitive to the neighbourhood vibration. We also literally benefit from having the nice ‘walled garden’ (that Austin Coppock refers to in the Sun section of this decan) and we will do better in tranquil, suburban areas than in frantic city centres with high crime rates.

Full Moon Tarot Card

The tarot card associated with this decan is the three of cups. This is a celebratory card and suggests good karma earned much as the trine aspect is. “The Multiple Choice of Feast or Famine aspect of this card could find you moving from a period of drought in your love-life to having several potential partners to choose from all at the one time.

If there has been a separation or falling out between partners the Three of Cups can symbolise a happy reunion.” ~ Teachmetarot. The joy of brightest star Sirius shines through here so it could also signify a time spent socializing and organizing parties.

Full Moon Fixed Star

Wasat 18º is found in Pollux that is quite melancholic “Because of the Saturnine quality of this star, it gives a heaviness and tendency to pessimism. Apart from that however, Al Wasat does show up a quality of being able to speak with clear authority when others are waffling and prominence in public affairs or management is often the result.” [1]

While Robson is more negative and says that it is “Of the nature of Saturn. Connected with chemicals, poisons and gas. Violence, malevolence, destructiveness as a first principal.” On the positive side Jamie Partridge found that “looking at mundane events, I have found some most interesting, and more positive associations with the story of constellation Gemini. These themes are of cooperation, bridge building, and compromise. All Mercury Venus attributes associated with close partners, whether friend or foe. Finding the “middle” ground.”

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Full Moon January 2023 Astrology

Full Moon January 2023

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