Sun Trine Neptune

Sun Trine Neptune

Mercury Retrograde June 2013

Sun trine Neptune is a wonderfully glamorous, charismatic, musical, poetic and highly imaginative combination. But it seems it comes with a price. It appears it can also be tinged with tragedy. Because the trine goes with the flow, with Neptune it can make one easily suggestible. The willpower is easily swayed by smoke and mirrors with this aspect. This makes it hard for Sun trine Neptune to resist drugs, alcohol and escapism. Once hooked they could find it far more difficult to quit than the harder aspect would. They need to worship the father even if he is an abusive alcoholic or disappointing and distant. The foggy mist blurs out the ugly truth and a fantasy is created around him. All is well if Sun trine Neptune keeps the right company. This would work exceptionally well on a spiritual path and in service to humanity as a whole.

Sun Trine Neptune Celebrities

Princess Diana’s (61′) life was so Neptunian it hurts. The fairy tail wedding, the glamor, the charity work, her empathy with the sick and dying, her own health problems with bulimia, her hypersensitivity, her consulting of Psychics and Astrologers. Then to cap it all her mysterious death! Another glamorous blonde Jessica Savitch (91′) a US News reporter gifted in front of the TV camera, she had a melodramatic life, an abortion & miscarriage, anorexia, two divorces and an addiction to cocaine and speed. She drowned when her date drove their car into a canal mistaking it for a road. Bret Easton Ellis (21′) controversial author of the graphically violent American Psycho initially withdrawn for being misogynistic. He immortalised his difficult, alcoholic father in a book. Typically Neptune ambiguous about his sexual persuasion he also states “I’m a weird person. I’m not normal. Do you think the guy who wrote these books, do you think that’s, like, conducive to normal behavior?”

Doris Day (05′) was loved as everybody’s “favorite virgin” and for her romantic comedies. Actress, model and fashion designer Anita Pallenberg (13′) was more famed for her affairs with the various Rolling Stones. The drugs obviously made her paranoid and she was obsessed with black magic, wearing a string of garlic with her everywhere  to ward off vampires. Natalie Cole (29′) had the archetypal drug abuse scenario also, to accompany her magical voice. Some technical wizardry made it possible for her to duet with her fantasy father Nat King Cole, on Neptunian film, many years after his death.


  1. Cancer and Scorpio Suns will have this trine by transit while Neptune is in Pisces..since the Sun resembles a husband/S.Other in a girls chart also would bring up the same childhood issues regarding the father too.