Sun conjunct PlutoNatal Sun conjunct Pluto is the black Sun shining. The Darth Vader of all Sun aspects. This is high contrast and stark lighting. The brighter the Sun the darker the shadow and that is just what we get here. This redice sexuality is quite a paradox. Sun conjunct Pluto exudes power, but it doesn’t need to make a big song and dance about it. It’s mere presence is enough to ensure obedience and submission. It’s subjects eyes bore into your soul, dark and smoldering or light and piercing. Sexual magnetism is off the Richter scale. But they have an invisible force field around them that says “Look don’t touch”, hence people are often too afraid to approach them. Despite their sex appeal they are not promiscuous, preferring instead very few, intense and all consuming love affairs. Quality not quantity. Sun/Pluto is not about frills or fluff. Sun conjunct Plutos effect is like an over-exposed photo where you are the photo, stripping you bare and getting to your essence. There is no hiding from its glare, it is relentless.

Sun Conjunct Pluto Celebrities

Vivian E Robson has been quoted extensively throughout this blog. The author of “The fixed Stars & Constellations” was an obsessive librarian and a natural researcher. He had a passion for Ancient Astrology.  His bedside manner is pretty ruthless. No bones about his interpretations, they are shocking and glaringly to the point. It is very apt that the writer who permeates this website has a Plutonic Sun (73′) It’s no surprise that the supposedly tyrannical Nero has this placement, and at just 08′ too. He is known to have executed his mother and step-brother amongst others. Although painted black by many, some modern historians say he was no more terrible than your average Roman Emperor. Nero used his power to make Rome a cultural capital and it said he was popular with the common people. Taking money from the temples to build theatres for all.

In multiple murderer Sarah Aldrete (20′) we see the darkest side of Pluto. She was introduced to witchcraft and black magic by cult leader Adolfo Constanzo. She then became his second in command. Together they made blood sacrifices and boiled their victims body parts in a pot. Herb Ritts (13′) photographer famed for his stark black and white nudes that made his subjects look like Greek sculptures. His long list of advertising campaigns and celebrities includes Calvin Klein, Chanel and Madonna’s “Cherish” video.  Alicia Silverstone’s (13′) “Clueless” image doesn’t scream Pluto, but I don’t think we have seen her fully fledged dark side as yet, even if she did play Bat Girl. However there is potential here, aged 15 she won the“Best Villain” MTV Movie award for the film “The Crush” where she played a vengeful teen out to ruin the life of an older man who had spurned her. Bill Haley (55′) knew a stripped-down life, he rose from living on one meal a day to being the first rock and roll star. He died of a brain tumour and spend his last days in a severely warped state of mind reportedly painting all the windows of his house black.

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Author: Marina Macario

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  1. Queenfluff,

    For some reason I could not find your original comment though it did show up in my email. The past life regression was indeed very hard and an exhausting emotional experience. It was also a great release and an enormous validation of myself. I understood why I have certain historical tastes that no one in my immediate family seemed to have. I wanted to understand the enormous pain I shared with an ex partner and indeed it became clear after the regression. At first I was skeptical and didn’t think anything would really come of it but boy was I wrong. In deep level hypnosis I retrieved locations, was able to see the period clothing, familial occupations and status, the pain of being in a war period and an actual month and year of a traumatic event. I have never studied history at all so the parallels were quite astounding. The person I was wanting to know about shares the exact same conjunctions in our synastry chart that I have in my own natal chart, Sun Venus Pluto conjunct in Virgo. We also have mutual south node conjunctions with prominent planets. It generally confirmed my belief that energy cannot be destroyed but is usually transformed, sometimes in some pretty odd ways. I should have better prepared myself emotionally but I don’t regret doing it.

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    • Thanks char! That is very interesting. Now I definitely want to try this. I have always felt like I was born in the wrong era. Love of anything from other periods of time Victorian, Renaissance etc. Although I have been told that prominent life was Atlantean one where i was a type of spiritual teacher. Another distinct import past life was as a courageous healer in a Amazon jungle environment or Mexico.

      In this lifetime, I was not attracted to those scenarios. They do sound familiar but I am drawn to other eras and probably more towards Europe. Not sure if this means anything but I am curious to find out. I myself have several bad old relationships that it be find out more. I am pretty most of the people in my life who are considered “wounds’ (like my narcissist parents) I have known in past life and these are relationships I need to heal myself from which I am working on. So I hope I am getting alot done.

      Did you feel that this helped you to solve current life problems because you had great understanding of past life connections?

    • Hi Queenfluff,

      Yes, it definitely helped me on the path to resolving some very old ‘plutonian’ issues. I tried conditional therapy for many years and though there was some improvement I knew on a deep level I wasn’t getting to the core of my emotional pain. In many instances I became upset over things that made no logical sense. So I thought that I would try past life regression. It was the first time I’d ever tried deep level hypnosis so I was a little nervous. The deeper level you can relax, generally the more effective the regression will be. If you do decide to do it, be sure that you eat well, avoid caffeine and be in a state of mind where you will be able to relax fully. I can relate to the family issues, both my parents have Saturn conjunct my south node, one of which was retrograde. With my ex partner I also have an exact Saturn-sun conjunction. New Orleans was definitely an interesting place even though I may never get to visit it again in this lifetime. My current partner speaks of it all the time even though I’ve never once mentioned it to him :)

    • I hope it works on me!! I have hard time stopping my mind. I gave up caffeine a year ago. So was New Orleans in your past life regression?
      I have been to New Orleans many times – it definitely has an allure to it.
      My mom has Neptune in Virgo 24 degree – right on top of my Sun and Pluto – ugh!! Whch is opposite my North node and conjunct to my South. Not sure what that might do.
      I noticed she has True Node Libra – I don’t think she is living that. Her Chiron is in Cancer – now THAT I can see! I think she wants to think she is a good mom but she is way too controlling. Most of her planets are in Taurus and Gemini – all conjunct together.

    • Hi Queenfluff,

      I wish I could stop the caffeine but no such luck. The jupiter-neptune conjunction has its downside. I would be curious to see your mothers chart. It sounds interesting.

    • Yes my reg was in New Orleans, I learned more about it than I ever wanted to know. ????

    • This is my moms chart – I don’t know her time of birth. but Pluto in Leo – I could definitely see some extreme narc-dom coming out of that! :) All that Taurus energy is hard for me being opposite of my Scorp energy. I have a hard time believing the Moon in Pisces though – she is not emotional at all! Moon in an air sign is more like it. My dad is an Aries/Taurus cusp – they have to both do the same things at the same time, every day, every week. That drives me crazy. I like a little routine in my daily life (having 6th house Taurus) but ugh too much is too much! My Sag placements like some freedom.

  2. Interesting chart, but with a moon at about 4 deg Pisces it is a bit different from someone with a moon at say 17 degrees Pisces. With the Mercury and Venus in Gemini I can see why you may not be ‘feeling the love’. I definitely could not handle doing the exact same thing every week, let alone every month as I also have strong Sag and Aquarius placements. :) I think the Saturn in Taurus would be a bit rough for me to handle all the time as well. Both my parents have Pluto in Leo also. They are strong people but I typically like to let them do their own thing. (Unfortunately its conjunct my south node) :)

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    • I forgot to mention they also have saturn retrograde in leo conjunct my south node.

  3. I have sun conjunct pluto at 8 degrees, what is the significance of the 8 degrees?

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