Sun Sextile Neptune

Sun Sextile Neptune


Sun sextile Neptune brings a touch of the childlike trickster to already nebulous Neptune. It gives these people an enchanting duplicity, a kind of Peter-Pan quality. Their imagination is kooky and poetic with a surreal edge. The developing, blossoming feeling of the sextile can bring out the more deceptive qualities of Neptune however because the energies are unformed and unstable. Things can change with Neptune’s tide at any moment. It seems to give it’s subjects a charming wit which lends itself to creative tale-telling! They are excitable romantics with a tendency to worship their lover.

Sun Sextile Neptune Celebrities

Nicolas Cage (64′) has “invisible magic that makes him impossible to ignore, that makes him hauntingly memorable…described as a “punk hunk,” with “endearingly dopey sexuality.” [Astro Databank] He was the wild weirdo of the’ 80s, in that period using drugs and alcohol heavily, peppered with one night stands. Myra Hindley (96′), British serial killer with lover, Ian Brady whom she idolised. She found the children for him and cleaned up after murdering. The chilling side of child thief Peter-Pan/Neptune was played out here in their taking pictures of the children and recording the sounds of their torture. Bette Midler (74′) multi-talented comedienne famed for her humor and ballads, Mary Shelley (28′) author of Frankenstein, and beloved of Percy Shelley. She wrote “For eight years I communicated, with unlimited freedom, with one whose genius far transcending mine awakened and guided my thoughts…. Now I am alone – oh, how alone! The stars may behold my tears“. Other Neptunians are Alicia Silverstone (08′) and Billy Connolly (22′).



  1. 5* Feel like this Aspect also contributed to me never even seeing what my father looks like, Uranian Sun, Square Uranus, Chiron in the 10th and Lilith Opposite MC probably all helped to some degree. But I feel this Aspect lets me take it to a higher place and not let the loss become so destructive.