Sun Conjunct Pluto

Sun conjunct PlutoSun conjunct Pluto is the black Sun shining. The Darth Vader of all Sun aspects it is high contrast and stark lighting. The brighter the Sun the darker the shadow and that is just what we get here. This red-ice sexuality is quite a paradox. Sun conjunct Pluto exudes power, but it doesn’t need to make a big song and dance about it. Its mere presence is enough to ensure obedience and submission. Sun conjunct Pluto subjects eyes bore into your soul. Their eyes can be dark and smouldering or light and piercing. Their sexual magnetism is off the Richter scale, but they have an invisible force field around them that says “Look, don’t touch”, hence people are often too afraid to approach them. Despite their sex appeal they are not promiscuous, preferring instead very few, intense and all consuming love affairs. They prefer quality not quantity. Sun/Pluto is not about frills or fluff. Sun conjunct Pluto’s effect is like an over-exposed photo where you are the photo. It strips you bare and gets to your essence. There is no hiding from its glare, it is relentless.

Sun Conjunct Pluto Celebrities

Vivian E Robson has been quoted extensively throughout this blog. The author of “The fixed Stars & Constellations” was an obsessive librarian and a natural researcher. He had a passion for Ancient Astrology.  His bedside manner is pretty ruthless. No bones about his interpretations, they are shocking and glaringly to the point. It is very apt that the writer who permeates this website has a Plutonic Sun (73′)

It’s no surprise that the supposedly tyrannical Nero has this placement, and at just 08′ too. He is known to have executed his mother and step-brother amongst others. Although painted black by many, some modern historians say he was no more terrible than your average Roman Emperor. Nero used his power to make Rome a cultural capital and it said he was popular with the common people, taking money from the temples to build theatres for all.

We see the darkest side of Pluto in multiple murderer Sarah Aldrete (20′)  She was introduced to witchcraft and black magic by cult leader Adolfo Constanzo and then became his second in command. Together they made blood sacrifices and boiled their victims body parts in a pot. Herb Ritts (13′) is a photographer famed for his stark black and white nudes that made his subjects look like Greek sculptures. His long list of advertising campaigns and celebrities includes Calvin Klein, Chanel and Madonna’s “Cherish” video.  Alicia Silverstone’s (13′) “Clueless” image doesn’t scream Pluto, her dark side is hidden, even if she did play Bat Girl. However at aged 15 she did win the“Best Villain” MTV Movie award for the film “The Crush” where she played a vengeful teen out to ruin the life of an older man who had spurned her. Bill Haley (55′) knew a stripped-down life, he rose from living on one meal a day to being the first rock and roll star. He died of a brain tumour and spend his last days in a severely warped state of mind reportedly painting all the windows of his house black.

Sun/Pluto Aspects

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Author: Marina Macario

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  1. I have sun conjuct Pluto ans sun conjunction Mars in the 8th House. So three planets in the 8th house: Sun, Pluto and Mars. I also have Scorpio Moon and Midheaven. I am a Plutonian through and through. When I found that out a lot of things made sense in my life.

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  2. I have this placement. My Sagittarius Sun make a conjunction with my Scorpio Pluto in Scorpio 5th House. Other than that, my Scorpio Jupiter make a conjunction to my Sun & also to Pluto. I have my Mercury, Pluto & Jupiter all in Scorpio sign and in my 5th House. Also I have Scorpio Venus but it’s in my Libra 4th House instead. I do have a strong Scorpio influence. But the fact that I have Cancer Moon in my Cancer 1st House, Cancer is also dominant in my chart. So yeah, I have to say this is true for most though. People hardly approach me. Well unless I’m in my feisty mood, only then people find me friendly and approachable. I think that must be my Scorpio Jupiter softening it up. But generally I do appear unapproachable without even trying or intending to be.

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  3. I am Scorpio-Sun conjunct Pluto in 8th house. Born Nov 2 (day of Antares Star, Heart of the Scorpio constellation in 1988, year of the dragon. Need I say more?

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    • Wow! I thought mine was bad with a Scorpio Rising! What is your rising sign? I hope you got some air, fire or earth to counteract all that!

    • Now that’s intense. Scorpio IC here with Sun and Merc in 8th and Pluto conj ASC and that is enough for me ! sometimes the emotional intensity is too much for me and for other people but what I find with the 8thH placement is that we are VERY aware of what others are thinking, what they are hiding – even to themselves. It gets creepy at times. This house can be a good position for psychological counseling or astrology! or for forensic accounting.

    • I have:

      Sun conjunct moon and pluto in the 9th house

      (sun, moon, mercury, & pluto in scorpio… & pisces rising)

      Someone just told me if I practiced Kundalini yoga I would know the most that anyone has ever known, other than the creator. Woah.

  4. I have stuff going on in the 8th but I often get fooled by people. Probably because Neptune is there.

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    • I am a Virgo with Pluto conjunct my Sun and by the Koch chart, my Sun and Pluto fall in my 8th house conjoining my Uranus. I also have Venus, Jupiter, and Neptune in Scorpio in my 9th house and the big kicker is Aquarius rules my Ascendant and Uranus, my chart ruler is in my 8th house. I obsess over 8th house issues except other people’s money. Lol! I have studied the paranormal since I was old enough to read. I have VERY strong Plutonic energies with me. Scorpios have always fascinated me, too. Love the article.

  5. I´m a Virgo too with Venus (4Virgo4´)in the 11th house and Sun (19Virog3´),Pluto (18Virgo17´) Uranus (18Virgo58´) and Mercury 20Virgo49´) in the 12th house. Yes, I´m different and yes, my live is different too, plus I find out everything. 😉

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    • I also have a Virgo stellium, and I do as well. Pluto in virgo is conjunct venus and trine saturn. Also have grand air trine.

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